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LAST UPDATED: November 28th, 2022

Future Energy Savers was founded in 1978 and is a family-owned company that has been serving California residents for more than 40 years. Originally, its business model was based on insulating homes to help its customers improve energy efficiency, reduce their energy bills, and conserve natural resources.

Now, Future Energy Savers has expanded into other areas, such as solar electric, HVAC, exterior coatings, and window replacements. The company has become an industry leader and has won numerous awards and accolades from state agencies and local utility providers. To date, Future Energy Savers has installed over 6,500 solar systems and provided thousands of Californians with solar panels.

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The Good

  • USA-Manufactured Solar Panels
  • Quick Solar Process
  • Solar Energy Storage Option Available
  • Online System Monitoring
  • Time in Business

USA-Manufactured Solar Panels

Homeowners who choose a solar installation from Future Energy Savers will receive solar panels that were manufactured in the United States.

Quick Solar Process

Future Energy Savers can design and install most systems within 2 to 3 weeks from the time the customer selects their system options. This timeline includes securing permits and utility or other required approvals. The system will be powered up after a final inspection by the customer's utility company, usually within another week or two.

Solar Energy Storage Option Available

A solar system will not continue to bring power to your home during a power outage. However, Future Energy Savers offers an optional battery backup feature that you can have installed with your solar system to provide you with limited amounts of stored renewable energy power during such outages. The company features products from Generac, one of the industry leaders in natural gas and renewable energy storage.

This is not included as part of the typical solar panel installation; therefore, if you are interested in battery backup and reducing your dependence on fossil fuel, you will need to talk with Future Energy Savers for costs and other details.

Online System Monitoring

The Future Energy Savers website doesn't explicitly state whether or not the company offers any type of online monitoring system; however, several of the testimonials on the Future Energy Savers website feature customers raving about the 24/7 online monitoring that they have access to. Basically, it appears that Future Energy Savers offers monitoring, but it would be wise for potential customers to confirm this feature with the company.

Time in Business

Future Energy Savers is incredibly experienced and has been in business improving energy efficiency for homeowners in California for more than four decades. While the company originally provided insulation for homes, it now offers a variety of energy efficiency solutions, including solar electric, roofing, heating and air conditioning, exterior coatings, and window replacement, to help customers reduce energy costs and take control of their utility bills.


The Bad

  • Vague Financing Options
  • Mixed Feedback on Online Public Forums

Vague Financing Options

Future Energy Savers mentions offering solar customers a number of financing options to help facilitate their solar installation; however, solar energy company provides little useful information or details on said payment options. Most solar providers partner with local banks or credit unions and/or third-party clean energy upgrade lenders to offer homeowners low-rate solar loan financing.

Other companies also provide solar leasing or power purchase agreement products as part of their financing options suite.

Mixed Feedback on Online Public Forums

We scoured the online public forums and found mixed feedback in regards to how Future Energy Savers does business.  The majority of complaints were due to company sales reps not showing up for scheduled appointments and door-to-door salespeople being pushy. There was also a multitude of complaints regarding relentless telemarketing practices. The company's owner does, however, respond to the complaints, which shows that Future Energy Savers is at least willing to try to resolve any issues that arise.


The Bottom Line

Future Energy Savers offers several attractive features, including American-made solar panels, a quick design and installation process, battery backup options, and online monitoring. Additionally, the company has decades of experience and provides a variety of energy efficient products and services. However, the company has received mixed feedback and a number of complaints on online public forums.

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JJT Campbell, CA

Nothing but positive comments for this company. They arrived on time, did what they said they would do and worked with us on getting a new electrical panel since ours needed to be updated before they could install the solar. They cleaned up and even did some painting when they needed to add a pipe thing to cover the lines with the new electrical panel. They noticed right away when our reporting system went down (once due to inadvertently being unplugged, once due to a WiFi change) and called/emailed us. We've never had to pay anything at true-up so it seems they estimated our needs correctly. Highly recommend.

