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LAST UPDATED: August 4th, 2021

My Solar Partner is a solar company based in New Jersey serving customers across the east coast since 2003. The company uses SunPower solar panels with an excellent warranty and has many successful installations. My Solar Partner also does roofing repairs and replacements, making it a competitive company for those needing both roofing and solar services in one.

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The Good

  • Referral Program
  • Satellite Estimates
  • Roofing Services

Referral Program

My Solar Partner has an ongoing referral program. For those who refer friends, family, or others to receive solar panels, My Solar Partner will pay $500. Some solar companies provide a similar promotion, but not all do.

Satellite Estimates

Like all solar companies, My Solar Partner offers free solar panel estimates. However, this company uses satellite web imaging to understand a homeowner’s property location and size in order to provide the most accurate estimate possible.

Roofing Services

My Solar Partner also offers roofing services. This can be especially helpful for customers who want to use the same company for both a new roof and solar panel installation at the same time.


The Bad

  • Only 1 Payment Option
  • Lack of Information
  • Inactive Blog

Only 1 Payment Option

My Solar Partner only offers one payment option (likely a lease) for $0 down. While this is helpful for customers who don’t have enough to pay out of pocket, it leaves areas for increased charges later on at the company's discretion. 

Lack of Information

My Solar Partner’s website is lacking in detail for many components of solar installation. Things such as pricing options and inverter or battery providers are not included. This can be worrisome as most solar companies provide at least baseline information about these things. While customers can always request a free quote, providing the information on the website would help customers better understand their options beforehand.

Inactive Blog

While it is not required for solar companies to have an active blog, having one that is left unattended leaves customers wondering if the business is growing, or if anything is happening. The blog was last updated almost a year ago. Other things on the website are also outdated, such as a promotion that ended in December of 2020.


The Bottom Line

Overall, My Solar Partner is a fair company when looking to go solar. It provides customers with SunPower panels (currently rated as the best solar panels on the market) with a 25-year product warranty. Customers can begin their solar journey with $0 down, making the company an attractive option for those who can’t purchase out of pocket or with a loan from other companies.

On the other hand, My Solar Partner does not offer loans or out-of-pocket payment plans and doesn’t provide any information online about its contract. This can be a red flag, as prices and charges can actually increase over time at a company’s discretion. This also points to the problem of an overall lack of information on the website. Customers should be sure to ask about these details when requesting a free quote.

If these details are reviewed by the customer to satisfy worry, and if the customer lives along the East Coast, My Solar Partner may be a viable option. If not, however, other solar panel providers may be a better and more reliable fit.

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