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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Goldrush Energy Solutions was founded to provide alternative energy solutions installed in a professional and efficient manner. Prospective clients can book virtual or in-person energy analysis or solar consultations to find out if solar is the right solution for rising utility and energy costs. 

The company provides comprehensive solar installation solutions, whole roof repairs and replacements, home resiliency packages, do-it-yourself solar services, EV charging station installations, and commercial solar. 

Goldrush Energy Solutions is a member of several organizations working towards advancing renewable energy causes. Goldrush Energy Solutions is part of the following: 

  • El Dorado Hills Chamber of Commerce
  • California Solar and Storage Association
  • President’s Circle of the California Solar and Storage Association
  • premium installer for Panasonic Solar

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The Good

  • Installation Options
  • RV/Boat Solar Kits
  • Solar Tile Installation
  • EV Charging Stations

Installation Options

The vast majority of solar installation companies strictly offer professional, rooftop solar installation. That is the norm in the industry, but Goldrush Energy Solutions recognizes that this traditional form of installation is not the ideal for every single customer. To combat this issue, the company offers the following installation types:

  • Professional rooftop installation
  • Professional ground-mounted installation
  • Do-it-yourself installation
  • Professional and DIY split installation

By offering a number of installation services and mounting solutions, clients are likely to find the best solution for their particular property and needs. 

RV/Boat Solar Kits

A unique aspect of the Goldrush Energy Solutions platform is the company’s amazon store, allowing clients to pick and choose solar hardware and equipment that benefits their current circumstances.

The most distinctive kit available on the Goldrush Energy Solutions Amazon store is the RV/Boat Solar kits. These are pre-wired and do not require professional installation to get up and running. While many solar installation companies claim to push solar and clean energy initiatives, Goldrush Energy Solutions actually backs that claim up offering a wide selection of solar products. 

Solar Tile Installation

The most intriguing service that Goldrush Energy Solutions offers is the Tesla Solar Roof product and subsequent installation. The Tesla Solar Roof is not made up of traditional, bulky solar panels. Instead, solar tiles harness the power of the sun making it one of the most aesthetically pleasing solar products on the market. The tiles are made with tempered glass and are three times stronger than standard roofing tiles. The best part is that passersby can’t tell the difference as the tiles are seamless.

Clients can combine the Tesla Solar Roof with the Tesla Powerwall to provide 24/7 monitoring and energy usage despite inclement weather conditions or power outages. Not many solar installation companies are certified to install the Tesla Solar Roof, but Goldrush Energy Solutions is. 

EV Charging Stations

Most solar installation companies focus strictly on providing residential and commercial solar solutions. Goldrush Energy Solutions has expanded its vision, offering a number of renewable energy services to enhance solar and clean energy initiatives. As part of this goal, Goldrush Energy Solutions started to install EV Charging Stations, specifically the JuiceBox EV Charger. Not only can it charge electric vehicles but it can also plug into any dryer, RV-type or regular wall outlet with an adapter. There is also a mount release installed with the station making it entirely portable.


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Undisclosed Warranty Information

Limited Service Area

By nature, the solar industry is generally a local service. Most solar installation companies provide services in one state or a select few of the most populated cities or counties in a particular state. However in recent years, some companies have found ways to expand their reach covering multiple states or regions across the country.

Whether it is through a dealership program or rapid expansion, these companies have found ways to service more individuals looking to harness solar energy. Unfortunately, Goldrush Energy Solutions only services the state of California and its residents. 

Undisclosed Warranty Information

Warranties are a standard offering the solar industry. Since solar is a financial and long-term investment, most clients want some sort of production or equipment warranty protecting that investment. Most solar installation companies will provide both an equipment and workmanship warranty to clients.

The equipment warranty is typically offered through the actual equipment manufacturer. These warranties are generally 25 years in length and cover any manufacturing problems. Then the solar installation company itself offers a workmanship warranty, typically 10 years in length. This warranty covers any issues stemming from installation issues.

Unfortunately, Goldrush Energy Solutions has not publicly disclosed any warranty information. It can’t be said for certain that the company does not offer warranties, but most companies make this information public for potential customer decision-making purposes. 


The Bottom Line

Goldrush Energy Solutions provides a number of renewable energy and roofing solutions to California-based clients. The company provides a number of installation options including professional roof installation, ground mounted solutions, and DIY solar installation kits.

The Goldrush Energy Solutions Amazon store provides RV and Boat solar packages. One of the more unique offerings provided by Goldrush Energy Solutions is the installation of Tesla Solar tiles. These differ from the traditional bulky solar panels. Lastly, Goldrush Energy Solutions also provides EV charging station installation. 

Goldrush Energy Solutions offers services that many potential solar clients would be interested in, but there are limitations to the service as well. The company currently only services the state of California and heavily focuses on residential solar. There are commercial solar options, but it is more limited than what other companies offer. Also, Goldrush Energy Solutions makes no mention of warranties offered to clients.

After reviewing both the positive and negative aspects of the Goldrush Energy Solutions platform, residential clients in California looking for a number of renewable energy options would benefit from what the company has to offer. 

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