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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

HyperG Solar is committed to helping homeowners and commercial property owners interested in reducing monthly utility costs in a sustainable fashion navigate the complexities commonly associated with solar installation. The company has helped a number of clients affordably access tier-1 solar equipment while eliminating the red tape that stops so many from pursuing sustainable energy sources. 

As a SunPower dealer, HyperG Solar helps clients rest assured that the products and subsequent services received are trusted and reliable. To date, SunPower is responsible for nearly four decades of solar innovation with over 9.3 gigawatts installed to date. The SunPower system includes a full 25-year warranty protection, covering parts and repairs needed as a result of mechanical malfunction.

Brands and organizations like NASA, Target, Ford, Apple, Microsoft, and the United States Department of Energy have trusted SunPower with its need for solar manufactured products and systems. 

Since HyperG has teamed up with SunPower to provide a high-quality solar service and product, it has helped over 90 percent of its clients reach maximum savings on monthly electricity bills that previously bogged homeowners down.

HyperG is ready to help those interested, but unsure where to start, with the solar purchasing decision and installation process. 

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The Good

  • Solar Features
  • Aesthetic Design
  • Purchasing Options
  • Broad Service Area

Solar Features

Each solar company claims to offer a number of benefits and positive financial outcomes. However with HyperG Solar, clients are truly accessing world class solar products known for dependability and long-lasting effectiveness. Clients that go through HyperG Solar to have a system installed can expect the following associated features:

  • Reliable renewable source — Clients will be able to reduce their carbon footprint while simultaneously locking in current electricity rates.
  • Efficiency — SunPower is known for creating some of the world’s most efficient solar panels, allowing its systems to create more energy than the competition.
  • Reduction in gas usage — By harnessing the sun’s energy, clients can control gas costs.
  • Increased value — Properties with an installed solar system see an increase in overall property value. 
  • 25-year warranty — Your system is fully protected by the SunPower solar warranty.

Aesthetic Design

A common hesitation among homeowners when it comes to solar is the actual look and design of the solar system. Bulky solar panels that are the first thing the eye catches when looking at a home is not exactly aesthetically pleasing.

Recognizing this issue, SunPower dove into creating a sleek product that will not detract from the curb appeal like so many other systems on the market. As a SunPower certified dealer, HyperG Solar can provide its clients with an aesthetically pleasing alternative other companies are unable to provide. 

Purchasing Options

Having a solar system installed is a financial investment, regardless of how a client goes about having the system purchased. Since most homeowners are unable to purchase a system upfront and outright, solar companies will typically offer at least a loan or lease program. However with HyperG Solar, clients have access to the following purchasing options:

Cash Purchase

  • System paid for one time upfront and outright
  • ITC Tax Credit can be used
  • Full warranty
  • Energy is bought up-front
  • No further debt
  • Most cost efficient route


  • $0 Down
  • Take advantage of the ITC Tax Credit
  • Clients do not pay for maintenance throughout lease
  • Power production guarantee
  • Fixed monthly payment and savings
  • Client does not incur any debt


  • $0 Down
  • Take advantage of the ITC Tax Credit
  • Full warranty
  • Fixed monthly payment (and interest rate)

While purchasing or financing options are generally offered by solar companies, few offer all available financing forms like HyperG Solar does. The company truly does work with potential customers to find the best possible solution yielding the best financial return and payment structure. 

Broad Service Area

Since HyperG Solar utilizes a platform where third-party specialists are involved, it allows the company to reach a larger geographical area than most solar companies are capable of. The typical solar contractor or installer is only able to service one state or a select few of the more populated areas within a state. This keeps the operation small and relatively limited in its reach.

With HyperG Solar, its dedicated staff can provide services on a national scale. The partnership with SunPower allows HyperG to work with property owners all over the country and then tap into the SunPower network of trusted installers to get the system installed. This setup allows HyperG Solar to reach interested clients on a much broader scale than the traditional solar installer is capable of. 


The Bad

  • Third-Party Involvement
  • Equipment Selection

Third-Party Involvement

There are a number of steps clients must complete in order to have a fully functional solar system. A number of solar companies will handle each stage of the process in-house, offering end-to-end services. However, HyperG Solar utilizes a different format.

With HyperG Solar, interested solar clients will work with the company for the initial consultation, purchasing process, and design. From there, SunPower will handle the manufacturing of the equipment and then draw from its team of trusted installers to actually install the system.

Clients should expect to work with varying contributors or third-party sources to get the system fully operational. There are pros and cons associated with this setup, but many former clients who have worked through a solar sales company have experienced minor miscommunication errors at some point during the process. Those errors are generally eliminated when working with a start-to-finish contractor. 

Equipment Selection

While clients are guaranteed to have tier-1 solar equipment installed on their property when working with HyperG Solar, there are downsides to working with an “authorized dealer” as well. Since HyperG Solar solely sells SunPower systems, clients looking for a truly customized solar system with hand picked equipment pieces will have to work with another solar contractor.

Some clients enjoy selecting one brand of panels, a different manufacturer for its inverters, and then a third player for the battery or storage system. While some solar companies can offer this, HyperG Solar is not one of them. 


The Bottom Line

HyperG Solar, in conjunction with SunPower Solar, provides a solar sales, design, and installation service that helps various property owners utilize sustainable energy products. The trained staff at HyperG Solar is primarily responsible for the sales and management portion of the solar process which allows the company to offer its clients renewable solutions that are energy efficient, increase property value, allow for tailored design, and are protected by a 25-year warranty.

One of the benefits of working with HyperG as a SunPower certified dealer is the access to the manufacturer’s aesthetically pleasing solar panels. There are a number of purchasing options available to clients that range from cash purchases to flexible loan terms.

Since HyperG solar helps with the decision and sales portion of the solar process and leaves the equipment manufacturing and installation stages up to its partnerships, the company is able to service a larger geographic area than most of its competition. 

While there are a number of features available through HyperG Solar that would be beneficial to most property owners, there are limitations of the operation that should be noted by potential clients. As a solar sales company, HyperG Solar will have to utilize third-party contributors in order for the solar process to be completed.

The solar partner is the same for all clients, but the installation contractor is decided based on the partners SunPower has created over time in varying areas across the country. Solar clients are also limited in terms of what solar brands to choose from when designing their solar system as HyperG Solar only sells SunPower products. 

Property owners looking for a trusted source to guide them through the solar process while taking advantage of trusted solar equipment and partnerships will likely benefit from what HyperG Solar offers. However, those interested in working with an end-to-end contractor will need to look elsewhere. 

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