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LAST UPDATED: September 18th, 2020

HelioPower is a renewable energy company located in Sacramento, California. The company has installed over 5,500 residential, commercial and agricultural systems since 2001. HelioPower owns and operates more than 160 solar energy systems. Services include solar photovoltaic panels, micro-turbines, fuel cells, and energy analytics applications. The company offers free on-site evaluations for interested consumers.

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The Good

  • Extensive Financing Options
  • Full Disclosure on Services
  • Full Warranties

Extensive Financing Options

HelioPower offers its customers extensive choices when it comes to financing, including Power Purchase Agreements, 20-year term solar leases and subsidized loans. Consumers may also be eligible for federal and tax rebate incentives as well, along with rebates from some utility providers. Detailed information on each option is provided on the company's website.

Full Disclosure on Services

HelioPower fully disclose pricing information for all products and services on its corporate website. Details regarding solar energy use, warranties, financing option, and more is fully explained in concrete detail. Consumers also have access to a library of energy resources on the corporate website.

Full Warranties

All solar panels and photovoltaic modules are covered by a 25-year warranty. Double flashed roof penetrations are backed by a 10-year warranty through HelioPower. All other items are guaranteed with a 10-year warranty. Customers who choose SunRun products have access to a 20-year warranty that includes a full maintenance plan and panel cleanings.


The Bad

  • Customer Service Complaints
  • Potential Restrictions with Installation
  • No Tax Incentives with Solar Leases and PPAs

Customer Service Complaints

HelioPower has received several negative reviews on Yelp.com in regards to the customer service from employees. A few of the reviews stated that there seemed to be a lack of communication regarding project details between various customer service representatives when they would call the customers. Other reviews complained that representatives did not return multiple calls made by the consumers. Some reviews complained the HelioPower employees would be overly aggressive in the amount of phone calls made to customers. A couple of reviews had problems with the products and it took longer than they would have liked to resolve the issues.

Potential Restrictions with Installation

Certain aspects of a residence may restrict a consumer's capability of installing rooftop solar panels. Excessive shade from surrounding trees will greatly reduce the panels from generating enough power for the home. Chimneys and ventilation pipes that are in the area of installation will have to be relocated and the process may not be able to be completed if these cannot be moved. Renters will need to get permission from landlords and homeowner associations may have regulations that deny the installation of solar panels on rooftops.

No Tax Incentives with Solar Leases and PPAs

Consumers who choose the option of a solar lease or PPA do not qualify for federal and state tax incentives. All other financing options depend on the customer's current tax situation.


The Bottom Line

HelioPower has been offering California customers affordable solar energy solutions for the past several years with free on-site evaluations and extensive financing options. The company provides full warranties on all its products and is upfront with customers regarding their pricing structure. There are numerous testimonials on their corporate website. However, Yelp reviews reveal problems regarding overall customer service.

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Charles Caldwell Pomona, CA

I bought solar installation from HELIOPOWER back in 2010. Installation was fast and complete - no hang-ups or delays. The system is working still and delivering enough power that my annual electric bill is a negative or even number. I have had occasion to contact the company on several occasions about Internet reporting of my system's generation. The response in every event has been immediate and courteous, and I have no issues with customer service. I also contacted them about having my roof replaced - the estimate for removal and re-install of the solar panels was lower than two roofing companies - but the comment from others about charging for transportation to/from the site is spot on -not a deal breaker. I recommend HELIOPOWER.

6 years ago

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Jeff Casperson Chico, CA

Had a 48 panel system installed on my rooftop. HelioPower worked with the roofer to get standoffs done after the roof was removed, but before new roof installed, and did a solid job installing. My system has been working for almost a decade now, had a problem with the inverters (not Helio's fault, was a faulty inverter design) and they did the upgrades under warranty very quickly. Have saved lots more in power savings than the system cost. Respectful crew, showed up when said, got the job done, and backed their work! What's not to like!?

6 years ago

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Steve Fleischman

Dec 2005 we had Helio Power install a 10K system on our roof. Helio Power provided us detailed analysis that after 12 years has been spot on. Our electricity savings has been enough to offset the costs paid. We have 3 inverters and 60 panels, would now be 1 inverter and 30 panels as the 170W are now 340 watt. Nothing to complain about, just appreciative to them. We have referred many friends and family.

6 years ago

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Kevin Long Beach, CA

HelioPower is the only company I have found in SoCal that will work on systems they did not install. They installed a new invertor for my system. None of the other companies will work on systems they have not installed. There is a business opportunity waiting to be started. Christina was awesome to work with to resolve the problem.

6 years ago

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Jean Harris Rancho Santa Fe, CA

DON'T BUY SOLAR FROM HELIOPOWER WITHOUT READING THIS. I found Heliopower [HP] to be dishonest. I then found customer satisfaction missing from the lexicon of HP. During April 2017, I obtained a judgment against HP in Superior Court San Diego, at approximately $6,000, by alleging fraud, misrepresentation and breach of contract. I proved Heliopower installed a solar system with less KW output than the size I purchased. Because these systems are so ambiguous, and we rely 100% on the integrity of the company, it took me a long time to figure out to simply look at the KW output of the inverter and compare that to the KW purchased. HP refused to fix the system or give a refund to the size they actually installed. After the judgment was entered, HP refused to pay the Superior Court order of damages. HP then declared bankruptcy and discharged my judgment. Can you imagine HP having only $9.14 in checking at the time it filed a 2017 bk but 2016 gross sales of 11.3 million. I see lots of strange stuff in that bk. Enough to tell my friends to stay away from this company. More to come.

