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LAST UPDATED: February 11th, 2020

Good Sun Solar is a nonprofit firm that provides low-cost solar solutions to people all over the world. 

Good Sun’s mission is simple, but by no means a small feat. The solar company aims “to equalize life opportunity by democratizing basic resources of clean food, clean water, clean shelter, clean power, and community connectivity.”

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The Good

  • Uses Recycled Solar Equipment
  • Educational and Vocational Training
  • Consulting Services
  • Donations Are Tax-Deductible

Uses Recycled Solar Equipment

While solar is a great way for homeowners to reduce their utility bills and reduce their impact on the environment, most solar panels only last about 30 years. And just like any other manufactured product, disposing of solar panels is not exactly environmentally friendly. 

The heavy metals in solar panels (cadmium and lead) can be especially dangerous and harmful to the environment if they are not disposed of properly; sadly, many solar panels are irresponsibly thrown away and become e-waste in landfills. 

That’s where Good Sun comes in. The company diverts used but still useful PV away from landfills and places them into communities, family homes, schools, and other nonprofit organizations. Through reusing solar equipment, Good Sun has helped recipients save thousands of dollars on their utility bills. 

Good Sun also accepts donations of used solar equipment. The donated solar panels that are not designated for projects are then tested, cleaned, and re-sold at a discounted price in an attempt to make solar more affordable and accessible to everyone. 

Educational and Vocational Training

Good Sun’s solar installations act as an educational and vocational tool. During construction and installation, Good Sun trains inspiring solar professionals to prepare them for jobs in the renewable energy industry. 

Good Sun also has a “Knowledge Is Power” campaign that develops curriculum for schools to teach on specific topics, such as renewable energy (RE), ecological conservation (EC), sustainable design (SD), and appropriate technology (AT). 

Consulting Services

Good Sun also provides unbiased and professional consulting services. Those who are interested in learning more about a current or future solar project can speak with NABCEP-certified and licensed solar professionals who have over 18 years of experience in the industry. The company’s goal is to provide consumers with expert advice regarding their solar investment. 

Good Sun does request a tax-deductible donation for this service that is proportional to the anticipated investment. 

Donations Are Tax-Deductible

Good Sun is a registered 501(C)(3) charity — meaning any donations consumers make are tax-deductible. 

Good Sun accepts monetary donations such as cash, used and new solar equipment, materials, and tools (solar modules and racking). The company also allows other items such as used vehicles.

Consumers can choose to donate to Good Sun once, or they can donate monthly, quarterly, or annually.


The Bad

  • Strictly Nonprofit

Strictly Nonprofit

Good Sun is not your typical solar installation company; it is strictly a nonprofit. Many homeowners and commercial businesses will have to look at other options for their solar needs. 

Although the company does have experience in residential, commercial, grid-connected, off-grid, roof-mount, ground-mount, and battery storage solutions, the company will never sell consumers on anything as it does not contract solar installations.


The Bottom Line

Since 2013, Good Sun has provided thousands of people with no/low cost, clean energy. The company strives to divert thousands of pounds of used solar equipment away from landfills. 

Everywhere Good Sun goes, the solar company strives to educate and provide opportunities for people to get involved with the renewable energy industry. Good Sun offers several campaigns such as the "Virtue of Wisdom" (VOW) campaign, which offers hands-on training to youth with a focus on renewable energy and sustainability. The "Knowledge Is Power" campaign teaches students the concepts, principles, and theoretical applications of renewable energy and sustainability. And lastly, the company’s "Crowd Source Innovation" (CSI) campaign aims to raise awareness about the benefits of renewable energy and the importance of sustainability.

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