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LAST UPDATED: October 12th, 2023

Green House Solar and Air, Inc. was founded in 2016, and is one of the most rapidly growing Florida solar installation companies reviewed on Best Company. The solar installer provides turn-key solar solutions to help customers save money on their utility bill, and prides itself on customer service and on sourcing its solar products from dozens of American manufacturers. 

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The Good

  • Full-Service Solar Panel Installation
  • Top-Level Solar Products
  • Low-Interest Financing
  • Additional Services

Full-Service Solar Panel Installation

Green House Solar and Air guarantees a quality return on investment on each solar project it oversees. To ensure each solar PV system is built to the company’s high standards, Green House Solar and Air participates in every step of the solar installation process:

  • Initial consultation — the company will conduct an energy audit and site evaluation to determine a home’s candidacy for solar power. If the house is a good fit, the company will then disclose which financing options are available.
  • System design and permitting — if the homeowner wants to proceed, Green House Solar and Air will design a customized solar panel system to maximize energy output. The company will also apply for all the necessary state and local permits prior to installation.
  • Resource selection — Green House Solar and Air sources its solar panels and inverters from trusted sources, so homeowners can rest assured they’re receiving a top-notch system.
  • Project management — the solar company is present at every step of the solar installation process.
  • Interconnection — after installation and inspection, Green House Solar and Air will work with the city to connect the solar energy system to the utility grid.
  • Monitoring — once the system is plugged in, Green House Solar and Air will provide continuous monitoring to help customers get the most out of their systems.

Top-Level Solar Products

As mentioned above, Green House Solar and Air sources its solar panels, inverters, and solar energy storage systems from dozens of trusted, America-based manufacturers. This includes high-efficiency panels from Mission Solar, solar inverters from leading manufacturer SolarEdge, and backup batteries and solar generators from Generac.

Low-Interest Financing

Green House Solar and Air offers customers a number of competitive solar financing options to help fund their solar panel system. This includes a solar loan with no money down, and no payments for up to 12 months. Whether the solar installation company also offers a solar lease option remains unclear.

Additional Services

Not only is Green House Solar and Air adept at installation and maintaining solar panel systems, the company also is a residential gutter expert. The company is licensed and insured to install and repair home gutters.


The Bad

  • Only Available in Florida
  • Not NABCEP Certified
  • Workmanship Warranty Undisclosed

Only Available in Florida

Green House Solar and Air is local to Florida and employs an expert team that understands the ins and outs of the state’s solar laws, regulations, and incentives. That said, the company may find itself disadvantaged to larger solar brands with national presence. Promoting verified Green House Solar and Air Inc. reviews to see how the company compares to other providers.

Conversely, Florida offers solar customers one of the best net metering policies in the nation, meaning residential solar users stand to profit the most from their renewable energy surplus that customers living in many other southern states. 

Not NABCEP Certified

Green House Solar and Air does not appear to hold a certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), which is widely regarded as the best solar technician training provider in the country. While the lack of this distinction does not imply poor quality on the company’s part, it may play a role in the decision making process for homeowners choosing from multiple providers.

Workmanship Warranty Undisclosed

The solar company has not as yet disclosed the terms of its workmanship warranty, if one is available. The workmanship warranty protects the customer against damage or the cost of repairs for errors caused during the installation process. Leading companies guarantee their workmanship for up to 25 years.


The Bottom Line

Green House Solar and Air possess many of the qualities of a competent solar system installer. The company installs products from trusted sources and provides other home improvement services to help customers protect their homes and save money. If you live in Florida and want to work with a local solar expert, Green House Solar and Air may be the right choice for you. We encourage homeowners to read the latest Green House Solar and Air Inc. reviews to see if this company is a good fit for their energy needs.

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Tiffany Li Riverview, FL

We had 64 panels installed. Everything went as expected. The green house team kept us in the loop on the entire process. Install was completed with professionalism by the team and the electricians showed us how our batteries worked. Overall great experience by this company, we have referred others

7 months ago Edited October 17, 2023

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Lance Rockledge, FL

After an initial bump in the road, I ended up being very satisfied with the installation of REC400 panels and Enphase I8+ microinverters. (When LG exited the residential market, Green House was unable to secure the LG panels I had ordered.) Amy, the project coordinator had excellent follow-up. When I had to get the sales manager involved, after a longer delay than I would have hoped, Bryan was VERY responsive and secured the highly desirable REC400 panels as a substitute. (The other alternative was Q-Cell panels, which are very good panels, but REC has a superior performance warranty, like LG.) Also, the Gallagher installation team was very professional, paid attention to detail and did a quality installation. The day after install, I had my Enphase App downloaded on my cell phone and monitoring my usage. Green House also offered favorable 1.49%, I am glad to provide this 5-star review .

1 year ago

star star star star star

Gail Owens Tarpon Springs, FL

I have had my solar panels installed for a year and they have not worked not even $1 was produced. A wonderful person named Joshua S came to my house two days ago and fixed my panels for me in a half hour's time. He is a true light of Jesus Christ He's a very caring considerate professional who fixed my panels gave me the app that greenhouse wouldn't give me and did a amazing job He's impeccable and a true light of Jesus Christ. This company had nothing going for them until him and they better hop and pray to keep it him because he is what makes them shine without him they have nothing to offer no one. I was very pleased with this man and the way he works he was very pleasant and concerned about other people and that just worried about himself. I know he will light the way for this company because he's the kind of people they need.

