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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Grand Design Solar is geared towards helping construction-related clients identify what type of solar equipment will best benefit their project needs. As a more niche solar provider, Grand Design Solar is uniquely qualified to help construction clients with all solar-related needs. 

While the foundation of Grand Design Solar has been around since 2000, the company transitioned into its current space in 2016. The team at Grand Design Solar will help clients purchase both new and used equipment, depending on what is needed, and even will help with rental solar equipment in certain circumstances. 

In an effort to provide the best service possible to its clients, Grand Design Solar works with some tier-1 solar manufacturers. Depending on the equipment needed, Grand Design Solar offers warranties guaranteeing production for as long as 25 years. Immediate energy savings is possible for some clients through the Grand Design Solar model.

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The Good

  • Products Offered
  • Financial Partners
  • Service State Availability

Products Offered

The specialty of Grand Design Solar is helping clients identify specifically what solar equipment products are needed to effectively reduce energy costs while utilizing renewable energy sources. In an effort to do just that, Grand Design Solar helps clients obtain solar panels, inverters, and light bulbs.

Panels and inverters are commonly available through solar companies, but solar light bulbs are relatively unique to the Grand Design Solar platform. 

Financial Partners

One of the reasons clients are drawn to Grand Design Solar is because of the financial flexibility the company offers. Depending on what a client needs, Grand Design Solar offers both products for purchase and for rent. Additionally, Grand Design Solar has partnered with a number of reputable financing companies:

  • Good Leap
  • Sunlight Financial
  • Mosaic
  • Service Finance Company

If a solar company has any financial partners, it typically will only draw from one or two sources. Grand Design Solar has partnerships with four helping ensure that clients find a financing option that works best for their needs. 

Service State Availability

One of the most impressive parts of the Grand Design Solar model is its service area and how quickly the company has been able to expand across the country. Traditionally, solar companies are locally operated enterprises, meaning a company will service one state or a select few cities within a state. It is rare that a solar company crosses state lines, let alone has operations in 10 different states:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Minnesota
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • South Carolina
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Wisconsin

This service area outperforms most within the solar industry. If Grand Design Solar continues on this trajectory, the company could reach a nationwide consumer base. 


The Bad

  • No Battery Solutions
  • Limited Brand Information
  • Installation Efforts

No Battery Solutions

For a company that offers a number of solar products to its clients, it is interesting to note that there are no battery solutions or systems available for purchase or rent. This is odd considering most solar providers offer the trifecta of solar panels, inverters, and battery systems.

It is also unclear how the solar products sold or rented out by Grand Design Solar are connected. Traditionally, if solar panels and inverters are not connected to a battery system, connection to a utility grid is required. Grand Design Solar fails to disclose how its solar equipment is connected. 

Limited Brand Information

While Grand Design Solar does mention specific inverter partners, that is where the specific equipment information ends. The company claims to work with top tier manufacturers to provide high quality solar panels, but there are not details about who those specific manufacturers are.

This is a shift as most solar companies that provide similar services within the industry tend to release this information. Those purchasing solar equipment want to know what brands are available to them. 

Installation Efforts

One of the most glaring questions about Grand Design Solar is whether or not installation of these solar products is available through the company itself. It appears that Grand Design Solar simply helps clients design solar systems and then determine whether or not purchasing or renting is the best financial solution. Installation is never mentioned.

Most solar companies will offer both sales and installation services to clients, as it does require a specific skillset to install solar equipment and ensure that it is functioning properly. At this time it is unknown if Grand Design Solar offers installation. 


The Bottom Line

Grand Design Solar offers a unique solar service to construction-related clients. The company provides a number of solar products for purchase and rent. Financing partners have teamed up with Grand Design Solar clients to stay within budget and find the best opportunity to save. One of the most impressive aspects of the Grand Design Solar operation is the service availability. The company currently offers services in 10 different states all across the country. 

While there are definitely reasons to look into Grand Design Solar for purchasing and rental needs, there are limitations to the operation as well. For starters, there are no battery system solutions available through Grand Design Solar, so it is unclear whether or not clients will have to be connected to the utility grid. There is information on inverter brands, but as for solar light bulbs and panels, that information is undisclosed. It is also unknown whether or not Grand Design Solar offers any installation services. 

While Grand Design Solar provides a very specific and narrow service, there is a market for it. However, for the mainstream residential solar consumer, Grand Design Solar is not an option. 

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