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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Lucid Power works as a solar broker in Southern California. The company is both licensed and certified to offer solar brokering services to residential and commercial clients. Lucid Power has teamed up with multiple solar manufacturers, allowing clients to benefit from these strategic partnerships. The Lucid Power leadership incorporates individuals with years of experience in the solar industry. 

The process from solar sales to permitting to installation can be confusing for some property owners to navigate. Lucid Power exists to eliminate these pain points and provide clear and concise resolutions to ever increasing electricity rates. 

Lucid Power has collected data on its clients and found that clients experience 45 percent in energy savings each month, save $60,000 over the lifespan of the solar system, and experience an average of $25,000 increase in home value following solar system installation. 

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The Good

  • Equipment Partnerships
  • Client Education

Equipment Partnerships

The biggest draw to the Lucid Power service offering is the strategic partnerships the company has built with tier-1 solar manufacturers. This allows Lucid Power clients to access multiple equipment quotes and receive a completely customized solar solution for their property. Equipment partnerships include the following:

  • SunRun
  • SunPower
  • Sunnova
  • Tesla

Lucid Power can also reach out to get pricing points of other solar manufacturers as well. Other solar installation companies may only have access to one or two equipment manufacturing products, but Lucid Power clients can take their pick. 

Client Education

Understanding the entire solar process can be daunting. There are tax incentives to qualify for, permits to obtain, and installation companies to get on board. This is where Lucid Power steps in, clarifying each phase of the process and making sure all client questions and concerns are addressed. The educational resource is one of the main reasons clients go with Luci Power as the company is able to clear up what other solar installation companies never address. 


The Bad

  • Solar Broker System
  • Undisclosed Warranty Information
  • No Financing Solutions
  • Limited Service Area

Solar Broker System

Solar installation is a multi-step process. Unfortunately, Lucid Power only helps clients with one of those steps. Since Lucid Power is a solar broker, that means that there is no guarantee as to what clients will get during the installation portion of the solar process. Lucid Power contracts out with Baker Electric Home Energy and LA Solar Group to offer third-party solar installation.

Most solar installation companies provide the solar process service from start to finish. Unfortunately, Lucid Power can not make this same claim. 

Undisclosed Warranty Information

With so many equipment partnerships, it is odd that Lucid Power does not offer some sort of equipment warranty through its strategic alliances. Most solar manufacturers offer an equipment or production warranty. And while Lucid Power clients may still have the ability to access these, that information is not public and will not be available until the quote process.

Typically, equipment warranties are 25 years in length and cover replacement parts or repair where applicable. Additionally, since Lucid Power does not do the actual installation, there is no workmanship warranty promised to its clients. The solar installation industry in general offers its clients a 10-year workmanship warranty covering problems stemming from installation or construction. This warranty does not apply for Lucid Power clients. 

No Financing Solutions

Solar is an investment and is considered to be a relatively expensive one at that. Many brokering services, while they do not offer in-house installation, will have financing partners to help clients fund the solar system installation. However, Lucid Power does not offer financing solutions to its clients. This means that Lucid Power clients will need to independently reach out to organizations and solar loan providers or pay in cash for the entire solar process. Neither of those options are necessarily beneficial for a majority of solar clients. 

Limited Service Area

For a brokerage service, the Lucid Power service area is fairly small. Most solar installation companies are restricted to one state or several cities, but a brokerage agency should not have the same geographical restrictions as the company does not need to deploy professional installation teams. Most companies that offer solar brokering solutions have a much larger surface area than Lucid Power does. At this time, Lucid Power only services the Southern California area. 


The Bottom Line

Lucid Power is a solar broker that helps clients navigate the solar process. The company has multiple tier-1 equipment partnerships allowing clients to access the best technology at the most reasonable prices. This also allows clients to receive multiple quotes for various systems. A big part of the Lucid Power service is the client educational resources the company provides, helping property owners understand the ins and outs of the solar industry.

While Lucid Power may be a good solar resource, there are reasons prospective clients may want to stay clear of the service. First, Lucid Power is simply a brokerage. It does not offer installation or connection services for clients and instead contracts that out to third-party installers. Since Lucid Power does not provide any of the actual labor, there are no workmanship warranties offered specifically through the company and clients will need to go through system manufacturers to find out if an equipment warranty applies. Lucid Power does not offer financing solutions to its clients, and the service area is restricted to Southern California.

Considering all contributing factors, clients looking for traditional solar installation services should consider other providers. Lucid Power can be a good starting point to answer questions, but there are other options that will handle the entire solar process in-house from start to finish. Lucid Power does not offer that. 

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