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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Erco Energy provides solar sales, design, and installation services to residential, commercial, and utility scale clients. In addition to providing solar services, Erco Energy also offers energy storage solutions and EV Charging Station installations. All work is done by NABCEP-certified professional technicians. 

In conjunction with other partners, Erco Energy has worked to provide innovative solar solutions within the technology space. The company then offers clients access to these updated features and services. All systems are custom designed using tier-1 solar equipment. Interested clients can take advantage of a free consultation to determine costs and equipment needs prior to signing a contract.

To date, Erco Energy has completed over 1,900 projects in Texas alone. Erco Energy is a member of the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and is an accredited business within the group. Erco Energy is also a partner of the EPI Center.

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The Good

  • System Types
  • EV Charging Stations
  • App and Cloud Service
  • Proprietary Technology

System Types

Most solar installation services solely offer on-grid solar installation on both residential and commercial properties. While that is a beneficial service, it does not address the needs of all clients. To combat this issue, Erco Energy offers installation of the following solar systems:

  • On-Grid Solar — These systems work in conjunction with the conventional electric grid producing and providing energy at a fraction of the cost. 
  • Hybrid Solar —This system combines on-grid and off-grid solutions but incorporates a solar energy and battery system to maintain power. 
  • Off-Grid Solar — Off-grid systems solely utilize battery capabilities to produce energy.

By offering all three solar installation types, Erco Energy is able to service a wide range of clients and meet all needs effectively. 

EV Charging Stations

Solar installation companies are starting to dabble in the installation of EV charging stations. Erco Energy is capable and licensed to install EV charging stations on residential and commercial properties, as well as for public use. Not all solar installation companies have this capability, let alone the training to handle varying installation types but Erco Energy does. 

App and Cloud Service

Some solar installation companies will offer monitoring solutions for clients interested in production of an installed solar system, however most companies offer this service in-house and conduct the monitoring on their own. With Erco Energy, clients have access to both a mobile app and cloud-based monitoring services.

  • Mobile App — The Erco Energy mobile app allows clients to manage and track solar projects in real time.
  • Erco CLOUD — The Erco Energy Cloud service allows clients to monitor their system’s performance and energy yield. 

Proprietary Technology

Most solar installation companies rely on the technology and products created by solar manufacturers. While Erco Energy has these more traditional equipment partnerships as well, the company also works to produce its own products and technology. This is not seen by installation providers, so Erco Energy is taking the next step and offering a proprietary service most in the space are unable to provide. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Warranty Information
  • Lack of Financing Options

Undisclosed Warranty Information

Despite claiming to offer industry-leading warranties to clients, Erco Energy makes no further public mention of what those warranties entail. No details about term length for the warranties or what is covered are made clear, which is odd considering most companies use that as a selling tactic to reassure potential clients.

Typically, two warranties are made available to solar clients: equipment and workmanship. Equipment warranties are an average of 25 years and cover repairs and replacements if necessary. Workmanship warranties are generally 10 years in length and cover any issues stemming from installation work. It is unclear what warranties are specifically offered, and for how long, with Erco Energy. 

Lack of Financing Options

Offering financing solutions to clients has become an industry standard within the renewable energy space. On average, a residential solar system will cost anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 to have installed. While this is the most cost effective way to have a solar system installed, not all property owners are able to purchase a solar system upfront and outright.

As a result, most solar installation companies partner with or offer financing solutions whether that is through a loan, lease, or PPA option. However, Erco Energy does not appear to offer any of these financing solutions to clients, and there is no public mention of alternative financing. 


The Bottom Line

Erco Energy provides comprehensive solar and energy solutions to Texas residents and property owners. The installation team is capable of installing solar systems of varying types including off-grid and hybrid systems. Personal EV Charging Station installation is another professional service that Erco Energy offers.

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Erco Energy platform is the company’s own technological advancements offering mobile app and cloud monitoring services to all clients. Not many solar installation companies create and develop proprietary products, but Erco Energy is doing just that. 

There are a number of reasons potential solar clients may want to utilize Erco Energy for installation services, but there are limitations to the operation as well. While Erco Energy makes mention of providing warranties, specific term lengths and coverages are not disclosed. Also, there is no public mention of financing options available to solar clients. 

Property owners in Texas who are comfortable paying outright for advanced solar technology will likely benefit from what Erco Energy has to offer. Outside of these parameters, solar clients should obtain multiple quotes prior to making a purchasing decision. 

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