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LAST UPDATED: June 9th, 2021

Ipsun Solar (Ispsun meaning “yourself” in Latin) is a solar company founded in 2016. It was founded by Hervé Billiet and Joe Marhamati after the two met working in the U.S. Department of Energy. Hervé helped design the first solar-panel car, and together he and Joe made it their mission to “install as many solar panels as [they could] to fight climate change” and educate their buyers about the financial and environmental benefits of going solar.

The company received the Angie’s List Super Service Award in 2019, is BBB Accredited, and is NABCEP Board Certified. 

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The Good

  • Certified B Corp
  • Honest Recommendations
  • 4 Different Payment Methods
  • Tesla Powerwall Installer

Certified B Corp

A Certified B Corp (or B Corporation) is a business with a social-change mindset. In order to be considered a B Corp, a business must prove that its organization makes significant contributions to support social change. A rigorous evaluation process examines the organization’s efforts to address the needs of its employees and customers and how it impacts the environment. B Corps are one of the best ways to create real and lasting change through business. Customers who choose Ipsun Solar can be certain that their contributions are making a marked difference in the world.

Honest Recommendations

As part of Ipsun Solar’s dedication to enabling sustainable change, the company also strives to educate its customers on the best solar panel options, including a shade estimate to best work with their home or business. Ipsun Solar is a fully independent solar company, meaning it does its own solar panel engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance. As part of its excellent maintenance policy, Ipsun Solar will help with all solar panel problems, regardless of the company who installed them. 

4 Different Payment Methods

Ipsun Solar offers four different ways for customers to purchase their solar panels: 

  • Cash — This is an easy, upfront payment option for customers who want to own their own equipment and are able to pay for the entire system at once.
  • Lease — This option means you rent the solar equipment and pay a set rate each month. The rate will not change based on how much energy you use.
  • PPA — A PPA (or a Power Purchase Agreement) is a lease or rental agreement on the solar equipment. Unlike a lease, you will not pay a set amount each month, rather you will pay a fee based on how much energy you use a month. 
  • CPACU — The Clean Energy Credit Union is a unique credit lender tailored specifically to helping customers afford environmental products or services. The Union promises low interest rates and offers a variety of loan lengths. It even offers a “combo loan,” allowing the customer to qualify for federal tax credit associated with solar panels while using a long term payment plan. CPACU funds go towards helping lower climate change, promoting more solar panel usage, and building other environmental organizations. This payment method is extremely unique and a strong point of Ipsun Solar’s products and services.

Tesla Powerwall Installer

Ipsun solar is a certified Tesla Powerwall installer. If you choose the Powerwall option, a sleek, while box is installed in your home or outside property that acts as a large battery. The box stores sunlight energy during the day to make it available anytime; this is especially helpful in the event of a power outage or when going off the grid for up to seven days at a time. Tesla Powerwalls are warrantied for 10 years with at least 70 percent of its charge capacity.


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Few Years in Business

Limited Service Area

Currently, Ipsun Solar is only available in Virginia; Washington, D.C.; and Maryland.

Few Years in Business

Ipsun Solar has only been in business for four years, meaning it’s important for customers to be aware that both the service and equipment warranties exceed the number of years the company has been in businesses. On the other hand, many new solar companies have risen to meet the demand for sustainable energy in the past decade, already exceeding customer satisfaction with quality products and services in just a few years.

With extremely high accreditations from the Better Business Bureau, Angie's List for Super Service, and as a B Corp, Ipsun Solar ensures customers can be confident they are treated with the best possible care and best products and services.


The Bottom Line

Ipsun solar is an excellent choice for those looking to install solar panels in their home or business. The company offers four payment methods including purchasing the solar panels, renting, leasing, or, most uniquely, a loan through the Clean Energy Credit Union to maximize tax savings while paying a low rate over time. The company is accredited by the Better Better Business Bureau, the NABCEP Board, and has received the Angie's List for Super Service. 

Most notably, Ipsun Solar is an accredited B Corp, meaning that it actively contributes to sustainable social change. Customers who want to make a true difference in the world can be confident that their business with Ipsun Solar will do just that.

Ipsun Solar has continuously delivered excellent products and services to customers despite being a very new business in the industry. While customers should take this into consideration when looking for a solar company, with all the great benefits that Ipsun Solar offers, customers can have peace of mind in doing business with Ipsun Solar for their solar panel needs.

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