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LAST UPDATED: September 12th, 2023

Long Island Power Solutions was founded to service home and business owners in New York looking to reduce high electricity costs. Long Island Power Solutions prides itself on providing the best installation service coupled with honest advice and customer service. New York residents experience some of the highest energy costs in the country and solar is here to alleviate that monthly financial strain.

Long Island Power Solutions utilizes some of the most advanced technologies and reliable components from tier-1 suppliers. From consultation, to design, to installation, and monitoring, Long Island Power Solutions manages it all. 

Long Island Power Solutions will help both residential and commercial properties pivot from their current relationship with PSEG and find independence through utilizing the solar grid. Prospective solar clients can get a no obligation free initial consultation to discuss solar options. 

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The Good

  • Equipment Partnerships
  • Backup Power
  • Financing Program
  • Maintenance 

Equipment Partnerships

Solar installation companies typically partner with solar equipment manufacturers. These partnerships allow installation companies to install the latest solar technology on clients’ properties. These equipment partnerships are often the backbone of a solar installation company’s success.

Fortunately for Long Island Power Solutions, the company has found a way to develop and maintain a partnership with some of the most advanced solar providers in the industry. These partnerships include the following:

  • Enphase — Enphase is one of America’s largest integrated solar companies. Long Island Power Solutions installs Enphase microinverter products and smart solar hardware which allows for efficient solar at any location with smart app monitoring. 
  • LG — LG is a technology giant that produces some of the most reliable solar systems including panels and battery storage systems.
  • Generac — Long Island Power Solutions installs Generac backup systems, including battery wall systems and gas generators. 
  • Sonnen — Sonnen designs and manufactures some of the most innovative energy storage devices.
  • Panasonic — A major global supplier of photovoltaic cells and battery systems. The reliable and efficient solar products available through Panasonic are used in Long Island Power Solutions installations. 
  • Hanwha Q Cells — As the most important components of solar systems, the actual solar panels need to harvest clean and abundant solar energy. Hanwha Q Cells manufactures some of the most efficient photovoltaic panels that maximize solar generation. 

Having equipment partnerships with the leaders in the solar industry sets Long Island Power Solutions apart from its competition. 

Backup Power

The electric grid can go down for a host of reasons. When this happens, Long Island Power Solutions offers a way for clients to continue utilizing power through the use of backup generators. Backup generators provide reliable, cost-efficient, and clean ways to access power in the event of an outage. Long Island Power will install three forms of backup solutions:

  • Solar Generators — The solar backup systems that Long Island Power Solutions installs offer complete protection from blackouts and severe weather events, even when the solar panels stop producing electricity. 
  • Gas Generators — The gas generators installed by Long Island Power Solutions are affordable, reliable, and efficient machines to provide backup emergency power. Gas generators can power an entire home or crucial appliances, but the company can cater to whatever the client’s needs are.
  • Battery Backup — Those with solar panels should consider having a battery energy storage system also installed. The battery backup allows for energy storage, deploying that energy in the evenings or even during a prolonged grid outage. 

While other solar installation companies offer battery or storage solutions to clients, not many competitors in the industry offer all three of the battery/storage options that Long Island Power Solutions does. 

Financing Program

Long Island Power Solutions provides its own financing program, known as the SMART Solar Program. The company uses the New York state solar incentives to offset the cost of the solar installation.

Clients that enroll in the SMART solar program, can expect the following:

  • Long Island Power Solutions calculates the expected tax credits.
  • Residential solar financing is split into two terms.
  • The initial term is interest-free with no money down. It is planned around those tax credits, which clients will use to pay off this loan in full. 
  • The remaining balance on the solar system will then be added to a term loan at a low fixed rate. Clients can choose the term that fits financial needs/restraints. 
  • Residential solar financing has no penalties on early payments, so it can be paid off as long as minimum payments are met. 

This format allows customers to maximize federal and New York state solar incentives. While most solar installation companies offer financing options to their clients, few have created a unique program specifically tailored to their client base. 


Once the solar system is installed, that's where the service by most solar installation companies ends. With Long Island Power Solutions, clients will receive access to its aftercare service.

Long Island Power Solutions provides emergency 24-hour solar system support and solar power monitoring. The company is always available in the rare event that something goes wrong with the system. Long Island Power Solutions will offer both solar power roof repairs and provide remote troubleshooting as a way to maintain a high level of solar production. 


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Lacking NABCEP Certification
  • No Verified Long Island Power Solutions Reviews

Limited Service Area

Long Island Power Solutions is a locally owned and operated company that only services Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County, and Queens. While providing a high, personable level of service to its customers, Long Island Power Solutions is limited to these areas in New York. 

Lacking NABCEP Certification

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners is a nonprofit professional certification and accreditation organization that offers both individual and company accreditation programs for solar professionals. 

Many solar companies have at least one NABCEP-certified professional on staff. While Long Island Power Solutions has certified installers, these installers are not NABCEP-certified. 

No Verified Long Island Power Solutions Reviews

While the company seems to excel in many areas, customer reviews are needed to determine how well the company makes good on its promise to take care of customers. Reviews from past and current customers can give prospective customers a good idea of overall customer satisfaction. 

Additionally, a robust review repository allows us at Best Company to analyze the data from the reviews from each company and weigh it against that of competitors to identify the top companies in each state. 


The Bottom Line

Long Island Power Solutions provides a high-quality solar installation service to home and business owners in the area. The company has top-tier equipment partnerships, offers backup power installation, provides a financing program to clients, and conducts monitoring on all installed systems.

Despite offering a wide range of helpful solar equipment installation services, Long Island Power Solutions works out of a limited service area and does not have NABCEP-certified installers on staff. Additionally, we don't currently have a store of Long Island Power Solutions reviews from which to draw insights into the company's level of customer care. 

However, even with the company’s limitations, Long Island Power Solutions offers a respectable service that residents of the area would likely benefit from. Prospective solar clients should at least consider going through the consultation process with Long Island Power Solutions prior to making a final decision on a solar company. 

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