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LAST UPDATED: April 19th, 2023

Kasselman Solar serves customers in New York state and the surrounding areas. Originally founded as a residential electrical services provider in 1948, the company has been installing solar PV systems on homes and businesses since 2014. The company offers and extensive warranty on its materials and includes online monitoring as well. Kasselman only offers purchases for their systems.

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The Good

  • Top Solar Panel and Inverter Modules
  • Excellent Warranty
  • Company Experience
  • Explains the Process Well
  • NABCEP Certified
  • Positive Kasselman Solar Reviews

Top Solar Panel and Inverter Modules

Kasselman sources its solar panels and inverters from some of the industry's leading manufacturers, including LG, Trina, and Enphase. LG solar panels boast some of the best energy efficiency ratings in solar, and boast a 25-year materials warranty. The homeowner can rest assured each solar energy system is built to last and will help reduce their utility bill.

Excellent Warranties

Kasselman touts itself as using only the top products and materials in the industry, and it stands by this claim with a 25-year warranty. This protects, you, the customer in case of defects or untimely damage. With a warranty, you have peace of mind that regardless of what happens to your system in the 25 years, you won't be left with a huge bill; Kasselman will make the necessary repairs and replacements without costing you a dime.

Kasselman Solar also attaches an industry-leading 25-year workmanship warranty to its solar installation projects, which protects the system against installation errors and covers necessary maintenance visits for the lifetime of the system.

Company Experience

Though Kasselman has only been involved in the solar industry for two years, the company itself has been around for nearly seven decades. Company leadership and staff know what it takes to meet customer needs. They also understand the importance of embracing change and using innovation to expand and attract customers. When you deal with Kasselman, you can be certain you have a partner that will take care of you from start to finish and will respond to our concern and exceed your expectations.

Explains the Process Well

Because the solar power industry is still a relatively new and emerging sector, many customers are unfamiliar with how solar power works and what implications it will have in their homes. Kasselman will help eliminate some of this uncertainty and anxiety. Current and potential customers can find a wealth of information online about what services the company offers, how solar power harnesses the sun's energy to give you power for your everyday needs, and many other resources.

NABCEP Certified

Kasselman Solar has been certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), which means the company employs technicians that have undergone advanced solar installation training from the "gold standard" certification arm of the solar industry. Every Kasselman solar power system by technicians with considerable solar and electrical expertise and who stand by their work.

Positive Kasselman Solar Reviews

Although the solar provider has only earned a handful of verified reviews on Best Company, these reviews have been largely positive. These reviews speak specifically to the Kasselman Solar’s low-pressure sales approach, tidy and efficient solar installation sites, and personable customer service team.

If you are a current or former Kasselman Solar customer, we invite you to share your experience below.


The Bad

  • Limited Payment Options
  • Availability Limited

Limited Payment Options

Customers only have the option of purchasing Kasselman solar power equipment and systems. While purchasing has many benefits and in some cases is the best choice, it shouldn't be the only choice. If you are partial to the idea of leasing your system, Kasselman isn't for you. The company even speaks negatively of this option and makes it seem as though customers shouldn't even consider a lease.

Availability Limited

Upstate New York residents will be happy to know that Kasselman will serve them; however, if you live elsewhere, the company won't be an option. This is because Kasselman has a small coverage area and hasn't yet ventured outside of the Upstate New York region. If you read our verified Kasselman Solar reviews and like what you see, but you live outside their service area, you will have to keep your search going.


The Bottom Line

Kasselman has a small footprint, but the solar company is well run and has a thorough process of setting up customers with solar power. A quick visit to the company's website alone will prove that it has numerous tools available to educate people on the benefits of solar power. There are also a number of testimonials from happy customers.

That said, Kasselman Solar does have a smaller coverage area compared to other solar companies in New York. And while reviews of Kasselman Solar are largely positive, we would like to see more reviews posted to Best Company to give potential customers a fuller picture of how the company does business and treats its customers. Until then, we encourage residents of Upstate New York to reach out to Kasselman Solar for a free evaluation.

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Mark Bishop Amsterdam, NY

I had signed up with a different company and after researching different solar panel manufacturers and microinverters I decided to switch to Kasselman. My sales person was so nice I actually looked forward to speaking with him and learning more about what I had researched. There was no pressure to sign up at all. System has been up and running for a few months now and it's performing much better than we expected! Great company!

7 years ago

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Ron McEvilly Albany, NY

Great company that went above and beyond for my special needs. I have a ground mount system with 36 panels. I wanted my system installed in an area that was not easy to work in but Kasselman went above an beyond to ensure my satisfaction. Great leadership from an owner that cares for his customers.

7 years ago

star star star star star_border

mark St.Onge Northville, NY

kasselman installed a 32 panel ground mount system in our back yard. The sales person was excellent (no pressure) he got back to us with any questions right away. They sent 6 men to install and they were all gentlemen and great craftsmen. The electrical installation was neat and clean. I am waiting for our power company to install the new meter and then the system will be turned on. I will send another review after we monitor the system for a while. mark and Laurel St.Onge Northville, NY

7 years ago

star star star star star

Greg Hume Salem, NY

My good friend in the Albany area bought panels from Kasselman. So I started inquiring and they installed a 36 panel ground mount system and its performance has been nothing but spectacular.

5 years ago