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LAST UPDATED: October 17th, 2023

Greenstar Power provides comprehensive solar and alternative energy savings solutions for residential and commercial clients in central Texas, Colorado, and Nevada. The solar experts at Greenstar Power will conduct a full scale energy consultation to determine how a client can save money when it comes to energy production and consumption. From there, Greenstar Power will design solutions to address all energy savings techniques.

The solar installation team for Greenstar Power is headed by NABCEP-certified professionals. This means that Greenstar Power installations are compliant with skills and techniques mastered through the NABCEP-certification process. The Greenstar Power installation team has also won awards for its installation effectiveness and craftsmanship.

Greenstar Power has serviced over 8,000 clients since its founding. In 2021, Greenstar Power was awarded the Panasonic “Fastest Growing Evervolt ESS Installer of the Year” for its efficiency and installation work in the southwest region of the country. 

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The Good

  • High Quality Equipment Partnerships
  • Comprehensive Warranty
  • Additional Energy Savings Services
  • Home Solar Monitoring
  • Expanding Service Area
  • Positive Greenstar Power Reviews

High Quality Equipment Partnerships

Greenstar Power has partnered with a number of tier-1 solar manufacturers to provide options and custom designs, particularly for clients with structure obstructions or complicated builds. For solar panels, inverters, and batteries, Greenstar Power has partnered with the following equipment production companies:

  • Panasonic (panels and batteries)
  • SolarEdge (inverters and monitoring)
  • LG Chem (batteries)

All equipment installed by Greenstar Power, regardless of brand, will be connected to work seamlessly together to supply sustainable, clean energy. 

Comprehensive Warranty

All Greenstar Power clients are entitled to the Greenstar Power Guarantee. This guarantee includes a number of warranties on various aspects of a solar project. Warranties are standard within the solar industry; however, most companies utilize the equipment manufacturer to back a majority of the repairs and replacements. That is not the case with Greenstar Power, as the company backs the following:

  • 25-year workmanship warranty
  • 25-year roof penetration guarantee
  • 25-year equipment production guarantee

Prospective clients would be hard pressed to find other solar companies that are willing to put their own money on the line to back a solar service. Yet, Greenstar Power does just that. 

Additional Energy Savings Services

While solar system design and installation is the bread and butter of the Greenstar Power platform, the company is genuinely invested in helping clients save energy and money by making necessary upgrades. Clients looking for complete energy efficient solutions can take advantage of a number of additional services provided by Greenstar Power:

  • E-shield insulation
  • Residential roof repair and replacement
  • Solar pergolas/carports 
  • Attic upgrades
  • Eco-friendly thermostat installations
  • Sense solar installations
  • Solar trim installations
  • Roofing insulation

During the energy consultation, Greenstar Power will provide a number of suggestions to upgrade the home and make it as energy efficient as possible. 

Home Solar Monitoring

With Greenstar Power, clients will have access to home solar monitoring. With monitoring services, clients can quickly recognize any deficiencies with the solar system and alert Greenstar Power to address them. The monitoring platform will provide Greenstar Power with information necessary to repair or replace any faulty or damaged pieces of equipment. Most solar companies upon completing the installation process are never heard from again. Greenstar Power provides continuous service throughout the duration of the monitoring and warranty term lengths. 

Expanding Service Area

Most solar companies are geographically restricted, only servicing a single state or a select few populated areas within a state. Whether due to dealership restrictions or simply the logistical difficulties of expanding a service area, the solar industry remains a local service for the most part. That being said, Greenstar Power has found ways to expand its services without sacrificing quality. Currently, the company services Texas, Colorado, and Nevada.

Greenstar Power launched its Nevada operation in the summer of 2022 and is always looking for ways to grow in order to service more clients looking for a reputable solar installation provider. 

Positive Greenstar Power Reviews

Customers who have chosen Greenstar Power for their solar needs are generally pleased with several key aspects of the company. They highly value the company's commitment to appropriately sizing solar systems, ensuring maximum energy efficiency. The responsive and informative customer service, particularly noted with individuals like Bryce and Bobby, stands out as a positive experience for many. The savings on electricity bills are a major highlight, with numerous customers reporting significant reductions or even $0 bills since transitioning to solar.

Additionally, Greenstar Power is lauded for its timely and efficient installation process, avoiding the inconvenience of equipment sitting unused for extended periods. The professionalism and expertise of the staff, coupled with meticulous workmanship, further contribute to a positive overall impression.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Financing Options
  • Negative Consumer Feedback

Undisclosed Financing Options

A number of incentive programs are available for clients interested in having a solar system installed, particularly for those located in Texas. There are cooperatives and other organizations that can help reduce the overall cost of having a solar system installed. Additionally, there is the opportunity to utilize net metering solutions in some areas to also decrease overall costs.

However, most solar companies offer alternative financing to make up the rest of the costs. These financing options generally include one or more of the following: solar loans, leases, and power purchase agreements.

While these are standard financing solutions offered by solar companies throughout the country, Greenstar Power does not appear to offer alternative financing or partner with a financial organization that provides these services.

Negative Consumer Feedback

While Greenstar Power generally receives positive feedback, there are areas of improvement noted by some customers. Communication issues, such as difficulties in reaching the company and receiving timely responses, have been mentioned in some Greenstar Power reviews. Additionally, a few customers express frustration with potentially misleading information provided by sales representatives, particularly regarding rebates or incentives.

There have also been isolated instances of technical issues, including backup batteries not functioning as expected, leading to dissatisfaction. In some cases, customers report unresolved problems with wiring or panels, and there's mention of a lack of reimbursement for promised loan payments.

Finally, a small number of customers note feeling pressured or pushed by sales representatives, which is seen as a minor drawback in an otherwise positive experience with Greenstar Power.


The Bottom Line

Greenstar Power offers consultation, design, sales, installation, and monitoring services to solar clients looking to reduce monthly utility bills. The company has partnered with a number of tier-1 solar manufacturers to offer custom solar system designs to its clients. All work and equipment used by Greenstar Power is backed by comprehensive warranties providing protection to clients that made this financial investment.

In addition to offering traditional solar services, Greenstar Power offers a number of other energy savings solutions to those looking to maximize these efforts on their property. With SolarEdge technology, Greenstar Power clients will have access to home solar monitoring. Lastly, the service area for Greenstar Power has continued to expand and now covers three states. 

While there are a host of reasons to enlist the services of Greenstar Power, those in need of alternative financing in addition to the incentive and net metering programs available may want to reconsider. There is no disclosed information on whether or not Greenstar Power offers or partners with financial organizations to offer solar financing options to its clients. 

Interested residential and commercial clients looking for high quality installation services and energy solutions would likely benefit from what Greenstar Power offers. However, those in need of financing to make solar energy for their home or business a reality may want to look elsewhere. 

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