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LAST UPDATED: May 3rd, 2022

EMPWR Solar is a full-service solar design and installation company based in North Carolina. Professionals from the design to the installation process are all NABCEP-certified and are well-equipped with the tools necessary to create a custom solar system for each property. In addition to offering traditional solar services, the company also offers products and services in several other utility saving areas. 

EMPWR Solar utilizes its services to also give back to the environment. Since its founding, EMPWR Solar is responsible for planting over 345,000 trees, removing more than 22,900 tons of CO2, and helping clients save on utility bills by installing nearly 30,000,000 watts of rooftop solar. 

Online reviews suggest clients are satisfied with the installation work done on their behalf. The company is also a member of the NC Sustainable Energy Association and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) as these organizations continue to push expanded use of renewable energy sources. 

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The Good

  • Backup Solutions
  • Warranties
  • Additional Energy Saving Services

Backup Solutions

Backup solutions have become increasingly popular with the onslaught of solar systems being installed. Many clients are realizing the value in storing solar or having a battery backup system on hand in the event that the power supply is hindered in any way. 

EMPWR Solar installs Generac home backup generators. These generators are not the same as solar batteries as they are powered by gas or liquid propane. These backup generators provide a supply of energy in the event that inclement weather or other factors interrupt the power supply. While many solar installation companies install battery backup systems, EMPWR Solar also dabbles in the traditional generator set up. 


EMPWR Solar understands that solar is a financial investment. In order to protect that financial investment, EMPWR Solar offers industry standard warranties to its clients. Panels, racking, and inverters are backed by a full 25-year parts and productions warranty. This means that any malfunction in equipment will result in a repair or replacement service without cost to the client.

EMPWR Solar also offers a 10-year workmanship warranty. That means if a client encounters an issue stemming from installation, EMPWR will correct the wrong. While many solar installation companies offer warranties, there are not many companies willing to back the equipment. That warranty is typically left up to the manufacturer to manage. EMPWR Solar takes on that responsibility on behalf of clients. 

Additional Energy Saving Services

One of the benefits of the EMPWR solar experience is that each client will receive their own Gold Star Certified Building Performance Institute (BPI) Energy Audit. This will clearly lay out energy needs and what costs can be cut with a solar system. So on top of installing residential and commercial solar projects, EMPWR Solar also offers improvements in the following areas to further cut utility costs:

  • Insulation replacement
  • Air and duct sealing
  • Smart thermostat installation
  • Radiant barriers
  • Solar attic fan installations
  • LED light bulbs
  • Hybrid hot water heaters

By switching to more energy-efficient methods, clients can see further reduced electricity and energy costs. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Equipment Information
  • Lack of Financing Options
  • Unclear Service Area

Undisclosed Equipment Information

Most solar companies develop relationships or partnerships with solar manufacturing companies. These partnerships are a win-win for both sides as solar installation companies have access to tier-1 equipment and the manufacturers have dealers that can install its equipment.

For some property owners, the brand or manufacturer is an important piece of information to have prior to starting the solar process. EMPWR Solar claims to have access to top tier equipment, but fails to publicly disclose that information. 

Lack of Financing Options

Solar is an expensive financial investment. While in the long run solar can undoubtedly cut electricity costs, upfront it can be a financial burden. To ease this financial strain, most solar installation companies will offer a wide range of financing options. Whether the solar company itself offers the financing options or partners with a credit union, most prospective customers will utilize a loan, PPA, or lease agreement to initially finance the system.

While EMPWR Solar provides information on how to access the federal and state tax incentives, the company does not offer traditional financing options. 

Unclear Service Area

More often than not, solar companies only service one state or the most populated areas within a state making solar installation services by nature a more geographically focused operation. However, there are some solar installation companies that have expanded into multiple states or use contractors to regionally service prospective customers. Additionally, most solar installation companies make the service area of the company public. However, EMPWR Solar has not made this information well known. To make matters worse, there are multiple addresses listed for the company in both North Carolina and South Carolina further confusing the service area issue.


The Bottom Line

EMPWR Solar provides comprehensive solar services, taking on clients from the initial consultation through the design, permit, and installation processes. The company also offers backup solutions and installations, protecting clients from power outages or restrictions. EMPWR Solar offers clients warranties on both the equipment and installation work. In line with the company mission, EMPWR Solar also offers a number of additional energy-saving services and products to its clients.

While there are benefits to the EMPWR Solar service, there are some limitations to the operation as well. The company has not disclosed what equipment is used during design and installation which goes against standard industry practices. EMPWR Solar also does not provide financing options to clients who are unable to purchase the system upfront and outright. It is also unclear exactly where EMPWR Solar offers installation services. There are two addresses for the company in two different states.

Considering the pros and the cons of the EMPWR Solar service, it is recommended that prospective clients conduct thorough research on the company prior to solidifying any service agreement. Make sure all questions and concerns are addressed before signing any contract with EMPWR Solar. 

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