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LAST UPDATED: February 24th, 2022

MN Solar and More is a solar company based in Minnesota next to the Twin Cities area. The company only focuses on this area in order to provide the best speedy and reliable service. The company is owned by women and seeks to deliver the best possible service to each customer. 

Each employee at MN Solar and More is dedicated to the company’s mission statement, which states that the company strives to “be the best, not the biggest.” This can be seen by its numerous awards and recognitions, including an A rating on the Better Business Bureau, Top 100 Installers from Solar Review, member of MnSEIA, and high reviews on customer feedback platforms.

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The Good

  • Blog and Instagram
  • Detailed Installation Process
  • Charging Stations
  • Additional Products
  • Referral Program
  • Strong Ethics and Mission Statement

Blog and Instagram

MN Solar and More runs an active blog and instagram account with updates from the company, tips on solar maintenance, and the benefits of solar energy. Seeing the company active on social media is an indication of a company that is present and aware of changes and updates in the industry.

Detailed Installation Process

Complete with crystal clear photos, MN Solar and More provides a detailed step-by-step walkthrough of how solar panels are installed on a roof. Very rarely do solar companies provide so much detail on their installation procedure. While many general customers may not find the details overly helpful, for those who know solar well, learning the ins and outs of installation can deepen their understanding.

Charging Stations

MN Solar and More provides customers with the option to install a charging station, allowing them the ability to charge their electric car with solar energy. A nice perk to this is that MN Solar and More lists the full price of the charging port and installation on its website, allowing for full transparency for the customers’ benefit.

Additional Products

MN Solar and More also provides additional products for homes or businesses, including:

  • SolarEdge Consumption Monitoring
  • LG Chem RESU10H (Entire Battery System)
  • MidNite Whole Home Surge Protector
  • Sense Home Energy Consumption Meter
  • Energy Hub inverter 
  • Critter Guard
  • LG RESU Home Battery

Referral Program

MN Solar and More offers a referral program for those who refer customers to MN Solar. Currently, MN Solar and More offers $500 for referrals with systems over 10kW and $250 for systems below 10kW. Not every company offers these kinds of sharing incentives and makes MN Solar and More an attractive option for earning extra cash.

Strong Ethics and Mission Statement

MN Solar and More provides customers a copy of its detailed mission statement. The statement includes a heavy commitment to ethical practices that all employees take on when working for MN Solar and More. This is reassuring to customers and shows MN Solar and More as a reputable and ethically sound company.


The Bad

  • Pay for Extended Warranty
  • New Company
  • No Payment Information
  • Limited Service Area
  • Only Small Business Solar Installations

Pay for Extended Warranty

MN Solar and More offers two extended warranties for up to 20 years or 25 years, respectively. Each plan varies in cost based on kilowatt of energy used. The best companies in the industry offer a complimentary 25-year warranty on solar panels in addition to a workmanship warranty. Customers may find paying for this warranty annoying or expensive.

New Company

MN Solar and More has been in business for four years, making it a relatively new company in the industry. While being a new company is not a bad thing, it leaves some room for worry as its solar panel contracts are longer than the company has been in business and could be problematic if the company were to close. This is common in the solar industry and always something to keep in mind when choosing a solar provider.

No Payment Information

MN Solar does not provide any information on which financing options are available. Most solar companies do provide this information, making it difficult for customers interested in MN Solar and More to match their budgets with its services.

Limited Service Area

MN Solar and More only services customers in Minnesota in and around the Twin Cities area. This does have its benefits, such as locals working for locals and the ability to address emergencies or problems quickly, but it does limit those who would like to benefit from MN Solar and More’s services to only those in specific areas in Minnesota.

Only Small Business Solar Installations

MN Solar and More provides solar installations for all residential and some businesses. The company usually sticks to smaller businesses, which can be a problem for larger ones in the Minnesota area who are looking for solar installations at their company.


The Bottom Line

MN Solar and More is an ethically solid and highly skilled company. The company offers solar panels for both residential and small commercial only in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area, allowing them to be easily on-call and available for emergencies and repairs close by. The company employees follow a strict code of conduct to ensure high customer satisfaction, as can be seen with the many recognitions, awards, and positive reviews the company has seen.

The company offers EV charging ports, solar batteries, critter guards, and more extra services in addition to traditional solar. Customers can also learn about MN Solar and More’s installation process with highly detailed and well-explained photos and blurbs on the company website, all while visiting the active blog and instagram pages.

Customers should be aware that MN Solar and More does charge for extended warranties that are typically normal in the solar industry (25 years). The company also does not list any payment methods on its website. These are things customers definitely should know before moving forward with a solar company. MN Solar and More is also relatively new. Customers can understand if these risks are worth it when requesting a free quote from MN Solar and More.

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