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LAST UPDATED: August 10th, 2023

Based in Long Island, New York, Element Energy Systems (E2sys) is a renewable energy company specializing in commercial, industrial, and residential solar, solar thermal power, wind power, and geothermal HVAC technologies. Since 2006, the company’s NABCEP-certified installers have been helping customers invest in clean, renewable energy across New York’s five boroughs, as well as parts of Connecticut.


The Good

  • Full-Service Solar Installer
  • Wide Range of Clean Energy Services
  • NABCEP Certified

Full-Service Solar Installer

Element Energy Systems assists residential solar customers at every step of the solar installation process:

  • Qualification — the company will inspect the prospective customer’s address and roof limitation prior to a site visit to determine if the home qualifies for solar energy.
  • Consultation — if the home qualifies, customers will then be connected with E2sys’s Sun Advisors to discuss system requirements, the household’s energy needs, the benefits of going solar, available incentives, and a free quote for the desired services.
  • Analysis — E2sys will then help customers calculate their potential energy and utility bill savings by making the switch to a solar power system.
  • Site Visit — next, Element Energy Systems will send out a team to survey the home in-person, give the homeowner an opportunity to ask questions, and finalize the system design. This process takes, on average, about a week to complete.
  • Design and Permitting — Element Energy System’s design team will then set to work outlining the solar array to be installed on the home. The company will also pull all the necessary state and municipal permits to ensure the system is up to code. Customers should note this process can take up to a month to complete.
  • Installation — once permits are obtained, the installation process is rather quick, only taking one to two days depending on the weather. Following installation, E2sys will coordinate with city and utility officials to make a final inspection of the solar PV system.
  • Interconnection — when the system passes inspection, it will be cleared to interconnect with the utility grid and customers can begin saving on their electricity bill while also saving the environment.

Wide Range of Clean Energy Services

In addition to solar panel installation, Element Energy Systems offers a wide variety of renewable energy services:

  • Solar Hot Water
  • Solar Energy Storage
  • Backup Generator
  • Wind Turbine System
  • Geothermal Technologies

All of these services are designed to reduce the customer’s dependence on fossil fuel sources while also saving money on their monthly utility bill.

NABCEP Certified

Element Energy Systems employs solar experts that have been certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). The NABCEP is an organization that offers a full curriculum of leading certification programs within the solar industry, covering areas like industry best practices, installation techniques, and solar technology. Customers can rest assured knowing that E2sys’s team is fully qualified to design and install their solar energy systems to the highest standards the industry has to offer.


The Bad

  • Preferred Solar Partners not Disclosed
  • Financing Options
  • Limited Service Area
  • Lack of Verified Element Energy Systems Reviews

Preferred Solar Partners not Disclosed

While the solar provider offers multiple types of solar panels (mono- and polycrystalline, etc.) and solar inverters (micro, string, etc.), the company does not explicitly mention its preferred manufacturing partners. Product offerings from different solar brands come with various efficiency ratings and manufacturer warranties — all of which significantly inform the overall cost, durability and performance of the final solar array. 

Financing Options

E2sys mentions both loans and leases on its “How Should I Choose a Solar Provider” page, but does not disclose whether it offers either or both of these financing options to customers. The implication for most solar providers is that cash purchase is always available; but whether solar lease, solar loan, or power purchase agreement (PPA) options are actually accessible to E2sys customers is unclear.

Limited Service Area

Like most US-based solar companies, Element Energy Systems is limited to a local residential solar market, performing solar installation across New York and parts of Connecticut. That said, the Long Island-based company has a demonstrated knowledge of the locale, and has identified by name more than 100 towns and hamlets across Upstate New York that qualify for its services.

Despite this local expertise, the limited service area can place small businesses like E2sys at a disadvantage when compared with companies with a more renowned, national presence. Promoting verified Element Energy Systems reviews can be an effective way for the company to distinguish itself from the crowd and more effectively reach customers within its service area.

Lack of Verified Element Energy Systems Reviews

Although E2sys has earned a number of positive reviews across trusted platforms, no verified reviews have yet been posted to Best Company. Verified reviews are thoroughly vetted for authenticity and provide crucial insights from actual E2sys customers. Important information like customer service quality, system performance, and overall impressions of the company, as reported by verified reviewers, provide an additional level of confidence for potential customers looking to add solar energy to their homes.

If you are a current or former Element Energy Systems customer, we encourage you to share your experience by leaving a review below.


The Bottom Line

Element Energy Systems has been in business a long time and has demonstrated its expertise in the local New York market. The solar company employs industry-leading technicians to install and service its solar panel arrays. While the quality of service is not in question, E2sys could better prepare and educate customers by disclosing its own company policies and selected solar equipment. Customers will also be more empowered knowing what payment options are available to them prior to doing business with E2sys.

We encourage readers to seek out Element Energy reviews from trusted sources, and reach out to the company directly for a free consultation.

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