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LAST UPDATED: December 5th, 2022

Lighthouse Solar provides solar installation services to residential and commercial properties. The Lighthouse Solar team manages project design, construction, and electricity as well as system management to its customers.

Lighthouse Solar has been awarded the following honors: the 2020 Austin Green Award, the IREC Innovation Award, and the APsystems Solar Project of the year for its collaborative work with top construction companies, developers, and industry leaders. 

Lighthouse Solar services specific areas in both Texas and New York. The Texas office services all of central Texas. The New York offices service the following counties: Ulster, Orange, Poughkeepsie, New Paltz, Accord, Stone Ridge, Chatham, and Kerhonkson counties. 

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The Good

  • Equipment Partners
  • Battery Storage and Electric Vehicle Chargers
  • NABCEP-Certified Installers
  • Solar Installation Services
  • Financing

Equipment Partners

As an inherently collaborative enterprise, Lighthouse Solar has worked to build and maintain a network of partners to provide the best equipment and resources to its customers. Lighthouse Solar has partnered with the following manufacturers: Solaria, SMA, Q Cells, LG, Enphase, Lumos, 17 TeraWatts, and Generac.

While many solar companies will partner with manufacturers for equipment purposes, Lighthouse Solar has taken its offering to a new level with multiple partners.

Battery Storage and Electric Vehicle Chargers 

Lighthouse Solar can accommodate energy storage with solar batteries and also installs electric vehicle chargers in conjunction with solar projects. 

NABCEP-Certified Installers

Not only can Lighthouse Solar customers trust that the equipment they are receiving is top-notch, but so is the quality of the installation. All Lighthouse Solar PV professionals are NABCEP certified and their work is state approved. Not all solar companies have a NABCEP-certified installer on staff, yet another reason to trust the Lighthouse Solar installation service.

Solar Installation Services

Key decisions need to be made when designing a solar energy system. These decisions take into consideration the size, the number of panels, and the panel placement. While roof-mounted systems are by far the most popular option, that will not necessarily work for every roof type.

Lighthouse Solar offers customers the following wide range of solar installation services:

  • Roof mounted
  • Ground mounted panels
  • Solar plus storage
  • EV chargers

Most of the solar industry installs roof-mounted systems only. By offering a wide range of installation options, Lighthouse Solar is bound to find a solution for every property. 


The team at Lighthouse Solar understands that not everyone can purchase a solar system outright. With a large up-front cost, requiring initial purchase would drastically limit who can install a solar system on their home or office building. With Lighthouse Solar, customers can purchase their system outright or utilize one of the following options.

Residential Solar Financing

  • Solar Loans — Loans can be obtained to fit almost any budget with competitive interest rates and loan terms (ranging from 5 to 20 years). Loans can also be combined with zero down tax credit loans in order to provide the best funding solution.
  • State Programs — These programs are offered to New York and Texas residents at reduced interest rates.

Commercial Financing Options

  • Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Financing — This is a clean-energy funding method that depends on private lending and municipal bonds. This ultimately allows commercial entities and companies to upgrade the property with solar energy systems without impacting a city’s funds. This financing is only eligible to certain organizations cut can reduce total installation costs.
  • Solar Loans — By utilizing a SBA and multiple loan products, there are customized financing options available for commercial properties. 

While many solar companies offer financing solutions, not many offer multiple to its customers, let alone options for commercial customers. This sets the Lighthouse Solar product apart from the rest of the industry. 


The Bad

  • Only Services New York and Texas
  • Initial Consultation
  • No Lighthouse Solar Reviews

Only Services New York and Texas

Lighthouse Solar originally opened in central Texas before also opening its doors in the state of New York. It is important to note that while Lighthouse Solar has offices in two states, the company does not service the entire state in either of those areas.

While many solar companies specialize in solar services in a certain area, many will typically cover the state in which it operates. That is not the case with Lighthouse Solar. 

Initial Consultation

Most companies offer some sort of initial consultation to interested customers. This consultation can range from a complete energy savings work-up to a customized layout of the installed solar system. Lighthouse Solar only provides the basics in its free initial consultation with customers. That means customers will get the bare bones of the design and costs for the system but not necessarily a complete project design. 

No Lighthouse Solar Reviews

While we can analyze Lighthouse Solar based on the information the company provides, we cannot confidently predict the company's quality of service without a sizeable number of Lighthouse Solar reviews from current and past customers who have worked with them. 

In general, homeowners considering solar should consult reviews to hear from customers who had a great experience as well as customers with a negative experience and then look for patterns. Once Lighthouse Solar has a large volume of reviews, we can provide analysis and key data points that can help you characterize the overall customer experience. 


The Bottom Line

Lighthouse Solar offers comprehensive solar installation services to residents in parts of Texas and New York. The company partners with some of the leading solar manufacturers and solely offers professional installation.

Additionally, Lighthouse Solar provides a number of financing options to customers looking to start using clean energy. Central Texas and New York residents would benefit from the services Lighthouse Solar can provide. Outside of this service area, potential customers will need to look elsewhere. 

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