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LAST UPDATED: March 19th, 2022

Founded in 2008, Intermountain Wind and Solar has performed thousands of solar panel installations in its time in business. The company operates in Utah and Idaho, and does not subcontract any of its work. Intermountain Wind and Solar also offers free consultations to interested consumers. From 2014 to 2017, the solar installer was named a "Top 500 Solar Contractor" by Solar Power World Magazine and employs solar technicians who have been certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners. 

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The Good

  • Bulk Purchase Discounts
  • Free Solar Power Calculations
  • Awards and Certifications
  • Quality Solar Equipment

Bulk Purchase Discounts

Intermountain Wind and Solar provides its customers with bulk purchase discounts on solar systems, which can save the customer approximately $4,000 to $6,000. The company also offers several free workshops for homeowners to help them save even more money on solar installations and equipment.

Free Solar Power Calculations

Potential customers have the ability to calculate how much solar power they will need directly on Intermountain Wind and Solar's website. All the user has to do is enter a few data points, such as the amount they are currently spending on electricity and how much power they would like to offset with solar. Consumers are also required to provide their name, email address, phone number and zip code to see how much they could save with solar.

Awards and Certifications

As mentioned above, Intermountain Wind and Solar was named one of the top 500 solar contractors every year between 2014 and 2017. This designation is awarded to solar companies for outstanding solar promotion in their service area. As of 2017, the company has installed more than 5,300 kilowatts of solar energy in solar panel system installations across Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Oregon, and Idaho.

In addition to this designation, the solar company has also achieved certified status from the NABCEP, a solar industry–recognized nonprofit whose mission is to promote best practices and solar installation standards. NABCEP certification sends a clear message to solar customers that Intermountain Wind and Solar's technicians have been trained on the latest developments in solar power system technology.

Quality Solar Equipment

Intermountain Wind and Solar installs premiere equipment with every solar installation. This includes solar panels from SunPower, which tops the list in terms of energy efficiency per watt, inverter systems by SMA, and a battery backup system through the Tesla Powerwall. Combined, this equipment is designed to maximize energy output, power bill savings, and carbon footprint reduction.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Financing Options
  • Short Workmanship Warranty

Undisclosed Financing Options

Although the solar company goes to great lengths to outline which tax incentives and tax credits are available to customers in the various states the company covers, Intermountain Wind and Solar does not disclose which financing options are available to its residential solar customers. One could reasonably imply that the mention of available state-level tax credits on the company site means Intermountain Wind and Solar offers cash purchase and solar loans as options; but whether the company also offers solar leases and power purchase agreements (PPA) for customers unable to afford such a large upfront cost remains unknown.

Short Workmanship Warranty

Intermountain Wind and Solar only covers the labor and workmanship of its solar panel installation for 10 years. Most leading companies will match their labor warranties with the equipment warranties of their systems, which often amounts to the full 25-year system lifetime or more.

In short, if a system malfunction caused by installation errors occurs anytime after the first 10 years of system ownership, solar customers will be solely responsible for the cost of repairing them.


The Bottom Line

Intermountain Wind and Solar appears to be a trustworthy and reliable company with over decade of experience in the renewable energy industry. The company offers free consultations, free solar power calculations, and bulk purchase discounts. However, Intermountain Wind and Solar does not provide much information upfront, including payment options.

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Tom Borrowman West Jordan, UT

I met them at a Home Show in Sandy, Utah. They came out to the house, gave me a bid and the rest is history. The biggest wait was on West Jordan City. I did have some equipment problems that were not their fault. They stayed with me the whole time until the problem was fixed. They included a monitoring system that I can monitor at home as well as their monitoring at their business. I spoke with the company owner about their customer service and I believe that they are never satisfied until the customer is satisfied. I have been with them since 2016. I would (and have) recommended them to everyone.

4 years ago

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David Martinez Lehi, UT

I had my PV panels installed two years ago and I used InterMountain Wind and Solar.... Fantastic... I was able to get a quote from the salesman (Dave) that was right on. Although IMSolar offered different options to finance my panels I chose to use my Credit Union for the purchase. Yes they have an app to monitor the panels.. The biggest delay was with the city and Rocky Mountain Power to come and inspect the work. My power bill is the RMP bill of $9.00 per month.. this pays for the use of the meter.

