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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

KW Solar has helped Texans realize the value of solar systems since 2015. The company has installed over 2.5 million watts to date and continues to grow in the greater Houston, Texas area.

KW Solar has cut through a lot of the solar red tape, working solely with individuals ready to purchase and own a solar system. From start to finish on most residential properties, KW Solar can have a system up and running in a matter of weeks.

The proprietary technology created by KW Solar is user-friendly and cuts costs for its customers.

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The Good

  • Quote Tool Available Online
  • Streamlined Process
  • Compliance
  • Jigawatt

Quote Tool Available Online

More often than not, a solar company will need to come out to the property to provide potential customers with a ballpark price range for equipment and installation. KW Solar has gone above and beyond, creating its own tool known as “The Wiz,” which allows future clients to get an idea of what a solar system may cost.

Without having to pick up the phone or schedule an appointment, users can simply utilize the online tool, the Wiz, by plugging in their address. A map will pull up an aerial view of the property. The user can then trace out where solar panels would best fit (there is a tutorial and step-by-step demonstration to find out where the fit would be) and then the numbers are given. Potential customers can see how solar would save them money on energy costs in the long run and get a rough idea of what the KW Solar service will cost.

Streamlined Process

Since KW Solar only works with clients who buy the solar system outright, the design to installation to operation process is fast. In fact, on average KW Solar customers have their solar system up and running within three weeks from start to finish. On top of that, KW Solar only spends one to two days on the roof installing the system.

To put this in perspective, most solar companies in the industry work with leasing and power purchasing agreements so it can take months to get paperwork in order. KW Solar customers will not have to wait that long.

  • Solar decision — The first step in the KW Solar process is determining whether or not solar is a right fit for the home and situation. Most of this assessment can be done using the online Wiz tool or over the phone, but KW Solar experts will come out to the site prior to design. During this process, KW Solar will make sure there is nothing covering the roof that would prohibit sunlight, look for a south-facing pitch, and ensure there is room for panels.
  • Proposal — After the online and on-site consultation, a comprehensive proposal will be sent to the client. The proposal will include details like scope of work, pricing, system specs, and projected performance numbers. This proposal is also the contract to begin the solar system installation process.
  • Design — Since every residence and commercial property is different, the system will have to be customized to the structure, size, and orientation. Since these systems are built to last for 30 years or more, the design will be conducted and approved by a licensed engineer.
  • Permits — Permits and permission from the HOA are needed depending on the residence or property. KW Solar will assist throughout this entire process. Oftentimes, the municipal permit is the red tape in the entire solar system process. Good news is that KW Solar has plenty of experience obtaining these permits and will handle the process.
  • Installation — Finally the installation process can begin. For residential properties, this should only take a matter of days. For large commercial properties, this can take months.
  • Inspection —For properties where a permit is required for installation, an inspection after installation will also be required. An official from the city or municipality will conduct that inspection to make sure everything is in place.
  • Free electricity — And lastly the step every solar customer is most excited about, free electricity! That power bill will not look the same ever again.


KW Solar has licensed electrical contractors on staff to handle design and installation processes (license #32051). Additionally, the KW Solar engineer is NABCEP certified. It is difficult to be NABCEP certified, so obtaining and maintaining this status is impressive. Most solar companies do have at least one licensed contractor on staff, but to have licensed electrical contractors and NABCEP certified engineers sets KW Solar apart from the rest of the industry.


Cost is at the forefront of KW Solar’s leadership. It is important to the company that its customers own systems outright. KW Solar has also invented and instituted proprietary technology known as Jigawatt.

This technology allows KW Solar to delegate routing management work to computers. Instead of having to hire or outsource various tasks and responsibilities, Jigawatt handles it. This frees up time and capital. What may seem like a small innovation can save KW Solar customers in a big way. With automation a part of the KW Solar process, the company can turn around and offer lower prices to solar customers. 


The Bad

  • No Financing Options
  • Restricted to Texas

No Financing Options

One of the reasons KW Solar is so fast when it comes to getting solar systems on customers' roofs is the fact that the company only works with those who can buy the system upfront and outright. KW Solar does not have any financing partners nor does the company utilize lease or power purchase agreement options.

While eliminating financing options does speed up the process, it eliminates the number of people who can actually start using clean energy by having a solar system installed. Most solar companies understand the burden that a solar system’s upfront costs can have on customers. The industry usually works with customers to find a financial avenue to pursue solar. KW Solar does not.

Restricted to Texas

Presently, KW Solar only operates in the state of Texas. The company will work with commercial and residential properties but only within the state. That means anyone outside of Texas will need to look elsewhere for solar. Other solar companies offer services on a national or regional level, so only servicing Texas limits KW Solar and its reach.


The Bottom Line

KW Solar is one of the most technologically advanced and streamline solar providers in the industry. By automating and simplifying the solar installation process, KW Solar has found ways to cut costs and speed up the process. For Texas residents, KW Solar is a viable and favorable option for solar services.

On the other hand, anyone residing or working outside of Texas will need to look elsewhere for solar services. Additionally, anyone needing to use any sort of financing program to fund solar installation will not be able to use KW Solar.

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