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LAST UPDATED: June 7th, 2021

Greenleaf Solar is a New York-based full-service solar company dedicated to helping residential and commercial customers since 2013. All staff members are fully trained and have decades of combined experience. 

Greenleaf Solar strives to educate its customers not only on the variety of solar plans, designs, and payment methods it offers, but also on the reasons why solar panels reduce your carbon footprint and help create a stronger, cleaner environment. 

Greenleaf Solar services in 11 different states with additional deals and rebates in Long Island, New York. Services are offered in the following states: Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Maine.

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The Good

  • Strives to Educate Customers
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Buy or Lease Payment Options
  • Lease Rates Lockdown Program

Strives to Educate Customers

Greenleaf Solar helps its customers understand the solar process from start to finish. While some companies rush buyers into commitments, Greenleaf Solar strives to educate its customers on the importance of solar energy and the pricing, installation, and life of the solar process from start to finish. 

Excellent Customer Service 

Agents at Greenleaf Solar are consistently available to answer any questions. All team members are fully certified and capable of helping you with any questions regarding solar installation. 

Additionally, Greenleaf Solar never outsources or subcontracts its projects. Many large solar companies in the industry typically hire third parties to install solar panels, but this can cause higher fees or increase the likelihood of mistakes or damage. Greenleaf Solar stands out among its competitors by overseeing all projects itself.

Buy or Lease Payment Options

Wanting the best for the customer, Greenleaf Solar heavily encourages you to purchase your solar system instead of loaning or leasing. By purchasing out-of-pocket, the customer will not pay a monthly or yearly fee for usage of the solar equipment, meaning that all energy stored from the solar panels will be used or stored directly for the customer’s use with no monthly fees. If excess energy is produced, it will be sold back to Greenleaf Solar for a solar credit. 

Greenleaf does, however, offer other payment options if purchasing the solar equipment is not possible. If a loan option is selected, a monthly fee associated with the energy usage will be billed to the customer. At the end of the loan period, the customer will own the equipment. 

This is ideal as opposed to a leasing agreement that often increases in monthly payments overtime and costs the customer more over the course of the solar panels’ lifetime. 

Greenleaf Solar promises a fixed interest rate of 3.49 percent for applied loans with 540+ credit score and 70 percent Debt-to-Income-Ratio. Information on loan length is not on the company website but can be found by scheduling a free consultation. Loans through Greenleaf Solar are also transferable in case of a move or relocation.

Lease Rates Lockdown Program

If a lease is the best option for the customer, Greenleaf Solar offers a unique program to avoid inflated costs over time. Many times, leases in the solar panel industry come with a fixed fee that increases each year. These rates can be up to 5 percent. 

Depending on the type of contract, this can cost the homeowner significantly more money than previously planned. In order to avoid this, Greenleaf Solar offers a leasing plan with rates that are locked, meaning that they will not increase from year-to-year. This can be a great option for those not looking to pay full up-front and out-of-pocket costs but who need a lease and want fixed rates.


The Bad

  • Few Years in Business
  • Customized Deals Only in Long Island

Few Years in Business

Greenleaf Solar has only been in business for seven years, making it a relatively new solar company. You can be sure to receive the best quality care from the company’s representatives, however, who collectively have over 20 years of solar experience. 

However, when purchasing solar panels from Greenleaf Solar with its excellent 25-year warranty, customers should be aware that it is difficult to gauge where the company will be in 25 years when it has only been operating for seven. 

On the other hand, as the demand for solar panel companies has increasingly risen in the past several years, many great, quality solar panel providers in the industry are also fewer than 10 years old. 

Customized Deals Only in Long Island

Greenleaf Solar specializes in solar panel plans and installation in the Long-Island Area. For those living in the region, this can be a great incentive to buy from Greenleaf Solar. There is currently a $.20 per Watt rebate and 25 percent NYS Tax Credit for those in New York. These deals can save customers thousands of dollars depending on energy usage and the plan. 

Unfortunately, these deals are not offered in the surrounding service areas, or at least they are not the same. This can mean a more expensive solar panel plan for those living outside New York or the Long-Island area.


The Bottom Line

Greenleaf Solar is a great option for those looking to purchase a fully warrantied, all included solar panel installation with no third parties or project outsourcing. The company shows excellence in the industry by encouraging customers to purchase the solar panels if possible, giving them the best deal with the lowest amount of overhead costs in the long-run. 

If purchasing out-of-pocket is not available, Greenleaf Solar offers a fixed-rates plan on loans, keeping prices low for the duration of the payback period. 

When considering purchasing a solar plan, customers should be alert that Greenleaf Solar only has seven years in business, meaning that its 25-year warranty has not yet been completed for any customer. 

However, with competitive deals, especially for those in the Long Island area, Greenleaf Solar is a viable option for solar panels on your home or business.

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Anthony DAgostino Mount Sinai, NY

Had a system installed fall of 2020 by GreenLeaf and am very impressed with how exact they were with everything. Jared's numbers were exact from our first conversation with the production and cost. I was nervous about the rebate but it worked out just as they told me. The install was quick and painless and all was during covid (pleasant install crew kept their work neat and were masked). The few questions I did have were easily and politely answered when I called the office and I am very happy with my $14 pseg bill every month. The only imperfection during my experience was it did take some time for pseg to recognize the system and get their billing and metering correct, but I would guess that is typical for most installs.

3 years ago