1 year ago

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Linda in Orlando FL Deltona, FL

On 28 Oct 2021, I signed a contract with Green House Solar & Air, Inc and paid them a 1/3 deposit in the amount of $12,209.33. The project was to be fast-tracked with a completion date of 31 Dec 2021 stated in that contract. On 1 Dec 2021, I noticed that the permitting was not correct. I asked Green House to correct the permitting. When I asked for a status update on 4 December via email, I did not receive a reply. I tried to call the company but no one answered and there was a automated message that their message bank was full. My salesman didn’t answer his phone either. Neither the company nor my salesman responded to texts or emails. On 23 Dec, I finally heard from my salesman who told me that the crew would be installing my system on 24 Dec. I was told not to worry about permitting. I then asked my salesman, Lee S, that I wanted to speak to someone at the office. I received a call from Kat in the office shortly after the same day. I asked for the status and was told she would get back with me later that day. She didn't. On 24 Dec, I sent a contract cancellation letter to Green House via registered mail and emailed a copy to Lee and Kat. On 26 Dec, I received a call from Chris, who identified himself as a manager for Green House. He informed me he had taken over the project from Lee. He said they would be installing on Dec 28th. I asked about the permit and he told me to stay out of permitting and let them install. I informed him I'd cancelled. He said he'd seen my letter but said I couldn't cancel. Note that my contract did allow me to cancel after the 3-day cancellation period. Next, I received a text message that the crew would be at my home on 28 Dec. I messaged back that I had cancelled. I filed a complaint with the West Florida BBB. Green House responded that my contract did not mention a 31 Dec 2021 completion date (that is incorrect.) and that I was experiencing buyer's remorse. I would not call the reasons for my cancellation buyer's remorse. They did say that I had the right to cancel and that a manager would be in touch to arrange my refund by 5 Jan. I did not hear from anyone at Green House. I sent them an email demanding my refund. AND their President, Dana W, finally called me on Thursday, 13 Jan 2022. We had a very positive phone call in which Dana stated that due to the issues I'd experienced, Green House would NOT be deducting the liquidated damages of $1,500 as stated in my contract; He also stated that Green House would not charge me for any materials as they could be re-used on other projects. He requested that I take down any negative reviews I'd posted online - and I agreed to do that once I received our monies back. Dana stated that he was only waiting for one remaining engineering invoice that he'd requested twice - and he would call me the very next day, 14 Jan, to wrap this up. He didn’t call me back. It's now Wednesday, 19 Jan 2022 and I've still not heard from Dana or anyone at Green House despite multiple phone calls and emails requesting a return phone call. Green House appears to be a huge scam. They have 290 Google reviews. 99% of them are 5-stars. BUT, when you look at the individual reviews, none of the reviewers seem to live in Florida where Green House operates. Green House is still wrongfully holding our $12,209.33 deposit and have made no arrangements to return it. The funds were paid from my trust to benefit my disabled son. I'm retired and have no way of replacing these funds. UPDATE: Green House and I have come to a mutually satisfactory agreement.

2 years ago Edited February 15, 2022

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Clem Shady Apopka, FL

Do not use this company. They used the combined ingredients of idiocy, ineptitude and total disengagement for this farce to have reach the full apex of incredulous disaster! Too many issues to list. I'm shocked and devastated by this nearly 2 year excruciating installation. Stay away from this company!

8 months ago

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Joey Long

Do not use this company, no project that will be permanently attached to your home should be associated with this company. Every time I call the office they give excuses and then tell me it's not their job to get customers helped. We used this company for solar panel installation. This company does not respond timely, will not provid customer service after installation and took several months to finish installation. After installation when I need, and still need panels removed and reinstalled to repair a roof after a hurricane they have failed to even send me a quote to give my insurance so I can get my roof repaired. I have active storm damage and am about to run into issues maintaining coverage because the roof is not repaired.

1 year ago

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Melanie Stephens Orlando, FL

We began our journey with Greenhouse Solar in November 2021. Every step in this process has required me to call and demand that they actually do something. Now our payments have started towards the system that STILL DOES NOT WORK. A breaker was supposed to be added that 5 inspectors (two from the county and three from their company) have come out to inspect, only to tell us that the work still had not been completed. The last inspector even told us that he was "just a plumber" who was "helping them out" because they had "fired everyone else". After many more calls to the company, they agreed to pay the two payments that we have paid towards the loan, totaling $807.26, but only if we sign an NDA which would bar us from ever saying anything negative about the company, even though our system STILL DOES NOT WORK. Obviously I will not be signing that- why would I agree to help them commit fraud against other people by being silent? We are incredibly disappointed as previous reviews (from 2019) stated that this was a great company to work with, but clearly, as noted by the reviews listed since we signed up, things at this company have changed drastically. Currently looking into lawyers as this is costing us a lot of money and stress.

1 year ago

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J.P Gonzalez Th.D. New Port Richey, FL

This company installed a mounted solar solar system on the roof without disclosing that a charge of $50,822.00 would apply at no time did Mr. Skylar N a representative of Green House solar explain or show in writing that this solar system would cost he stated that it was free and would come out of the energy produced by solar. They had me sign a blank tablet to set an appointment to inspect my roof, 5 months later i come to find out i signed a contract, and a lien was placed on my home, theyve also destroyed my credit. Documents was fraudulently submitted to a loan company in California Loan Pal/Goodleap. Nothing was explain about this solar system or the operations there of in relations with the power company. Resolution Sought

2 years ago Edited June 8, 2022

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Natalie Whitman Orlando, FL

Multiple issues and some of the system is already malfunctioning

1 year ago Edited September 6, 2022

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Mark Conyers Palm Bay, FL

Since installation no production produce

1 year ago