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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Energy Genius is a third-party solar contracting company that services residential and commercial clients. Through its solar installation company partnerships, Energy Genius is able to help clients all across the country access the power of solar energy. Throughout the project, Energy Genius will be the point man, but other providers will be involved in getting the solar system up and running. 

Energy Genius was founded by Shane Leever and Paul Timpson. Leever is an award winning salesman that was invited to the Join Center for Housing Studies at Harvard University. Timpson is familiar with the solar industry and puts his time and effort into providing a quality customer experience for each solar client. 

The Energy Genius platform runs similar to how solar manufacturers have dealers around the country. Energy Genius will sell the solar system and then contract out the actual installation work to a trusted partner. This allows Energy Genius to service a larger area and drive the mission of creating a more accessible renewable energy source. 

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The Good

  • Commercial Solar Focused
  • Broad Service Area
  • Net Metering Available

Commercial Solar Focused

The Energy Genius platform services both residential and commercial clients, however the operation seems to cater to commercial clients as more services are available to these types of clients. Commercial clients will have access to the following:

  • Commercial and industrial installation — Clients in need of large-scale solar projects or simple parking garage solar systems will be able to take advantage of what Energy Genius offers.
  • Operations and maintenance services — Energy Genius will be the communication point for all commercial projects. Subsequent maintenance work will also be provided by Energy Genius partners. 
  • Design and consulting — During the beginning phases of solar installation, Energy Genius will be available to provide expert design and consulting services.
  • Utility solar projects — Companies in need of large-scale utility solar projects will be able to contract out with Energy Genius. 

Maintenance services are not available to residential clients and only certain roof types are eligible for solar installation. 

Broad Service Area

One of the most impressive aspects of the Energy Genius service is its service area. Traditionally, solar installation companies only service one state or a select few of the more populated cities within a state. Through its partnership program, Energy Genius is able to provide services in the following six states:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Nevada
  • Texas

By partnering with other solar installation providers, Energy Genius is able to handle more projects on a larger geographical scale than other companies. 

Net Metering Available

The Energy Genius platform offers the Zero Payment for Life Program through the net metering option. This means that clients will never have to pay a utility bill again and can drastically reduce the overall cost of solar through net metering.

Many solar installation companies when installing a solar system will still connect that system to the utility grid. Energy Genius clients have this option. But through battery and storage solutions, also have the option of selling back unused energy to the utility company, reducing payments or eliminating them entirely. While some solar installation companies are starting to offer net metering solutions, not all of them have mastered its benefits like Energy Genius. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Equipment Information
  • No Known Warranties Offered 
  • No NABCEP Certification

Undisclosed Equipment Information

Since Energy Genius sells the solar concept and does not actually perform the installation work, it is not made clear exactly what solar equipment and technology is used. Most solar installation companies will publicly provide manufacturing information as brands and technologies play a role in some client’s purchasing decision. However, Energy Genius has not disclosed any manufacturing information. 

No Known Warranties Offered

Warranties are a standard offering within the solar industry. Since solar is a financial investment, warranties are put in place to protect those investments.

Typically, two warranties are made available to clients: equipment and workmanship. The equipment warranty is typically covered through the manufacturer for an average of 25 years and will cover equipment parts and replacements. The workmanship warranty is then offered through the solar installation company and lasts an average of 10 years. This warranty covers any issues stemming from installation errors.

Energy Genius does not appear to offer either of these warranties or has not disclosed specifics. 

No NABCEP Certification

As a sales-first company, it is surprising that no in-house team member is certified with the NABCEP. The NABCEP is the gold standard for certification within the solar industry and offers certifications in both installation and sales, as well as other areas of renewable energy. Most solar companies will have at least one individual that is NABCEP certified, whether it is on the installation or sales side of the operation.

However, Energy Genius does not have any NABCEP-certified professionals. It is not a requirement to work within the solar industry, but it does demonstrate a certain level of skill and expertise. 


The Bottom Line

Clients will be able to access a number of beneficial programs with Energy Genius. For commercial clients, Energy Genius provides operation and maintenance services, as well as design and consulting expertise. The company can handle large-scale utility solar projects. The service area that Energy Genius operates in is larger than most solar installation companies, with operations in six different states. For residential clients, the Zero Payment for Life Program is available through net metering services allowing clients to sell back unused energy to offset utility costs completely.

There are concerns surrounding the Energy Genius service. Since the company itself does not provide installation services, there is no information on what equipment is available to its clients. Additionally, there is no mention of available warranties despite it being an industry standard. Lastly, considering the company is sales-driven, it is unexpected that the sales team is not NABCEP-certified in renewable energy sales. 

Clients who are interested in net metering and do not mind working with third-party providers would benefit from what Energy Genius has to offer. However, clients who want one company to manage the entire project from start to finish would need to look elsewhere for solar installation services. 

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