6 years ago

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Steven Scott Salt Lake City, UT

With IWS, there is the good, the bad and the ugly. The crew of installers led by Caleb and the electrician, Greg, were excellent, efficient and attentive; they worked hard to fabricate a good product. The sales rep, Jason, was effective and attentive initially; he urged us to contact him if we had problems during the install, which we did have, but when we called, although he responded back once, it became quickly apparent that he had moved on and was not really interested in making sure things were right. The UGLY, focused on Chris, the Project manager. 1). From the beginning of the design phase, he did not return emails and neglected those we sent. We asked three times that a Tesla charger be included in the design plan, (which was included in the bid). He never made those changes, hence when the crew arrived to do the work they were not aware of the work required, nor did they have the materials and components necessary, costing us an extra day of work. When I contacted Chris, our assigned project manager, to make things worse, he lied about passing the information on to the installers and he put all the blame on them, never took responsibility for the gross oversight, even after multiple reminders. When I spoke to Chris' supervisor about the issue, word go back to me that Ryan said, "Oh, that's just Chris' personality." And that was that. 2). IWS budgeted two days to complete the work, but when it was clear that they were not going to make the deadline, they made no effort to bring the crew back to finish. Instead, they moved them to the next job and didn't get back to us for two weeks. No progress, no projected timeline. 3). After the work was completed, the company scheduled the city/county inspection as promised, which went well. Following the inspection, the company was supposed to contact Rocky Mountain Power for the net meter installation, stating that it would be done within two weeks. At two weeks, we still had not heard from Rocky Mountain, so I contacted Chris, who said he would look into it--and sure enough the next day we had an email from the Power company, scheduling the meter change, which implies that IWS had never contacted them in the first place. And once again, to add insult to injury, Chris, our project manager, never responded back to explain what the issue had been, nor what had been done to resolve it. 4). Finally, because of a design snafu, which was understandable, we used 30 panels instead of the planned 31. This change was not communicated to billing and we were billed for all 31 panels, until I complained. In summary, the installation crews was experienced and very good--excellent problem solvers. Middle management, the people you need to see the project through, didn't respond to emails, ignored questions, and failed to follow through. They blamed others, and my impression is that they also told lies in order to avoid responsibility. THERE YOU HAVE IT. HARD TO RECOMMEND A COMPANY LIKE THAT. (on a more positive note, the sun is shining and we are now producing electricity.) Regards,

2 years ago

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WSL Rigby, ID

Our sales rep, Josh F. was and has been awesome. Very responsive and he is the only person that has followed through on our questions and concerns. I see in another review, that Chris S, the so called “project manager” was not good to work with at all. Come to find out, he is their only project manager at the time of this review. We also have experienced the lackluster responsiveness and lying of Chris’ inept ability to manage anything that requires follow through and honesty from him. Our installation was quoted for January, they didn’t show up until March. Even then it was only in response to our threat of cancelling the contract for non-performance. In hind sight, I wish we had simply cancelled the sale and installed the system ourselves. We would have saved over 60% of the project cost. Verified as I have been quoted the identical panels and components. We installed our trenching and conduit in September and have been waiting and waiting. They we’re notified of the site work being ready. Photos provided of the completed work. We only found out that very little had been done or followed up with when RMP contacted us and informed us that they needed additional information from the contractor and could not get a response from them. Chris simply blew it off and stated it was because of the state of Idaho. The installation crew was pleasant to work with however, just frustrating with delays and leaving before the entire job was complete. Once the poles for the ground mounts were installed we were contacted and scheduled for three day installation. Told we were required to have an adult present all three days. Four days later the system is in but not finished. Missing parts. Inspection by state electrical inspector failed the simple generator connection outlet that was purchased for the project by the electrician. Not once did the crew spend a full work day on site. The third and supposed “final day” they were onsite for less than three hours. Had to run to town and buy the outlet and mounting box that failed. Leaving before noon and not returning until 6:15 that evening. Only to put away their tools. “Tire troubles” on their pick up truck took the entire afternoon. Funny thing is, that when the first crew was scheduled to arrive, I was told they were delayed due to a tire problem on their trailer. This company must buy really lousy tires for their vehicles! The next day, without an adult present, the remainder of the panels were installed. Then I was notified of the failed inspection. Informed that the office would contact us to schedule someone else to return and finish this job. Our install crew left to install another system approx an hour away. Come to find out, that job was located in the same city the first crew had tire troubles in. Is it perhaps coincidence? So here we sit with our 16 kWh system of 40 panels. Unable to generate power or get RMP to install our net meter because we can’t get a passing inspection that allows the system to be used. My wife attempted to contact the office today. Of coarse, after leaving Chris a detailed message, no return call has been received. My advice is this, Josh F., you should leave this company and sell for someone that is more serious about providing quality customer service and follows through on your sales. For anyone considering solar installation, Do yourself a favor and choose another company. Better yet, if you have any ability to install the panels and racking system, buy a complete DIY solar kit and hire a local electrician to do your connection. Do your homework. Sadly, I had researched this company before agreeing to the sale and they had the best reviews for solar installers. Where was this site when I was looking back in September 2021? As another reviewer mentioned, RUN, RUN, RUN. I highly doubt we will get the monitoring we have been promised or any timely service if needed in our 25 year warranty. We can’t even seem to get someone serious to contact us except for Josh.

