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LAST UPDATED: January 26th, 2024

Effinetic Solar Energy is a Florida-based solar installation company. Instead of getting caught up in the complexities of the solar installation process, Effinetic Solar Energy has devised a process to help homeowners seamlessly transition from standard electricity methods to solar energy all while saving money and reducing overall carbon footprint impact.

In an effort to help homeowners create a more sustainable future and decrease environmental impact, Effinetic Solar Energy provides prospective clients with access to solar experts to ensure that the purchasing process is clear and the scope of work is organized from start to finish. 

While the main focus of Effinetic Solar Energy is on its residential solar panel installation service, the company also offers commercial solar system installation and maintenance and repair services for both client types. Property owners ready to take the next step in harnessing the power of the sun can consult with an Effinetic Solar Energy professional to see what the steps are to get started.

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The Good

  • Start-to-Finish Project Management
  • Maintenance and Repair Services

Start-to-Finish Project Management

Effinetic Solar Energy offers end-to-end services, meaning an in-house professional will manage every step from start to finish. No third party company is hired to complete a stage of the install. That means all communication and work is done through the company itself. This makes it easier for a property owner to manage the workflow and ensure a uniform standard of service. 

Maintenance and Repair Services

While solar systems require little maintenance once installed, there are circumstances where some work/cleaning is required or a piece of the system is damaged or malfunctions. In these cases, many solar installation companies will tell former clients that it is out of their hands and their work is complete. That is not the case with Effinetic Solar Energy.

Instead of leaving clients out to dry when issues arise with system production, Effinetic Solar Energy offers a maintenance and repair service to ensure that a system continues to work as designed. Clients will not be “forgotten” simply because the system was marked as completed when installed.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Equipment Information
  • No Warranty Details
  • Unknown Service Area
  • Available Purchasing Options

Undisclosed Equipment Information

It is unknown exactly what equipment Effinetic Solar Energy has access to. There is no mention of brand when it comes to solar panels or solar inverters.

Additionally, it is unclear whether or not the company offers solar battery/storage installation. This missing information makes it difficult to determine what quality of products are used in the Effinetic Solar Energy installations. 

No Warranty Details

Solar is a financial investment and a hefty one for most property owners. For many, having built in forms of protection is the standard needed to jump into an investment like solar. That is why most solar providers offer at least one if not all of the following warranties:

  • Equipment warranty
  • Production warranty
  • Workmanship warranty

Generally, information regarding the offered warranties is listed or made public for those still in the researching phase of the purchasing process.

Unfortunately, Effinetic Solar Energy makes no public mention of offering any sort of warranty or guarantee on its service or product. It is unclear whether these warranties are available through the company or what protection is offered. 

Unknown Service Area

More often than not, solar companies are local or regional providers. Typically, local companies will service particular cities within a state. Larger solar companies will cover an entire state. The more established and expanded solar operations may cover a large region or have national provider capabilities.

Regardless of the company size and its respective geographic service area, almost all solar companies disclose their service area. This allows interested clients to quickly determine whether or not they qualify for a certain provider’s services.

With the limited public information available regarding Effinetic Solar Energy, it is no surprise that this information is also omitted making it impossible to determine where the company services clients. 

Available Purchasing Options

Financing is a common offering in the solar industry. Since the cost for solar equipment and subsequent installation can cost thousands and thousands of dollars, many property owners need alternative and more flexible financing in order to make solar energy a reality for their particular property.

As a result, most solar companies offer at least one form of financing, if not several. The most common forms of financing within the solar industry include the following:

  • Solar lease
  • Solar loan
  • Power purchase agreement

All financing options have pros and cons, but offering at least one form of alternative financing expands the opportunity for more property owners to access renewable energy. Available purchasing options are traditionally disclosed by the company publicly so researching customers can quickly determine if a company is even financially viable.

However, Effinetic Solar Energy makes no mention of whether or not financing is available to its clients. This makes it difficult to determine the flexibility and affordability of the Effinetic Solar Energy service.


The Bottom Line

Effinetic Solar Energy is a solar system installation company that helps property owners as they navigate what can be a daunting process. From start-to-finish, Effinetic Solar Energy in-house professionals will handle the entire installation. This includes the initial analysis and site survey to routine maintenance and repairs. There are no subcontractors to disrupt the continuity or communication of the entire project.

While there are benefits to using an end-to-end provider like Effinetic Solar Energy, there are serious concerns regarding the lack of disclosed information. For instance there is no mention of equipment data, warranty details, service area covered, or if financing is available. These are all critical pieces of information to consider when deciding which company to go with.

Since there is so much uncertainty regarding what Effinetic Solar Energy offers its clients, those considering using the company should meet with one of its in-house experts to ensure that these questions are answered before moving forward with an installation.

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Hasan Alnasrawi Brandon, FL

i recently installed solar panels from effinetic solar. The material and the installation team was on time also the communication between inside the organization was excellent. i definitely recommend them.

1 month ago