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LAST UPDATED: May 10th, 2023

Headquartered in Torrance, California, Energy Service Partners (ESP) has been working with both solar installers and residential solar customers in California since 2015. Not only does the solar provider help homeowners access clean energy, but ESP also partners with local solar installers to streamline the solar system installation process, and maintain high customer satisfaction levels.

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The Good

  • Full-Service Solar Contractor
  • Multiple Financing Partners
  • High-Quality Solar Equipment

Full-Service Solar Contractor

Energy Service Partners markets itself as a full-service solar partner, meaning the company plays an active role at every step of the solar installation process:

  • Free Initial Consultation — ESP inspects the home’s solar energy potential against its current energy consumption, calculates potential savings using the utility bill, and projects future energy needs.
  • Solar Panel System Design — ESP’s solar tech experts will take specific measurements of the home and design a custom solar array that will maximize energy output while also saving on the energy bill.
  • State and City Permitting — The company will also pull all the necessary permits prior to installation, handing all the paperwork and interconnection rules the utility company has put in place.
  • Solar Installation — Using quality solar and mounting equipment, ESP’s solar technicians will install the system on your roof in a matter of hours.
  • Solar Energy System Activation — Once the system has been installed, and permission from the utility company secured, the system will be officially “plugged in” to the energy grid, and homeowners can start saving on their electricity bill right away.

Multiple Financing Partners

In addition to cash purchase, customers can also secure a solar loan through Energy Service Partners. Solar loans significantly reduce the sometimes tens of thousands of dollars in upfront costs to nothing, while still granting homeowners access to the federal solar tax credit and other solar incentives. ESP works with a number of third-party financiers to help make solar energy savings much more accessible to the homeowner:

  • Loanpal — offers zero money down solar loans, high approval rates, and same-day financing
  • Mosaic — includes financing options for solar panels systems, backup battery solutions, roofing project funding, HVAC, and more
  • Green Sky — has financed more than 1 million home improvement projects by connecting borrowers and lenders that specialize in renewable energy

High-Quality Solar Equipment

In addition to the Enphase and SolarEdge solar inverter, Energy Service Partners implements a selection of Tier 1 solar panels into each array its technicians install:

  • Base Panel Option — Energy Service Partners uses the QCell 320 Black on Black solar cell on its base panel systems, which offers a minimum 19 percent energy efficiency.
  • Midrange Panel Option — The company’s mid-tiered option features panels from LG, namely the LG 345, which operates at no less than 20.1 percent energy efficiency.
  • Premium Panel Option — For ESP’s premium offering, the company uses the Solaria 365, which, among other factors, edges out the LG 345 option with an energy efficiency of 20.2 percent.

Energy Service Partners’ solar installations all come with a 25-year equipment warranty, along with a 25-year workmanship warranty, meaning if any part of the system proves defective (either due to product malfunction or installation error), the company will service or replace that part for free during the first 25 years of system operation.


The Bad

  • Only Available in California
  • No Solar Lease or PPA
  • Not NABCEP Certified
  • Limited ESP Solar Reviews

Only Available in California

Energy Service Partners is only available to solar customers in California. Although demand for solar in these states is high, so follows the supply of available solar providers. Such a difficult solar market can make standing out difficult for companies without a sense of national recognition.

Leveraging verified Energy Service Partners reviews can help distinguish companies from the rest of the crowd.

No Solar Lease or PPA 

Energy Service Partners does not appear to offer solar lease or power purchase agreement (PPA) financing options to its customers. Both of these options provide low-cost alternatives to cash purchase and solar loans by allowing customers to either rent their systems or purchase the energy their systems produce at a lower rate than their traditional utility bill.

Not NABCEP Certified

ESP does not appear to have a certification from the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), an industry-recognized nonprofit that promotes best practices within the solar power industry.

Although not necessarily an indictment of ESP’s quality of service, this certification, among others, can help customers identify companies that champion the latest developments in solar energy.

Limited ESP Solar Reviews

ESP Solar only has a few reviews on Best Company. These reviews are mixed and also not recent within the last 6 months. We would like to see more client testimonials from ESP customers to get a better sense of how people feel about their experience with ESP.


The Bottom Line

Energy Service Partners has much to offer to solar customers in California. The company is transparent about its financing options and partners, as well as the solar power equipment it installs.

Customers can also trust that an ESP representative will be assisting them at every step of the solar installation process. If customers are not interested in owning their systems, and would rather finance through a lease or PPA, Energy Service Partners is not the right company for them.

Otherwise, the solar company is worth looking into and obtaining a solar quote.

