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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Lifestyle Solar is a family owned and operated company that has installed solar systems all across the state of California since 2008. Since its founding, Lifestyle Solar has helped thousands of homeowners access the benefits of renewable energy. 

The motivator behind the Lifestyle Solar platform is making solar affordable for everyone regardless of their financial situation. Lifestyle Solar helps customers regardless of credit circumstances and will find a financing solution to each unique issue.

To date, Lifestyle Solar has completed over 5,000 projects up and down the state of California. The company offers premium customer support and individualized attention to each and every client. 

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The Good

  • Custom Designs
  • Financing Options
  • Builder Partnerships
  • Monitoring

Custom Designs

All Lifestyle Solar systems are adaptable, efficient, and subtle. The Lifestyle Solar team of professionals precisely calculates every detail to ensure that the property receives the most aesthetically pleasing and power efficient solar system possible. Each system is crafted to last.

A Lifestyle Solar team member will review past electrical usage with the client and determine what the economic benefits are. While many solar companies offer custom designs for systems, they tend to be more bulky and noticeable on the roof. With the equipment and technique used by Lifestyle Solar professionals, that is not the case. The system is seamlessly integrated with the home and other solar products. 

Financing Options

The most unique aspect of the Lifestyle Solar operation is the fact that the company offers both financing and installation in-house. Most solar companies offer financing options, but it is done through a third-party service like a credit union or loan program. Lifestyle Solar offers financing solutions directly to clients, making it more affordable than before.

Financing options break down as follows:


  • Starting at $79.99 per month
  • $0 upfront cost
  • Up to 25-year warranty and monitoring
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Extended service options

Power Purchase Agreement

  • Starting at $59.99 per month
  • $0 upfront cost
  • 25-year service and monitoring
  • Transferable, prepay anytime
  • No credit requirements
  • #1 customer option


  • $6,364 one-time payment (can fluctuate depending on home size)
  • Own system outright
  • Up to 25-year warranty and monitoring
  • Pay full system cost upfront
  • Add panels or battery later

Lifestyle Solar clients enjoy the fact that when it comes to solar, they only deal with one company. There is no third-party financing service to deal with.

Builder Partnerships

As an all-in-one solar financing and installation company, Lifestyle Solar is able to partner directly with homebuilders, commercial builders, and multifamily builders to incorporate unique solar, storage, and financing solutions to new home communities. Lifestyle Solar will be involved from the early engineering design stages and continue to offer input throughout the duration of the project.

Lifestyle Solar offers flexible options like expandable battery upgrades, EV chargers, and future solar panels so the homeowner will always be covered. Not many solar installation companies specifically market to and assist builders, but Lifestyle Solar does in an attempt to help more people access renewable energy. 


Lifestyle Solar offers proactive monitoring after the system is installed. Most solar companies don't have much interaction with clients once the system has been successfully installed.

That is not the case with Lifestyle Solar. The company guarantees energy production and downtime of the system. The Lifestyle Solar team will monitor each system for drops in production. If there happens to be a decrease in energy production, Lifestyle Solar will get it fixed and operating back at maximum efficiency. 


The Bad

  • Restricted Service Area
  • Undisclosed Equipment Information

Restricted Service Area

Solar in general is a geographically limited operation. A majority of companies only service one state or the most populated cities within a particular state. That being said, some companies have expanded operations and service multiple states or a region of the country.

Lifestyle Solar is not one of those companies and continues to only service California. This limits the number of prospective solar clients Lifestyle Solar can service. 

Undisclosed Equipment Information

Most solar companies have deals or partnerships with solar manufacturers or brands. These partnerships are usually public and highly touted as prospective solar clients are invested in what equipment is being installed on their home.

Lifestyle Solar either does not have these equipment partnerships or has chosen not to disclose this information publicly. This makes it difficult for prospective solar customers in the research phase of the solar process to determine if Lifestyle Solar is the company they want to use. 


The Bottom Line

Lifestyle Solar provides customized solar solutions to homeowners throughout the state of California. The company has developed a number of financing options for clients, providing solutions to nearly every financing circumstance. Lifestyle Solar also works alongside builders to provide solar installations on new home builds and subdivisions. After Lifestyle Solar finishes installation, the company will continue to monitor energy production and efficiency. 

There are some limitations and concerns with Lifestyle Solar. First, the company only conducts installations in the state of California limiting the number of solar customers it can service. Lifestyle Solar also has not disclosed equipment information which is not common in the solar industry.

Thousands of Californians have used Lifestyle Solar, and prospective solar clients would likely benefit from what the company has to offer. 

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