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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Level 3 Solar provides solar installation services to clients looking to utilize a more clean, reliable source of energy. With the natural disasters that have taken place over the last several years all across the state of Texas, more and more homeowners are turning to solar energy sources. However, the issue many homeowners run into is finding a provider that will walk them through each complex step of the solar installation process. Level 3 Solar was founded to address this exact issue. 

As a relatively new operation within the state of Texas, Level 3 Solar is working to build up its reputation as a reliable solar source. Initially, the company started on the consulting front, helping clients determine what solar systems will work best for their particular property. Now the company handles everything from permitting to installation to powering it on once it is all properly connected.

There are no NABCEP certified professionals on staff, but it appears that Level 3 Solar takes the time to properly train its team to ensure a professional installation that clients can rely on for decades to come. The Level 3 Solar team continues to work to make solar more accessible and affordable, especially for homeowners looking to stabilize monthly electricity costs. 

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The Good

  • Comprehensive Installation Service
  • $0 Down Financing

Comprehensive Installation Service 

To expand their reach and services, many solar companies will outsource the actual installation process. One company will handle the sales and consultation portion of the process and turn the rest of the permitting and installation steps over to a contractor or licensed third party.

Level 3 Solar clients can rest assured that all aspects of the solar process will be handled in-house. No part of the Level 3 Solar process is outsourced or contracted out. This ensures continuity and flow throughout the duration of the system installation. 

$0 Down Financing

In an effort to make solar more accessible and affordable, Level 3 Solar has worked to provide clients with alternative financing solutions. For those that take advantage of this alternative financing, Level 3 Solar provides zero down solar loan options to clients. Not all solar installation companies have $0 down solutions, but Level 3 Solar does. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Equipment Information
  • Unknown Warranty Details
  • Limited Service Area
  • Battery System Solutions

Undisclosed Equipment Information

Solar manufacturing companies are typically responsible for the development and production of solar equipment, while solar installation companies partner with manufacturers to actually sell and install that solar equipment. These partnerships between manufacturers and installers are generally made public as potential clients have a vested interest in what brand and grade of equipment is being installed.

Level 3 Solar has not disclosed any of its equipment information. Prospective clients who are still in the research phase of the solar process must be frustrated by not having easy access to this information. 

Unknown Warranty Details

Warranties are standard within the solar industry. Since solar is an investment, companies offer forms of protection in the form of warranties. The most common forms of solar warranties include equipment, production, and workmanship.

The equipment manufacturer will usually back the equipment or production warranty, generally 25 years in length. The solar installation company will then back the workmanship warranty which covers any issues stemming from installation work. These warranties are usually 10 years.

Warranties are usually made public as prospective clients are interested in these term specifics. Unfortunately for Level 3 Solar clients, there is no mention of warranties offered or term details. 

Limited Service Area

Most solar installation providers offer a localized service. For instance, a vast majority of solar installation companies service one state or several of the more populated counties or cities within a state. However, Level 3 Solar only services one city: San Antonio, Texas. This makes the service area of Level 3 Solar small even compared to local solar providers, limiting who can access the company’s services. 

Battery System Solutions

Natural disasters have resulted in dangerous power loss situations across the state of Texas. In order to be completely energy independent, solar clients will have to install a battery solution that allows for continued uninterrupted streams of energy even when the utility grid goes down.

There is no mention of battery system solutions available through Level 3 Solar. If this is the case, then all systems installed by Level 3 Solar would have to be connected to the utility grid. In inclement weather situations, this utility grid can be compromised. That means that the solar system would not function either, and the property would be without power. Most solar installation companies offer battery system installation in addition to solar system installation services. 


The Bottom Line

Level 3 Solar provides a local solar consultation and installation service that works to help Texans stabilize and reduce their monthly electric bill. The Level 3 Solar team provides start-to-finish services, meaning no step of the entire solar process is ever outsourced or turned over to a third-party contractor. In an effort to make renewable energy sources more accessible, Level 3 Solar has worked to provide alternative financing solutions to work with almost any financial situation or budget restriction. 

There are limitations that prospective clients should be aware of as well. First, information about the brand of solar equipment used in Level 3 Solar projects is not disclosed. Also left unknown is whether or not the company has an equipment partnership or is an authorized dealer of any tier-1 solar equipment. There are no disclosed specifics regarding the standard warranties typically found in solar transactions. The service area is restricted to San Antonio, Texas so property owners outside of these city limits will have to look for an alternative installer. Lastly, it is not known whether or not there are battery solutions available through Level 3 Solar, which means systems may have to be connected to the utility grid. 

Considering what is known and what is left undisclosed, it is difficult to recommend Level 3 Solar services. There are simply too many questions surrounding what is offered. Prospective clients considering Level 3 Solar should reach out to the company directly to have questions or concerns addressed. 

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