1 year ago

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Chuck May La Verne, CA

I had Future Energy Savers install a 6k system on my roof 2 years ago and it was a very easy install. They took care of all the permits and engineering drawings for them. The instillation took 4 hours for the new electrical box. The next day they installed 20 panels on my newly painted tile red tile roof in 4 hours. I had no roof tile damage at all and no leaks. The system works very good and has 24/7 monitoring on my computer. The trees on the South side of the houses need to be a long way away or in December the winter sun is so low in the sky that power on a sunny day will be about 1/3 of the July 4th maximum power. I received the engineering drawings and permits on final city inspection. I had 5 estimates on price of a system and Future had a good price. Future Energy Savers has a service facility 12 miles from my instillation. I have never had to call them because the system is working great. Their design was right on target and my last years Electric bill was $6.55 over my generation.

5 years ago

star star star star star

Judith Woodard West Sacramento, CA

We were skeptical of any company that goes door to door and we had several companies coming around our neighborhood. After we did some online research we decided to talk with Future Energy savers and we thought it sounded very good. We have not been disappointed. The scheduling all went well and the technicians who installed were professional and courteous. The installation was explained well and I was shown the details of operating the controls. A few weeks after our installation one of the technicians came out to reset something in the controls because he said their monitor showed a problem. We run our AC at 75 around the clock and our energy bill has been in the negative all summer, even while outdoor temperatures have been well over 100 degrees in our area west of Sacramento. We refinanced our home to pay off the loan from them so we have no experience with that.

6 years ago

star star star star star

Michael Aguilera Tracy, CA

Initially was skeptical when a door salesman came up. I was already going to lease with another company and had permits pulled. The Future sales man stated what future was about and asked me to read the fine print in my lease contract, if I was ok with it the great. He said if you don't like it call me. Needless to say I'm glad I didn't lease, I got back a little over 14K this year in taxes with i wouldn't have seen a dime if I leased. Every time I call future with questions they're always on it. They do have online monitoring and its great, it updates your solar production every 15min. You can run reports, it has all kinds of cool features.

6 years ago

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R. Muehlhausen Rialto, CA

The whole installation was a slam dunk from start to finish. The 24/7 monitoring on our home computers from our wi/fi router is a smashing success. Between the So. California brush fires and the constant dust blowing in from the Cajon Pass, the monitoring system tells you when you need to consider going up on your roof and spraying off this debris and restoring the system's output. The installers were full-time paid and uniformed employees with health benefits. They arrived on site in company vehicles with everything they needed, never took a break, and performed a meticulous clean-up at the end. Except for the presence of the solar panels on our roof, it was like they were never here. And here's the best part: our first full month electric bill with the household air-conditioning running full-blast through almost 3 weeks of 100 degree + temperatures, a swimming pool/jacuzzi, 5 flatscreen Televisions, 2 refrigerators, and a home office with 3 computers, faxes and copying machines - $5.80 for a local county grid fee tax. What's not to like?

7 years ago

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Donovan Ahlquist Vacaville, CA

We were very pleased with Future Energy Savers, as they installed as much as our circuits could handle without changing the entire braker box, saving us thousands.!They cooperated with our tree subcontractor and made our billing easier! They were on time, efficient, cleaned up well, were courteous, and followed up after the installation, ensuring our panels output was equal or greater than predicted.!

5 years ago

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Vi Tevlin Fairfield, CA

Knowledgeable, helpful, professional staff and service. Very prompt and timely. Excellent quality American-made Solar Panel equipment and monitoring with a 30-year warranty. Company is long established and will not use hard sell strategies, but rather helps the customer achieve their goals, including financing. Would recommend this company over -and- over again! Variety of office locations in Northern California, San Jose, and Rancho Cucamonga in Southern California, so they can Service California well!

