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LAST UPDATED: August 6th, 2020

Midwest Wind and Solar, LLC specializes in solar electric, solar thermal, and wind systems for commercial, municipal, educational, utility, and agricultural industries. Founded in 2008 and located in Griffith, Indiana, Midwest Wind and Solar has become a renewable energy solution industry leader in the Midwest. The company serves seven states: Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota.

The company’s team of experienced experts provide comprehensive renewable energy services including site analysis, design, installation, development, financing, engineering, procurement, construction, operations, maintenance, and training. Midwest Wind and Solar’s mission is to decrease or eliminate clients’ energy costs, increase property values, and provide environmental benefits through renewable energy.

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The Good

  • Offers a Variety of Services
  • Serves a Variety of Facilities 
  • Letters of Recommendation Published on Site
  • 1 Year of Free Operations and Management Services
  • Educational Arrays Available for Schools

Offers a Variety of Services

Midwest Wind and Solar, LLC believes that an educated consumer is the best consumer, which is why it begins its process with honest, objective, and educational conversations about renewable energy technology to identify the right solution for its clients. The company provides comprehensive services from engineering and installation to operation and management services.

  • Engineering services — Midwest Wind and Solar offers engineering services starting with site assessment and feasibility studies, energy production and installation cost estimations to 3D topographic mapping, site specific drawings, and array flagging. The engineering services also include driven post pull testing, post location survey, fence location, and equipment location and pads. The company can pull permits on behalf of the client, simplifying the process.
  • Installation services — Midwest Wind and Solar offers high quality, turnkey solar solutions. The company has a full time installation crew of 10 to 50 crew members that are experienced in flat roof, pitched roof, ground, canopy, single axis tracker, and dual axis tracker installations. Installation services include racking foundation installation, earth screw post installation, precast ballast block, pour-in-place ballast block, down the hole hammer rock drilling, mechanical racking installation, electrical DC installation, electrical AC installation, inverter installation, and communications and internet connectivity installation.
  • Warranty and Operations and Management Services — Midwest Wind and Solar offers a five-year installation warranty, standard equipment warranty, and extended warranties. In addition to engineering and installation, the company offers operations and management (O&M) services. Complete O&M documentation and production reports are included in these services.  

Serves a Variety of Facilities

Midwest Sun and Solar services cover an extensive variety of facilities. The company has completed projects for educational, commercial, industrial, wastewater, transportation, and agricultural facilities. It also has served multi-unit residences such as apartment buildings and member owned electric co-ops. 

Letters of Recommendation Published on Site

Potential clients can find letters of recommendation published on Midwest Sun and Solar’s site from past clients. These letters highlight the type of work performed, professionalism of employees, attention to detail, quality of work, and timeliness of the company’s services.

1 Year of Free Operations and Management Services

One year of free operations and management services is included with Midwest Wind and Solar’s turnkey installation services. Operations and management services help maintain optimal performance of systems increasing power output and return of investment. 

Educational Arrays Available for Schools

For educational facility installation services, Midwest Wind and Solar can provide an educational array for schools. In a letter of recommendation written on behalf of the Tri-Creek Schools Corporation, the superintendent describes the educational components that were completed for the students and community including elementary arrays, solar kits for each grade at each school, and an educational solar panel in front of the solar array for student experiments. This service offered by the company demonstrates the partnership and dedication to renewable energy education in the communities it serves.


The Bad

  • Equipment Warranty Undisclosed 

Equipment and Performance Warranty Undisclosed

Midwest Wind and Solar does not disclose equipment or performance warranty information on its website. Equipment warranties typically guarantee 10 to 12 years without equipment failure. A solar panel’s equipment warranty will typically guarantee 90 percent production at 10 years and 80 percent production at 25 years.


The Bottom Line

Midwest Wind and Solar provides comprehensive services for a variety of facilities. Although O&M services may be provided in other solar companies, it is uncommon for a solar company to include these services at no extra cost to the client for one year. This demonstrates the dedication of the company to the optimization of its solar systems and customer satisfaction. The letters of recommendations provide feedback from past clients of exceptional service performed by the company. We recommend asking for further information at the initial consultation pertaining to the company’s equipment and performance warranties and how it compares to other solar companies. 

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