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LAST UPDATED: September 10th, 2021

As more homeowners turn to clean energy solutions, Integrated Solar Solutions is there to help. The solar company offers various services, including solar installation, battery backups, panel replacement, and more. 

Based in West Jordan, Utah, Integrated Solar Solutions is passionate about clean energy. 

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The Good

  • Variety of Solar Services

Variety of Solar Services

Integrated Solar Solutions boasts that it is highly specialized in a variety of electrical and solar power services.


The Bad

  • Website Needs Updating
  • Unclear Service Area

Website Needs Updating

Overall, Integrated Solar Solutions’ website doesn’t provide nearly enough information about its services and why consumers should choose their company. 

One major red flag we noticed is that the website contains a lot of vague statements such as, “Our experts have advanced tools to serve customers that are not available in the market for many years” or “Our experts are available for customers to provide them consultation before starting the projects.”

These vague statements are littered throughout the company website and don’t provide any factual information. Instead, it leaves consumers with more questions than answers, such as: What advanced tools is Integrated Solar Solutions using that no other company is?, What should I expect to happen during the consultation?, and Why should I choose Integrated Solar Solutions over other solar companies? 

The website has a number of grammatical errors in almost every paragraph. We understand that Integrated Solar Solutions is a solar company, not a copywriting company, so some grammar mistakes are expected.

However, the number of mistakes is unprofessional and distracts from the message that Integrated Solar Solutions is trying to get across. 

Additionally, most solar companies will provide consumers with detailed information about what type of equipment they use, what training their technicians receive, what brand of panels they install, installation turnaround time, and more. 

Unfortunately, the company's website does not mention what brand of solar panels Integrated Solar Solutions uses or how long clients can expect their panels to be installed. There is no mention of workmanship warranties or company guarantees, so clients have no idea if Integrated Solar Solutions stands behind its work or not. 

There is also no information on financing or payment options. 

All this information may be revealed during your initial consultation with the company. Still, we don’t appreciate Integrated Solar Solutions stonewalling consumers who are doing internet research to find more about the company. 

Unclear Service Area

Integrated Solar Solutions is headquartered in West Jordan, Utah — so it’s safe to assume that nearby homeowners and businesses are within the company service area. However, there is no detailed service area labeled, so it’s unclear whether Integrated Solar Solutions’ service area expands to nearby cities or counties. 


The Bottom Line

Overall, we hesitate to recommend that consumers work with Integrated Solar Solutions. The company does not provide enough information on its process and operations, and we are left with many unanswered questions. If you choose to work with this company, come prepared with questions and don’t hesitate to press pause on the process if something seems amiss. 

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