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LAST UPDATED: September 28th, 2022

Harvest Power was founded in 2008 through the Friendly Construction program. This program was designed to help those that own property to access more renewable energy sources like solar systems.

The company remains a family-owned and operated enterprise, and since its founding, has grown to be one of the largest solar providers in the state of New York. By coupling quality installation techniques with top tier equipment partnerships, Harvest Power has helped thousands of people access clean energy. 

Helping clients access solar energy through a variety of means is the main focus of Harvest Power. Not all properties or roofs are designed to effectively allow for solar power production, but that does not stop Harvest Power from finding an alternative solution. 

Throughout the company’s years in business, Harvest Power has been recognized for its services. Harvest Power won the Super Service Award on Angie’s List in 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019. Harvest Power is also a part of organizations that push the solar cause including the New York State Department of Public Service (as a certified solar contractor) and NYSERDA as a Quality Solar Installer that reached Gold Status in 2021.  

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The Good

  • Community Solar Option
  • Wide Variety of Solar Clients
  • Equipment Partners 
  • Net Metering

Community Solar Option

When solar companies encounter a property where the structure is not well designed or suited for sun exposure, they will often pass on the project, effectively telling the client there is no energy alternative for their circumstances. 

That is not how Harvest Power operates, as the company is responsible for the installation of full-functioning solar farms. If a client’s property does not qualify for a solar installation, Harvest Solar offers another option — community solar. This allows clients who do not qualify for traditional solar to use power generated by one of the Harvest Power solar farms. This alternative allows for up to 15%–30% in energy savings with no money down and no installation required. 

Wide Variety of Solar Clients

Most solar companies target residential solar clients as the primary customer, while some also offer commercial solutions. But beyond residential and commercial projects, most solar companies have to draw the line. 

However, Harvest Power serves an expanded group of client,s including the following:

  • Community solar clients
  • Solar farm clients
  • Not-for-profit clients
  • Residential property owners
  • Commercial property owners

By expanding the types of clients the company can reach, Harvest Power is maximizing who in the service area can access clean, renewable energy. 

Equipment Partners

Offering high quality technology is also a priority of Harvest Power. The company has partnered with a number of tier-1 manufacturers to make that possible.
Equipment partnerships include:

  • Solar Panels — LG PRO
  • Inverters — Enphase
  • Batteries — Tesla Powerwall

All equipment installed by Harvest Power is seamlessly connected and integrated in order to provide the most efficient energy-producing outcome. 

Net Metering

Net metering programs are available to solar clients in New York. Harvest Power will help interested clients utilize net metering to help offset the startup costs of having a solar system installed. 

Net metering is where a client that has a solar system installed on their property “sells” back unused produced energy to the utility grid for a credit. This essentially makes the electric meter run backwards, allowing clients to literally have monthly utility statements where not a single penny is due. Net metering is not available in all states and not all companies help clients access these types of programs. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Financing Options
  • NABCEP Certification

Undisclosed Financing Options

Not many residential solar clients can purchase a solar system upfront and outright. Due to the initial start-up costs, many homeowners turn to alternative financing sources to have a system installed. A majority of solar companies will offer one or more of the following financing alternatives:

  • Solar loans
  • Solar leases
  • Power purchase agreements

While these financing options are available for commercial clients under the Harvest Power umbrella, they are not available to traditional residential customers. This limits who can afford to have a system installed on their property. 

NABCEP Certification

Even though the company has well over a decade of experience in the industry, there are no NABCEP-certified professionals on staff. Most solar companies, especially those that have been around longer than the average industry competitor, have NABCEP-certified professionals on staff overseeing installation and design elements of a solar project. 

Unfortunately, Harvest Power does not have any NABCEP-certified professionals on staff. It is not required to have NABCEP certification to conduct successful installations, but it is concerning especially since Harvest Power does not seem to offer a workmanship warranty. 


The Bottom Line

Harvest Power is an end-to-end solar contractor that provides a number of energy efficient solutions to its clients. The most unique solar offering available through Harvest Power is its community solar solution. This is the perfect fit for clients that may not have a property set up for solar but would still like to access clean, renewable energy. 

Harvest Power services a wide range of clients beyond the traditional residential and commercial needs. The company has partnered with a number of tier-1 solar manufacturing companies to provide high quality technology to its clients. Lastly, to help offset the costs of having a solar system installed, Harvest Power will help clients access net metering programs to save and even make money on produced energy.

While there are a number of reasons to look into Harvest Power for solar-related services, there are drawbacks to the company prospective clients should be aware of. Interested solar customers in need of alternative financing options to purchase or lease a solar system will likely need to find independent means of doing so as it does not appear that there is a financing route through Harvest Power. 

Additionally, there are no NABCEP-certified installers on the Harvest Power staff overseeing installation operations. 

Clients looking for alternative ways to obtain solar energy or utilize net metering programs will likely benefit from what Harvest Power provides. However, those in need of specialized financing may need to look elsewhere for solar installation. 

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