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LAST UPDATED: October 20th, 2021

Nerd Power offers energy solutions services to homeowners and business owners in the Southwest United States. The company offers services in five states: Arizona, New Mexico, California, Texas, and Nevada.

Instead of immediately measuring roofs for solar panels, Nerd Power implements an integrated approach. Nerd Power energy specialists will meet with home and business owners to discuss all the minor and major energy solutions available to them. When solar is a part of the client’s solution, Nerd Power offers top solar products, designs, and installations.

Because of the company’s quality service, Nerd Power has made Pearl’s top five percent of elite installers.

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The Good

  • Integrated Energy Savings
  • Pearl Certification
  • Credible Past Experience
  • Top-Industry Products

Integrated Energy Savings

Nerd Power views energy solutions holistically rather than a one-solution-fits-all default. Unlike many other solar companies, Nerd Power tries to save customers on their energy bill before thinking about solar solutions. Nerd Power technicians understand the different energy needs and circumstances of their clients and will design plans accordingly. 

Nerd Power calls this holistic approach, “Reduction Before Production.” Nerd Power technicians meet with clients to find energy reduction solutions. For example, many clients install smart technologies used to save unused energy spending. Then, if clients want further energy solutions, more intense solar system plans are discussed. Clients receive personalized help, resulting in cost-effective solutions and better-suited investments. Nerd Power is a solar company, but most importantly an energy solutions company. 

Pearl Certification

Pearl is a company focused on helping homeowners prove value in their home energy investments. The company provides certified documentation of the increased value of clients’ homes. Homeowners can be sure that when selling their homes, they can reap the benefits of their energy investments.

Pearl Certified contractors are of the top five percent of solar installers. These installers are required to meet service guidelines, performance requirements, and customer satisfaction standards. Nerd Power deservingly prides itself on its Pearl Certification. 

Credible Past Experience

Nerd Power’s website displays multiple past client projects in both residential and commercial. The company is transparent in the project’s details, products, and energy production. Past projects show the company’s experience and transparency. Nerd Power continues to prove its credibility. 

Top-Industry Products

Nerd Power partners with some of the top brands in the solar industry, including SolarEdge, Solaria, LG, and Enphase. These companies are known for their innovation, competitive warranties, and quality energy performance. Nerd Power’s products also include a variety of choices between panels, batteries, and inverters. 

In addition, Nerd Power’s solar systems give clients access to 24/7 home monitoring. This tracking system enables homeowners to monitor their energy consumption and generation. Through this system, homeowners become more independent in their energy solutions, rather than reliant on a solar company. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Certification
  • Limited Locations

Undisclosed Certification

While Nerd Power has achieved the impressive Pearl Certification, the company has yet to disclose its NABCEP certification. NABCEP certifications ensure the company has followed industry-standard safety protocols, installation procedures, and ethical practices.

Limited Locations

Nerd Power is an impressive company, truly serving the energy needs of its clients. However, these services are only available to those in proximity to the company’s locations. Prospective clients outside California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas would need to find another solar company. 


The Bottom Line

Nerd Power offers both its residential and commercial clients holistic energy solutions. The company offers in-depth consultations and energy planning. Nerd Power aims to reduce energy consumption first, before slapping solar panels to fix the problem. This integrated energy solutions method helps customers find realistic, personalized energy solutions. 

If solar systems are a part of the customer’s energy plan, Nerd Power offers top-industry products and services. Nerd Power is of the top five percent of installers to receive the Pearl Certification. This certification means the client can have industry-approved documentation of the client’s energy investment. Nerd Power is an impressive company, offering real solutions and top products. 

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