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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Mohr Power Solar is one of the oldest independent solar installation and repair operations in the country. Founded in 1982, Mohr Power Solar has built a reputation of knowing the ins and outs of the solar industry and providing a streamlined installation process to both residential and commercial clients. Mohr Power Solar was the first solar company in the Southern California region and was the first solar installation provider to install solar panels in more than 100 cities in a single state. 

Founder and current leader Micahel Mohr was a member of the California Solar Energy Industry Association and was instrumental in improving industry standards throughout the state. He was a pioneer in the solar industry, studying electronic engineering and photocell technology as part of the early photovoltaic research and development initiative in the 1970s. Through his studies and work in advancing solar technology and research, Mohr went on to launch his own solar installation company that still offers quality services to this day.

The company still maintains its presence in the Southern California area. Currently, Mohr Power Solar services the following areas:

  • San Bernardino County
  • Riverside County
  • Palm Springs/Coachella Valley
  • Los Angeles County
  • Orange County
  • San Diego County
  • Victorville  

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The Good

  • Extensive Experience
  • Additional Solar Solutions

Extensive Experience 

Not many other solar installation companies are as skilled or experienced as the Mohr Power Solar team. With over 40 years of experience, there is not a system the company claims it has not encountered. All technicians are properly trained and well-equipped to handle whatever project complications arise.

Mohr Power Solar technicians can handle the following:

  • Intricate installation of every element associated with the solar power system
  • Initial solar power installation specifications
  • Solar panel repairs and maintenance

Most solar installation companies were founded in the last 10 years as federal and state initiatives were introduced to offset the costs of solar systems. Mohr Power Solar has been in business since 1982 and has encountered nearly every structure and roof need imaginable. 

Additional Solar Solutions 

Most solar installation companies solely focus on providing traditional solar installation services. While that is the main focus of Mohr Power Solar as well, it is not the only solar solution available through Mohr Power Solar. Additional solar solutions include solar pool heating, solar hot water heating, and energy storage.

While many solar installation companies also offer energy storage solutions, few offer solar hot water and even fewer offer solar pool heating solutions. Understanding its customers' needs, Mohr Power Solar expanded services to include these alternative solar solutions. 



The Bad

  • Undisclosed Equipment Information 
  • No Warranty Information
  • Financing Options Potentially Unavailable

Undisclosed Equipment Information 

The company claims to have worked with virtually all solar manufacturers and technologies within the industry. Unfortunately, Mohr Power Solar has failed to disclose any equipment information for prospective clients. It is unknown what tier-1 solar equipment is used in the Mohr Power Solar installations, if tier-1 equipment is used at all.

Most solar installation companies will explicitly disclose manufacturer relationships or detail specifics regarding equipment brands commonly installed. That is not the case with Mohr Power Solar. 

No Warranty Information

Despite having worked in the industry for decades, there is a standard feature noticeably missing from the Mohr Power Solar platform. Warranties are offered by most solar installation companies, whether the company itself or the equipment manufacturer backs those warranties.

However, there is no information on what warranties, if any, are available through Moh Power Solar. Most solar installation companies offer production, equipment, and/or workmanship warranties.

With the cost of solar to install ranging in the thousands, having these warranties provides a level of comfort to investing clients. 

Financing Options Potentially Unavailable

The average cost, according to Mohr Power Solar, to have a system purchased and subsequently installed by the company ranges from $10,150 to $50,000 or more for larger projects. Not all clients or business owners have this much cash available to purchase a system upfront and outright. The competition understands this financial strain so many solar installation companies provide or have partnerships to offer loan, leases, or power purchase agreements.

Unfortunately, Mohr Power Solar has not disclosed any financing information, making it unclear whether these options are available to clients. 


The Bottom Line

Mohr Power Solar is known for providing reputable and full service solar solutions to both residential and commercial properties. With decades of experience, there is not a system that Mohr Power Solar has not encountered, making it a leader in the solar repair and maintenance field.

In addition to providing traditional solar system installation services, Mohr Power Solar also offers solar pool heating, solar hot water systems, and energy storage solutions. Lastly, the time that Mohr Power Solar has operated within the industry is unmatched. 

Despite offering a number of quality services, there are a lot of unknowns about what Mohr Power Solar offers that many competitors make  known. While there are claims of working with every manufacturer, there is no specific information about what equipment and brands Mohr Power Solar works with during its installations. There is also no information on applicable warranties even though that is a standard offering within the industry. Lastly, there appears to be no alternative financing option available through Mohr Power Solar or through partnerships the company has made with other financial institutions.

Prospective solar clients interested in utilizing a company that has years of experience and knowledge of working with varying equipment types and systems would likely benefit from what Mohr Power Solar has to offer. That being said, there is a great deal of unknowns that interested customers should ask about prior to making a final purchasing decision.  

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