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LAST UPDATED: July 5th, 2023

Fenix Pool Solar is a solar heating pool installation company based in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition to providing solar pool solutions, the company also offers misting, fogging, and hardscape services to clients looking to enhance the outdoor experience in the desert. 

The company also offers alternatives to solar pool heating by providing electric pool heaters as well. However, this solution (while less expensive up front) will cost more in the long run to keep a pool warm. 

Fenix Pool Solar takes into consideration a number of factors prior to designing a customized pool heating solution. The size of the pool, length of the swim season, average regional temperatures, desired pool temperature, solar exposure, and orientation and tilt of the project play key roles in determining how many solar panels are needed. 

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The Good

  • UMA Pool Heating Systems
  • Misting/Fogging and Hardscape Services
  • Provides Hardscapes

UMA Pool Heating Systems

While Fenix Pool Solar provides traditional electrical pool heating systems, the company's most unique offering is its solar powered pool heater. The company offers some of the best pool heating equipment on the market. Fenix is teaming up with UMA to clean up the Heliocol name by providing the best warranties and customer service in the industry. Clients can choose between the following pool heating solar panels:

  • UMA SunValue 3.0 Panels
  • UMA Heliocol Panels

These panels are backed by 12-year warranties and Fenix Pool Solar offers an additional 2-year warranty on parts, labor, and installation. 

Misting and Fogging Service

Arizona gets so hot, it can be difficult to enjoy an outdoor living space even with a pool in the backyard. To combat the heat, Fenix Pool Solar offers misting and fogging services, a unique service offering from a solar provider. Mist and fogging systems can be installed in a number of areas in the backyard and help keep people cool and bugs away. The Fenix Pool Solar team installs a copper system that is also stainless steel for a more durable product. 

Provides Hardscapes

Not many solar companies have dabbled in outdoor living space remodels. In fact Fenix Pool Solar may be the only one. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Fenix Pool Solar offers professional hardscapes, implementing some of the highest quality masonry available. Fenix Pool Solar truly does want to help clients revolutionize their outdoor living space while cutting costs without sacrificing quality. 


The Bad

  • Service Area
  • Does Not Offer Traditional Solar
  • Financing Options

Service Area

Traditional solar installation companies are generally restricted to a limited service area. More often than not, a company services one state or several of the more populated cities or counties within a state. Some solar providers have found ways to expand the service area into multiple states or regions across the country.

Unfortunately, Fenix Pool Solar remains geographically limited, only servicing the state of Arizona and more specifically the greater Phoenix area. 

Does Not Offer Traditional Solar

A number of traditional solar installation companies offer solar pool heating solutions to clients. However, Fenix Pool Solar focuses on pool heating and does not offer any sort of traditional solar system installation service. Clients interested in having solar solutions to power their home and heat their pool may want to look elsewhere for a provider as Fenix Pool Solar remains relatively restricted in its solar offerings. 

Financing Options

While solar pool heating systems are not nearly as expensive as traditional solar systems, the price may still be a barrier for some clients. Felix Pool Solar will collect a downpayment before any work is done. Once the system is up and running, the client will be responsible for paying the balance. Most companies that also provide solar pool heating solutions have partnerships with financing companies to assist a broad client base. 


The Bottom Line

Fenix Pool Solar offers pool heating solutions in addition to other outdoor living services. To provide a solar pool heating option to clients, Fenix Pool Solar installs two different types of solar panels under the UMA manufacturer umbrella. In addition to installing solar pool heating systems, Fenix Pool Solar also provides misting and fogging systems as well as hardscape services to maximize the outdoor experience. Fenix Pool Solar has taken into consideration the varying roof material types in the area and has come up with best practices for mounting on every roof type. 

While prospective clients may be eager to enlist the service of Fenix Pool Solar, there are some limitations to be aware of. The service area for Fenix Pool Solar is restricted to the state of Arizona and typically services in the greater Phoenix area. The company also does not provide traditional solar installation services. Clients in need of financing assistance to supplement the cost of the product and service may not find Fenix Pool Solar to be the best provider. 

Taking into consideration all contributing factors, Fenix Pool Solar is an ideal option for those looking to maximize their outdoor living space by using energy efficient solar power. Outside of this scope of client, Fenix Pool Solar is most likely not the solution. 

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Dean Greenly Glendale, AZ

We met with three different solar pool heating companies. We chose Fenix because they have the best product, warranties and customer service. They installed systems on several of our neighbors in the saddlebrook community in Oro Valley. A+ company!!!

4 months ago

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Pamper Mindi Glendale, AZ

We highly recommend Fenix! We had them install a pool heater and misting pump at our home in Oro Valley. The pool solar was the option we decided to go with because we wanted to extend our swim season. While the installers were on site we had them give us a quote to replace our existing mist pump. They not only have us a great deal they had it installed the next day.

1 year ago

star star star star star


100% recommend Fenix! It was a pleasure doing business with them from start to finish. The system performs better than they said it would!

5 months ago

star star star star star

Paul Horne Salt Lake City, UT

The solar heater that fenix installed for us last spring works as advertised! We’re saving over $4,000 per year using our fenix solar heater over the gas heater that the pool builder talked us into.

1 year ago

star star star star star

ECO GLASS Glendale, AZ

We had Fenix install a misting unit for our employees break area. The installation went smooth and our employees absolutely love how the misters help cool the area.

1 year ago

star star star star star

Henry Forte Phoenix, AZ

We absolutely love our pool solar system that Fenix installed for us! Thank God they’re the Heliocol dealer in Arizona now.

1 year ago

star star star star star

Gina Knight New River, AZ

We had Fenix install a solar heater last year and it works better than advertised.

1 year ago