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LAST UPDATED: August 10th, 2022

In 1977, founder Jim Whitcomb was working as a plumber. After a day of work, Whitcomb returned home to take a shower, only to find there was no hot water left. He was told by the landlord that without the sun, there would be no more hot water. The landlord had created a homemade device that channeled the power of the sun to heat the water — and for the most part it worked. Whitcomb immediately recognized the power of solar energy and dedicated his professional career to making it more accessible to Hawaii residents. 

Haleakala Solar originally assisted property owners with all of their roofing and solar needs. Over time, the company leadership realized the power of solar and it made it the top priority. Haleakala Solar was one of the earliest providers to start offering solar installation solutions to Hawaii residents. Haleakala Solar offers both roofing and solar services to all of the islands of Hawaii. 

The company is NABCEP certified and has certified installers on staff. Haleakala Solar has an A+ rating with the BBB and was named one of the top solar contractors by Solar Power World in 2013. The company has also partnered with a number of solar organizations and financing providers including Dividend and HSEA (Hawaii Solar Energy Association).  

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The Good

  • Expanded Solar Services
  • Solar Tile Roofs
  • Roofing Services
  • Mainenance Work for a Monthly Fee

Expanded Solar Services

Haleakala Solar offers a number of residential solar services to clients. Most solar installation companies will offer solar installation and possibly a battery or storage solution, but that is not always guaranteed. Haleakala Solar has expanded its services to include the following:

  • Solar PV Panels — The professionals at Haleakala Solar are equipped to handle the installment of several tier-1 solar PV panels.
  • Solar Hot Water — Not traditionally offered by solar installation companies, Haleakala Solar installs solar hot water systems to utilize solar energy to efficiently heat water throughout the home. 
  • Energy Storage — With the regular inclement weather experienced in Hawaii, an energy storage system allows for continuous and uninterrupted energy. 

Solar Tile Roofs

One of the most unique solar service offerings Haleakala Solar offers is the ability to install solar roof tiles. This is a relatively new development in the solar industry and not many solar installation companies are equipped with the knowledge or expertise to install these types of roofs.

Haleakala Solar has been named a Tesla equipment partner and can install the company's solar roof tiles. The Tesla solar inverter is the foundation of the system, converting power from active solar tiles to power for home consumption. The solar roof tiles seamlessly integrate with the Tesla Powerwall and the Tesla App. The solar tile roofs are far more aesthetically pleasing than traditional PV solar systems and produce energy efficiently. 

Roofing Services

The lifetime of a roof is generally shorter than the lifetime of a solar system. If the roof is not replaced prior to the solar installation, there will be associated costs with removal and reinstallation when that roof replacement does ultimately take place.

Haleakala Solar, unlike many solar installation companies, has the experience to manage all roofing needs and can complete these services seamlessly.

Roofing services include the following:

  • Solid roof deck
  • Underlayment and flashing
  • Roof shingles, paneling, membrane, or top coating
  • Ventilation

Maintenance Work for a Monthly Fee

Many solar installation companies will consider work to be done once installation is complete. That is not the case with Haleakala Solar. For solar clients, the company will do maintenance checkups and cleanings for a minimal fee. If there are any efficiency issues with the system, the professionals at Haleakala Solar will also do a full diagnostic reading. This applies to PV and Solar Hot Water systems as well.

Additionally, solar clients can enroll in the Professionally Managed Systems program offered by Haleakala Solar. For a nominal monthly fee, Haleakala Solar will proactively monitor the system, conduct a free annual check-up, provide free service calls, and allow clients to access discounts on cleaning and warranty work.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Warranty Specifics
  • Limited Service Area

Undisclosed Warranty Specifics

The warranty information provided by Haleakala Solar is unclear at best. The company claims that it is one of the only companies to be able to truly backup a 25-year warranty because they have been in business to prove that claim. However, the company does not disclose specifics, including whether it covers equipment or labor. Haleakala Solar does offer both an equipment and labor warranty, but term limits are not disclosed.

Additionally, the company states that it only works with top tier solar providers and that the warranties are provided through those manufacturers, further complicating warranty specifics. 

Limited Service Area

Haleakala Solar has remained a local operation and only offers services to property owners within the state of Hawaii. While this does not mean that Haleakala Solar does not offer a quality service, it does limit just who can use the company for solar installation services. 


The Bottom Line

Haleakala Solar provides comprehensive solar and roofing services for both residential and commercial property owners. In addition to providing traditional solar PV system installations, Haleakala Solar also offers solar hot water solutions and energy storage options.

Clients interested in installing complete solar tile roofs can also use Haleakala Solar for Tesla installed solar roofs. Haleakala Solar offers roofing services as well and is well equipped to address roofing needs prior to solar installation or make corrections during the lifespan of a solar system. Even once Haleakala Solar completes the installation process, the company remains committed to clients offering monitoring and maintenance services.

While Haleakala Solar offers a number of high quality services to clients, there are some limitations to be aware of. First, the company has not disclosed warranty specifics but does claim to offer them to clients. It only services the state of Hawaii, limiting the number of people that can use the company for solar installation services.

Weighing all aspects of operation, property owners within the state of Hawaii should strongly consider using Haleakala Solar for a number of solar and roofing services. 

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