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KZiebarth Inglewood, CA

WARNING- I still have PTSD from working with Energy Service Partners. I signed up for solar panels and corresponded directly with Jordan G, the nephew of the owner Gary G for 7 years (2016-2022). Jordan eventually became the President of Energy Service Partners. I am so disappointed in Jordan G and his ethics. I experienced one problem after another with ESP and all the while was patient. 1. Starting with ESP failing inspection not once but twice. 2. Their workers placed the solar panels on my roof using the wrong fasteners for my roof and screws too long. The faulty installation resulted in the screws going straight through and piercing my ceiling into my living room and bedroom. I reported this very obvious problem immediately and took pictures of the exposed screws and paint dust on the interior floor. I was assured that it was a cosmetic issue and that they would just send a painter to paint and caulk the holes. Was I naive to trust their word and workmanship? Clearly. 3. I also had numerous production problems where the panels were not producing energy. this happened several times although I was assured that this was a rare occurrence. 4. Finally, fast forward a few years and after scores of emails, pictures, texts, and reports sent back and forth between Jordan, numerous ESP employees and myself to the point where it was literally raining in my living room and bedroom-I FINALLY REACHED MY BREAKING POINT. I asked them to remove the panels so I could access the damage. I accompanied their workers up on the roof and documented everything as ESP removed the panels. The damage, mold and wetness under the panels were extensive. As a result, I had to remove and replace my roof and fix my interior floor and ceiling. I presented all of the glaring evidence to Jordan G and explained that I don't trust ESP to put the panels back up and that I would just like my money back for the panels. They refused. So, I will end with this. I have 30K worth of panels on the side of my house that are useless to me because I do not trust in the quality, expertise, and morality of Energy Service Partners to put the panels back up on my brand new roof. Please learn from my catastrophe and DO NOT even think about using ESP's services for solar panel installation. If the President, Jordan G can't do the right thing by me there is no hope for their company

3 weeks ago

Energy Service Partners Logo

Reply from Energy Service Partners

We have had multiple conversations with you regarding this situation over the last few years. We have already fixed all of the errors in workmanship that led to the leaks and damage, and have offered to make it right by reinstalling and reactivating the system. We understand your hesitation based on the previous experience, but at this point, ESP as a business has completed over 15,000 successful solar installations. It is specifically what we are designed to accomplish as a solar installation company. You received the benefits of a functional solar system for several years (Feb 2016 to June 2020), and at this point a refund or equipment return is out of the question. You have the contact information for our manager Brad who is fully briefed on the situation and more than capable of assisting with a reinstallation scheduling. We greatly hope we can restore your system to full function and let you continue to enjoy the benefits of solar outside of this unfortunate interruption.

May. 11th, 2023

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Max Parker San Diego, CA

If I could give 0 stars I would. Our experience with Energy Service Partners has been the worst experience of our home ownership. We signed our contract in March 2022. After several delays, the installation was completed in June, but it wasn't functional. The subcontractors didn't use the proper inverter, which wasn't discovered until months after the installation. They tried to install an underpowered (cheaper) inverter. The contract also called for a new Main Service Panel. This work wasn't completed at installation, and still hasn't been installed. It's been a year since installation, and the solar is still not activated. We've been making payments since October 2022. After countless calls and emails, I can't even get a timetable for when this will be completed. The next step is legal action since they are unable to give any updates. It's the most unprofessional experience I've dealt with, and I've had to deal with many contractors for my house in the past 2+ years.

1 month ago

Energy Service Partners Logo

Reply from Energy Service Partners

Max, we're sorry you feel this way about your project experience. Your original contract did not include a Main Panel Upgrade but we are adding it on after the fact per your request. We acknowledge the lengthy amount of time and are sorry for any delays that were within our control. We are in the process of getting everything scheduled with your utility, swapping out the inverter, and completing the MPU in one visit. We're not in the business of cutting corners and always want to provide our customers with equipment that meets or exceeds your requirements as a homeowner, but when the scope of work changes, it does necessitate that timelines, costs, and expectations must be adjusted accordingly. Your project coordinator and the scheduling team will be in touch as soon as possible to confirm the completion of the work. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

May. 5th, 2023


Review Source

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Billie Sommars Ventura, CA

Everything was well coordinated between the ESP office, delivery people, installers, inspectors and ourselves. There was a slight bit of misinformation on the delivery date however we were not surprises because we were told the delivery would be on a Sunday which we thought was unusual and they came on Monday. It didn't interrupt anything because we didn't need to be at home for that anyway. Things are up and running. So far so good.

1 year ago

Energy Service Partners Logo

Reply from Energy Service Partners

Thanks for the review Billie. We're glad everything is up and running smoothly. Apologies for the slight scheduling mixup, happy to be of service if you need anything else!

Jul. 21st, 2021

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Frustrated Modesto, CA

I started my solar project back in November of 2019, as of today September 20,2020 my Solar system is still not up and running. I was charged more for my system because it seemed to be the best a the time. I was told I need a panel upgrade. It was told to me it cost around 4-5 thousand. All money is suppose to be [email protected]% there was suppose to be a 60 day completion date. The panels are installed on my roof, electrical components have been installed. NO! SUN OPERATING MY SOLAR PANELS. I AM STILL still paying my energy co. Failed inspection, Loan company has called 2-3 times asking for payment. This business completely Sucks. Answer to the next question, I don't think I will be paying until they complete their part. this is not Amazing

2 years ago

Energy Service Partners Logo

Reply from Energy Service Partners

We apologize that this was your experience. Please email [email protected] with your project details. We need to know what name the project is under, because you're writing this review using an alias. We definitely want to help but need to locate your record. We look forward to being of service ASAP!

Oct. 30th, 2020

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victor garcia Los Angeles, CA

Was very pleasantly, Veronica was very helpful and the Technician were fast when they did the installation!!! Recommend it!!!

1 year ago

Energy Service Partners Logo

Reply from Energy Service Partners

Thanks so much Victor!

May. 5th, 2023

star star star star star_border

Oliver Reyes Moreno Valley, CA

They are courteous, hardworking and trustworthy people!

1 year ago

Energy Service Partners Logo

Reply from Energy Service Partners

Thanks Oliver, we appreciate the kind words!

Aug. 2nd, 2021