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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Home Vision Energy provides full-service residential and commercial solar solutions. The company will handle everything from the initial sale and consultation up through the completion of the installation. Additionally, a portion of the proceeds from each installation will be donated to an environmental charity of the client’s choice. Prospective clients can get a free quote within minutes with Home Vision Energy and get started on that energy savings journey.

The company’s website states that utility prices have doubled since 2003, which is why companies like Home Vision Energy are working to put money back into their clients' pockets. Over the lifetime of the solar system, solar customers can expect thousands in savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

Home Vision Energy has the ability to provide professional installation anywhere with its contracted out program. This means that anyone interested in having a solar system installed can contact Home Vision Energy for additional information as there is no restricted service limit.

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The Good

  • Preferred Installer
  • Free Backup Battery
  • Nationwide Service
  • Home Vision Energy Benefits

Preferred Installer

Equipment partnerships are important in the solar installation industry. Typically, the companies that install solar systems are not the companies that manufacture or develop solar products, equipment, and technology. Solar manufacturing companies rely on solar installation companies to sell and install their systems. Since solar installation companies do not produce the product, these companies rely on the manufacturers to produce high quality equipment to install.

Basically, the manufacturers and installers both need each other in order to succeed. This makes these partnerships critical in the solar industry. Home Vision Energy is a preferred installer of both APS and SRP Solar equipment. This means that Home Vision Energy clients can expect high-end tier-1 solar equipment to be installed. Not every solar installation company has a solid equipment partner or is named a preferred installer, so the fact that Home Vision Energy is a preferred installer says a lot about the company’s capabilities. 

Free Backup Battery

Each Home Vision Energy client that has the company install a solar system will receive a free backup battery that is fully integrated with APS and SRP solar systems. This is a $4,000 value that Home Vision Energy clients receive free of charge. Each client will receive a Delta Pro EcoFlow battery backup as part of their solar package. This ensures that power outages will never affect the property again. Most solar clients will have to purchase their own battery backup solution if they want solar power to be stored. That is not the case for Home Vision Energy clients. 

Nationwide Service

A vast majority of solar installation companies service one state or a select few populated cities within a state. A select few solar installation companies have expanded into more than one state. Even fewer solar installation companies service more than 10 states or a region of the country.

The fact that Home Vision Energy offers nationwide service is almost unheard of in the solar industry. This allows Home Vision Energy to reach any residential or commercial property owner looking for solar services. 

Home Vision Energy Benefits

In addition to being a preferred installer, offering free battery backup systems, and providing nationwide service, there are other benefits of utilizing Home Vision Energy. These benefits include the following:

  • Free Energy — Most homeowners see an increase in the electric bill year over year. Homeowners that utilize a more natural energy can save on their electric bill or eliminate it entirely in some circumstances.
  • Group Discounts — Home Vision Energy offers a group discount to clients wanting to have a system installed at the same time. Friends or family that also utilize Home Vision Energy can get anywhere from 10% to 20% off of their system installation. 
  • Environmentally Friendly — By transitioning to a more environmentally friendly form of energy, clients can reduce their personal carbon footprint. 
  • Professional Installers — Some solar companies sell the equipment and leave it up to the client to install the system. Home Vision Energy only offers professional installation, which includes a custom design to fit each property’s needs. 
  • Reliable Power — In areas where power outages are a common occurrence due to inclement weather or other reasons, solar can eliminate that inconvenience entirely as solar storage allows for uninterrupted energy. 
  • Growing Savings — Solar savings are experienced throughout the duration of the system’s life. Each year, clients will see increased savings that compound over time. 

Additionally, Home Vision Energy is committed to improving the environment within each client’s community. Every client will get to choose an environmental charity to donate a portion of their installation proceeds to. Not many solar installation companies are willing to make these types of investments in the environment.


The Bad

  • No NABCEP Certification
  • No Financing Options

No NABCEP Certification

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) is the gold standard for renewable energy certification. The organization and its certification is globally respected within the renewable energy field. As a globally recognized credentialing body, most solar installation companies retain at least one professional on staff that is NABCEP certified. Whether it is the sales team or installation professionals, NABCEP certification is a standard most companies want to have on hand.

Home Vision Energy does not have a NABCEP-certified professional on staff. 

No Financing Options

Solar is an investment for any property owner. Residential property owners spend on average anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 for the solar system itself and the subsequent installation. While some homeowners can buy solar systems upfront and entirely out of pocket, that is not the case for many residential property owners that want to access clean, renewable energy.

To combat budget restrictions, most solar installation companies offer financing options to its clients. Whether the company offers loan or power purchase agreements (PPA) to its clients, providing homeowners with financial options is a standard within the industry. However, Home Vision Energy does not offer loan or PPA options to its clients. 


The Bottom Line

Home Vision Energy is an APS and SRP preferred installer throughout the United States. Clients, regardless of their location, can expect professional service with APS and SRP solar technology being installed. Each client that decides to use Home Vision Energy for solar installation will receive a free backup battery that seamlessly connects with the installed solar system. Home Vision Energy clients can expect reliable power, free energy, and increased savings throughout the duration of the solar system lifespan. 

While there are a number of benefits that come with the Home Vision Energy service, there are some drawbacks as well. First of all, there are no NABCEP certified employees in house with Home Vision Energy. Additionally, there are no loan or PPA financing options available to clients with varying financing and budget demands.

Overall, Home Vision Energy provides a professional, efficient service that most residential and commercial property owners that want to purchase the system outright would benefit from. Past clients have expressed high remarks for the Home Vision Energy service and the company seems to be a commendable option for solar installation services. 

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