5 years ago

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Jim Peri Indio, CA

Helio Power installed my system 2 years ago, it has required a lot repair which surprised me and because of the needed repairs a lot of down time, I can't really say that I have received a lot of benefit from the solar because of the amount of time it was offline, my neighbor across the street from me has solar from Renova Solar and has had no problems at all and his system is 8 months older than mine

6 years ago

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Jean Harris

As a 78 years old retired Navy veteran and businessman, I have concluded Heliopower to be dishonest and unethical. During April 2017, I obtained a judgment of approximately $6,000 against Heliopower [HP] alleging fraud, misrepresentation and breach of contract in the Superior Court, San Diego. Thereafter, I faxed the judgment to Maurice Rousso, HP CEO with numerous messages requesting payment and discussion. Mr. Rousso, refused to return my call or have anyone contact me. This, after two HP senior vice-presidents had previously promised me any judgment I obtained would be promptly paid. My judgment is based on the following facts; in 2009, I contracted with HP and paid for installation of a 7.48kw [7,480 watt] PV residential solar system. HP charged me $7.78 per watt. In September 2014, I discovered that HP secretly and intentionally installed a 7kw system- 6% less than I purchased. This was done by charging me for 44 panels with capacity of 7.5kw but installing a substandard/cheaper inverter with a max. output of only 7kw. I requested HP install a proper inverter with output of 7.5kw and after several months of numerous requests to its president, HP refused. During 2015, after calculating my losses in thousands of dollars, I filed a small claims complaint in Superior Court, San Diego, alleging breach of contract, fraud and misrepresentation. HP objected and demanded arbitration stated in the HP contract. As a result of the HP request, in Feb. 2016, I filed a consumer arbitration complaint with JAMS San Diego and paid my $250 filing fees. Thereafter, HP refused to pay their filing and processing fees required to move the matter forward. Therefore, to obtain a preliminary conference with the judge [to set a trial date etc.] in Aug. 2016, I was then forced to pay an initial $1,100 not paid by HP. Jonah Leibes, the Heliopower Sr. Exec., representing HP, failed to show for that preliminary conference. HP refused to pay any of its arbitration fees after several notices sent by JAMS. As a result of HP's continued failure to pay their fee obligation, in Nov. 2016, I was forced to pay an additional $4,460.00 to obtain the trial date. Then, Mr. Leibes failed to appear at the trial hearing. As a condition of setting a new trial date, HP was forced to reimburse me for the HP fees I had advanced. Mr. Leibes did appear for the second date set for trial. As a result, during Dec. 2016, I obtained an arbitration award in my favor on my claims and in April 2017, converted that award to judgment in San Diego Superior Court. That judgment remains unpaid. All in all, I recommend everyone stay away from Heliopower and do business with a company of integrity. By the way, if your PV system has a central inverter, check its output against what you purchased. Update: As of June 2017, Heliopower has revengefully refused to fix my solar monitoring system per contract requirements.

6 years ago

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John Anderson Berkeley, CA

I had a system installed in 2006 in Vacaville. The inverter had to be replaced twice (Xantrex) & I was then informed that the inverter only had a 5 year warranty. When a next door neighbor had their solar system installed one of the installers told me that part of my system was disconnected. When I called Heliopower & asked for someone to inspect the system I was told that I would have to pay travel time for the technician to come out & inspect the system. I am now wondering if Heliopower put too small of an inverter on the system, which is why the inverter blew twice in the first place. The power production of the system has been reduced since the inverter was replaced the second time so I am left wondering if the company disconnected part of the system to keep the power production in line with the capacity of the inverter.

7 years ago

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John Willis Murrieta, CA

I have had HelioPower install two PV systems for us. Our first home had production that far exceeded what was promised. Our second system, although new, is trending in the same direction.

7 years ago

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Drew Haisley

I have yet to receive a call or e mail regarding a recent home that was sold. It has solar and is now serviced by Helio Power. The new owner has reached out at least 3 times. The previous owner sent at least 5 complete correspondences with new owner contact information, and I personally have called and or e mailed at least 7 times. Not once has there been a return call to resolve the issue of the new owner receiving no bill, no customer service info or just plain welcome to our company. A normal business practice is to return calls within 24 hours, Helio Power is going on 2+ months...Dissatisfied in Rio Vista, CA

7 years ago

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Lamar Simon Wildomar, CA

This company has the worst customer service. I have called and sent emails for a week now and no one will return my call. My solar unit is under warranty and I just bought the house. I need a service call for a router and every time I call I get that the voicemail box is full and it hangs up. I email all the contacts at the company and no one has responded to my emails. I hate this company. They have the worst ever customer service I’ve encountered in my life.

3 years ago

star star star star star_border

Nate Herrington Santa Ana, CA

We had Helio install our Solar 4 yrs ago and they were really great, Always showed up on time and were friendly and got the job done on schedule

6 years ago

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Doug B Murrieta, CA

This is the worst company ever. I spent $40,000. with these clowns. Biggest lying asses EVER!!!! I started calling them after I got a bill from Edison for $2900 in February. Finally came out to my house in late April, and basically told me to pump sand.

6 years ago

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Craig Swett Moorpark, CA

They caused major damage to my roof. They would not take responsibility for it. All levels of comapnay lied to me. The entire experisnce was a nightmare. Others must avoid this dishonest company.

4 years ago