5 years ago

star star star star star_border

John McGlynn North Hollywood, CA

I don't understand why Future Energy is so low on this list, but it's probably because they're not as big as some of these other solar outfits. These guys were some of the first in the solar industry and their experience and expertise shows through. They put our system in 3 years ago for a competitive price and with minimal trouble. What many people don't realize is the maze of regulations and agencies you need to deal with from the utilities to the city when it comes to permits, authorizations, and rebates. These guys know all the ins and outs and take care of all the paperwork in this ever-changing environment. They sell a good product at a good price and they know what they're doing. And I appreciated that they didn't give us the hard sell. We talked with them several years before our install and back then the cost was just too high. They took "no" for an answer very well, and they earned our trust and our business a few years later when pricing was much better.

6 years ago

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The vosefski family Rio Vista, CA

I had been putting off solar for a couple of years, well I finally gave into it since my husband had wanted it for so long. Future energy savers were great from beginning to end, all of their workers were nice and they did everything they said they would. Excited to start saving! The Vosefski Family

4 years ago

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M. Aulman Woodland, CA

We Worked with Future Energy Saver consultant Eitan G on a solar plan for our home. Unfortunately, the engineering did not pencil out, but Eitan was extremely knowledgeable and professional. We would certainly recommend calling Eitan and Future Energy Savers if you are considering solar for your home.

4 years ago

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Eric West San Jose, CA

I was the first in my neighborhood to go with Future Energy Savers, and consequently I got a great price $17K with microinverters (3.5KW) before any rebate. The system has been working with 100% uptime for four years. I actually purchased a 3KW system, but they gave me 3.5KW at no extra cost to be sure they hit the target.

6 years ago

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Stephen Duval

Read the review of the person who had a bad experience with Future. Mine was just the opposite experience. People arrived as promised. They had my system up and running in less than two months. That also includes down time for Christmas and New Year. That includes all licenses, the okay from electric company, everything. It was a great experience. Would recommend Future Energy Savers in a heartbeat. Have not had a bill from Edison since installation. It is kinda satisfying watching the electric meter go backwards. The warranty is very good. 30 years on the panels. Call and ask about the rest. I don't think you will be sorry.

6 years ago

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I had two of my solar panels go out. They called me and told me they where out and replaced them within a week or two. It didn't cost me a thing. also I can view them online BJVG

5 years ago

star star star star star

Mary Calloway Highland, CA

Great sales and service. They wre professional, kept me informed about Edison delays and the monitoring has helped me to stay on top of our usage especially helpful with the cold winter. I woul definitely recommend Future,

6 years ago

star star star star star

Isabel Martins Elk Grove, CA

Hi. I purchased my solar from Future and so far, I am really happy. The sales rep Briana was an amazing seller and answered all our questions. Go Future.

4 years ago

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HD Youmans Shingle Springs, CA

you would think a solar company should stand behind their product and customers, If a customers complains within months that the production is not their, the company says wait a year, even after several phone calls. then after a year be slammed with a $3000 true-up and the company wont pay for their non performing system nor their share of the non production. They put 8 more panels on the opposite side of the house, now doing 50% of what 21 panels were doing before, think of all the holes in the roof, but yet they blame the trees that were there to start with and told would not come down. Really people, solar companies should be held to their production standards and be responsible for what they sell. they sell production of KW's, that is their resposibilities

6 years ago

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Nicholas Stockton, CA

I was not happy with Future Energy because the salesman lied to us about almost everything. They did not tell us about the end of the year true-up bill. They did not tell us that the solar panels would make only 80% of what they claimed. They cracked my roof tiles and when it rained for the first time my roof leaked. I did call them about the roof problem, and after they checked my roof, they said that it is not their problem. My monitoring system went down for 6 months and they never called to tell me I had an issue, they just sent me emails saying that I am producing zero power this month. I paid a lot for my 21 panel system and my electricity bill is still 100+ every month along with the bill for the solar panels.

6 years ago

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Arthur Sanchez Brentwood, CA

I paid cash for my 16 panels and we do have a 25 year warranty. At the 5th year there was an issue with 6 Micro Converters so the company changed all 16 Micro Converters. I am very happy with the service.

6 years ago

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Pitta Desert Hot Springs, CA

I don't think that we get much of a response from them .. We can never check our site our e mail and pass word that we gave them never works..

7 years ago