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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

KnS Solar is an NABCEP-certified solar provider based out of Houston, Texas. The company has worked to install solar systems on a variety of residential, commercial, and off-grid properties and equipment. 

KnS uses industry leading technology in order to develop power generation, utilize renewable energy, and create green energy products. The company prides itself on its ability to maximize ROI and longevity of solar equipment. All of KnS’s products are sourced from the United States. 

KnS offers solar solutions in the following industries and properties: rural electrification, C&I, farming, private properties, government entities, and nonprofits. 

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The Good

  • Financing
  • Offers Off-Grid Solar Options
  • Benefits Non-Profit Organization
  • Sell Power Back to Grid


KnS works diligently to help those who want access to renewable energy to be able to reap its rewards. KnS offers financing options for residential properties ranging in size from small up to large-roof homes. Additionally, KnS Solar is transparent about financing pricing for certain sized homes which is simply information not provided by a vast majority of solar installation companies.

The estimated monthly breakdowns are as follows:

Small Roof-Top Solar Powered System

  • 16 Solar Panels (310W Tier 1 Solar Panels)
  • 351 sq. ft. Solar Surface
  • 6,859–8,050 KWH KC Est. Annual Production
  • $17,640 to own system outright
  • Est. $99 per month with financing

Medium Roof-Top Solar Powered System

  • 28 Solar Panels (310W Tier 1 Solar Panels)
  • 610 sq. ft. Solar Surface
  • 9,850–11,907 KWH KC Annual Production
  • $23,500 to own system outright
  • Est. $148 per month with financing

Large Roof-Top Solar Powered System

  • 36 Solar Panels (310W Tier 1 Solar Panels)
  • 788 sq. ft. Solar Surface
  • 9,850–11,907 KWH KC Annual Production
  • $29,850 to own system outright
  • Estimated $187 per month with financing

Offers Off-Grid Solar Options

The off-grid solar solutions available through KnS allow for a stand alone power system to produce, store, and ultimately use electricity separate from the traditional power grid. These systems work by generating electricity from photovoltaic solar panels and are used to charge batteries through a solar charge controller. These types of systems are commonly found on RVs, vans, shipping containers, small to large operating equipment, and more.

While most solar companies strictly focus on residential and commercial properties or focus solely on off-grid solar solutions, KnS services both types of solar needs — separating the company from the rest of the industry. 

Benefits Non-Profit Organization

KnS diligently works to support the non-profit organization, A Light in the Darkness, and the company has been the sole backing of the organization’s initiatives. The goal of this initiative is to give “hope back to those most in need by getting them access to electricity to cover their basic necessities.”

KnS spearheads projects that lead to light and clean water that are generated through renewable energy sources. Any business that KnS conducts stateside benefits from these efforts. To date, KnS has installed over 1,000 solar panels in over 100 communities worldwide. 

Sell Power Back to Grid

Most solar companies can help customers drastically reduce or eliminate the electricity bill. More often than not, solar panels will increase the value of a home. And all solar systems support green, renewable energy. One option that KnS customers have access to is the ability to sell power/electricity not used back to the grid. If a KnS customer’s solar panels have generated more power than is used in the home, that energy can then be sold back to the grid putting money in their pockets.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Equipment Information
  • Service Area Focused on Texas

Undisclosed Equipment Information

KnS claims that it uses industry leading technology and equipment on its solar projects, the actual brands and specifics on workmanship warranties are not specified. Most solar companies are proud to advertise the equipment manufacturers or partners used in solar kits, but KnS has chosen not to make that information public. 

Service Area Focused on Texas

While KnS has done one project a piece in Illinois and Michigan, the company’s services are definitely catered to Texas residents and entities. While it is not uncommon for solar installation companies to operate in a small region, strictly focusing one one state drastically reduces the number of clients that can be serviced. 


The Bottom Line

KnS offers a wide range of custom solar options — by far one of the company’s most unique and beneficial services. The company’s services would be ideal for those looking for off-grid solutions or who need to utilize financing options in order to have solar installed on a residential property. While KnS has traveled to Illinois and Michigan for projects, a vast majority of the company’s work takes place in the state of Texas. Prospective solar customers looking for solar installation will want to find a company headquartered near their residence rather than working with KnS. 

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