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LAST UPDATED: August 16th, 2023

MARS Solar Power presents a compelling option for those considering making the transition to solar energy. Based in Arizona, MARS emphasizes customer education, robust warranties, and installation efficiency. Read on for the good, the bad, and the bottom line on this solar installer. 

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The Good

  • Expert Guidance
  • Comprehensive Financing Options
  • 25-Year Workmanship Warranty
  • Top-Tier Equipment
  • Process Efficiency
  • Sustainability and Social Responsibility 

Expert Guidance

One of the daunting aspects of switching to solar power is navigating the landscape of incentives, tax breaks, and energy goals. MARS Solar Power addresses this concern by not only educating customers about national and local tax incentives but also assisting them in selecting the right solar system and battery configuration tailored to their property and energy needs.

Comprehensive Financing Options

MARS Solar Power recognizes the importance of providing multiple financing avenues to cater to various financial situations. Whether customers are interested in purchasing, leasing, or opting for prepaid lease options, the company ensures that solar energy is accessible to a broader range of individuals.

25-Year Workmanship Warranty

Offering a 25-year manufacturer warranty aligns with the industry standard and showcases MARS Solar Power's confidence in its products. Furthermore, the impressive 25-year bumper-to-bumper workmanship warranty, which covers even roof penetrations, surpasses the industry average and instills trust in customers regarding the company's installation quality.

Top-Tier Equipment

By employing top-tier solar panels, inverters, and batteries, MARS Solar Power showcases its commitment to quality and efficiency. Although the specific brands are not disclosed, the focus on using premium equipment is indicative of the company's dedication to delivering reliable and high-performing solar systems.

Process Efficiency

The hassle of permits, inspections, and approvals is taken off the customers' shoulders, as MARS Solar Power manages all aspects of the regulatory process. This convenience saves customers time and ensures that the solar installation adheres to all necessary guidelines.

Additionally, MARS Solar Power's promise of fast installation by professional technicians is a significant advantage. The prospect of having a solar system up and running within a few hours minimizes disruption for homeowners and underscores the company's commitment to a seamless transition to solar energy.

Sustainability and Social Responsibility

MARS Solar Power's partnership with GivePower demonstrates the company's dedication to social and environmental causes. Collaborations with organizations that work towards providing clean energy to disadvantaged communities highlight the broader positive impact of the company's operations.

Partnering with WhyGen Solar and Our World Energy showcases MARS Solar Power's commitment to collaboration and innovation. These partnerships enable the company to offer customizable solutions that cater to the diverse needs of different homes.


The Bad

  • Limited Information on Repairs
  • Subcontracting Clarity 

Limited Information on Repairs

While the company welcomes communication about service interruptions, it would be beneficial to have more comprehensive information about the process and responsibility for repairs, such as what is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty versus the workmanship warranty. This would ensure clarity for customers in case of unexpected issues.

Subcontracting Clarity 

While MARS Solar Power assures that its trusted partners listed on the site are responsible for installations, some customers might seek further clarity on the extent to which subcontracting is involved.


The Bottom Line

MARS Solar Power presents a strong case for embracing solar energy with its diverse financing options, emphasis on quality, warranties, and comprehensive customer support. 

While there are minor concerns related to transparency and fine print details, the overall package offered by MARS Solar Power appears to be a promising choice for those looking to harness the power of the sun and contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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