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LAST UPDATED: October 6th, 2021

Efficient Solar Services (ESS) is a local San Diego solar company. The solar company works directly with solar manufacturers to gain access to a multitude of solar services: equipment, products, financing, companies, programs, etc.

Instead of a narrow-focused mindset, ESS strives to serve its customers by gaining access to as many options as possible. ESS representatives provide in-depth consultations to help home and business owners make the most informed and wise solar decisions possible. 

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The Good

  • Well Experienced and Established
  • Wide Variety of Solutions

Well Experienced and Established

ESS opened in 2013 — over eight years ago. According to the solar industry, the company is one of the more established in the industry. The company has years of hard-earned experience in the solar industry and as a company. 

The founder of ESS, Jordan Michael Litrownik, has devoted his whole career to the solar industry. He started as a solar sales representative and then a regional sales manager. Finally, he founded Efficient Solar Services to improve the hole he found in the solar industry. 

Wide Variety of Solutions

As Litrownik was working at other solar companies, he saw a need for homeowners to have more system options. He wanted to develop partnerships with various solar companies and programs. He wanted his customers to have the luxury of choosing between a plethora of possible solar solutions while maintaining its affordability. So Efficient Solar Services was born. 

The company has an impressive list of top brands and programs. Clients have the freedom to choose the best solutions for their needs. Instead of selling the company’s solution, ESS enables homeowners to make their own solar decisions. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Certifications
  • Lack of Reviews and Past Projects

Undisclosed Certifications

Currently, ESS has no online documentation of a NABCEP certification. Efficient Solar Services’ website focused on the company’s endless solar options, planning, and designing. However, the company’s installation protocols and quality are unclear. ESS has no certification to convince clients of the company’s ethical practices or safety protocols. The company’s installation quality is unclear.

Lack of Reviews and Past Projects

The company’s website doesn’t refer to any past projects or client reviews. While the company “talks the talk,” clients have no evidence if the company “walks the walk.” Past client reviews and projects are evidence of the company’s installation quality and customer service. Without any, future clients might not be convinced of the company’s integrity.


The Bottom Line

Efficient Solar Services is a well-established and experienced company. The company alone has over eight years of experience. What sets ESS apart from other companies is its solar partnerships. ESS has partnered with several manufacturers, programs, and local companies to provide customers with a multitude of solar solutions. Homeowners and business owners can be in control of deciding what solar solutions fit their needs the best. 

The company is impressive on paper. However, the company lacks credibility online. No certifications or past project summaries are to be found. 

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