2 years ago

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Ulises Calvo

Getting solar panels from this company has been the worst financial decision I've ever made. If you're a novice regarding solar power, be prepared to get ripped off because this company will lie in telling you how much money you'll save in electricity costs over the course of time and install panels in your roof even if your roof and the way your house is configured are not set up to be efficient solar power collectors. They're all about the buck and making the sale. How do I know all this? Where do I start...first of all, the only place that I can have panels in my house due to the configuration of my roof is on the east side. I know now, but didn't know then, that solar panels in Utah should only be installed on south and west facing roofs. That's were all the money savings are. In fact, after I realized that my panels weren't saving the amount of money I was expecting, I contacted a couple of other solar panel installers about my situation. Both times, after seeing my configuration, they kind of just shook their heads in amazement and verbally wondered as to why did I have solar panels installed in such an inefficient location. When I told them that's were they were installed by my solar panel company, they both said that, as a matter of policy, they wouldn't have installed panels in my roof because it would never come close to being cost effective. The guy who sold me my solar package, Bryson E, also annotated in their bid package that I would be saving an average of $1150 a year on electricity costs. Well, it's been two years since I've had my solar panels installed and in those two years I haven't even saved close to half of that. He also told me that I would be able to recoup my investment within 9-11 years or so. That's also egregiously wrong. In fact, based on my calculations that take into consideration the installation costs plus how much money I'm actually saving, I'll actually recoup my investment a short 67 years from now when I'm 125 years old. Bottom line is I've learnt my lesson and just wish that I had been as well educated on solar panels a couple of years ago as I am now. I thought I was doing the right thing by going solar and believed everything this company told me without checking for myself and asking them hard questions. Remember, don't listen to what any of this company's salesmen tell you...if you put panels anywhere outside of south and west facing areas of your roof, you're just throwing money away and you're much better off sticking with the normal grid.

2 years ago

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Unsatisfied Layton, UT

We started getting a power bill. We called Intermountain Wind and Solar to ask what was going on. They told us our invertor had been off for five months. When we asked if they were monitoring us, like they promised, they told us that they cannot monitor our system if it is off. When we asked if they can tell us if our system is off, they told us they can, but they figured that maybe we turned off our system. Huh? What a terrible excuse for their failure to monitor as they promised. It has cost us hundreds of dollars in power bills. Don't do it. Find a company that will actually monitor your system. As it turns out, our invertor was broken. In my opinion, the blew it and refuse to take responsibility for their blunder. Run Run Run.

4 years ago

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Bill Shadrach

These guys did a great job for me. Lined up 0% interest financing, managed the job in a very professional way and have answered every question I had. I highly recommend them.

7 years ago

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The sales was slow getting back to me. I had to call in order to get these people to follow thru. As for installation, excellent. I couldn't compare with anyone else till I had a 220 v service install and that electrician remarked on what a really good job was done. BUT, they are still slow at getting back to you.

7 years ago

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Scott Upton Smithfield, UT

I was quoted 10,000 kWh a year for my solar production. The first year I made 8,800 and the 2nd I made 8,900..... They were way off on the power it would provide leaving me with power bills still.

7 years ago