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LAST UPDATED: May 3rd, 2023

eEquals Solar is helping both residential and commercial property owners access renewable energy systems to target constantly rising utility costs associated with electricity. A main drive behind the eEquals Solar business model is to ultimately help clients achieve more financial freedom as they take over their own energy production and usage without relying so heavily on the utility grid.

The eEquals Solar name derives from the famous mathematical equation theorized by Albert Einstein, E=MC². Known for its transformative properties within the physics realm, the equation also opened the doors for endless possibilities within the science of energy. That groundbreaking discovery had great impact on the world, which is what eEquals Solar is trying to provide its clients within the solar industry.

It should be noted that the company was originally founded in 2016 and was formerly known as CR Solar. The company has since rebranded itself and provides start-to-finish solar contracting services to those looking to decrease carbon footprint implications and hedge against unpredictable utility rate spikes. 

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The Good

  • Ground Mounting Capabilities
  • Solar Battery Storage Installation

Ground Mounting Capabilities

Not all properties are oriented and designed to have a roof-mounted solar system installed. Due to limited sun exposure or the actual build of the roof, having a photovoltaic solar system installed on the roof of a property simply may be out of the question. Unfortunately, most solar providers solely offer roof installation solutions.

Recognizing the limitations this placed on a number of potential solar clients, eEquals Solar has made sure that it offers an alternative installation solution. The technicians at eEquals Solar are highly capable and equipped to install ground mounted solar systems in circumstances where that is preferred and the better option. 

Solar Battery Storage Installation

With the increase in popularity among homeowners turning to solar panels to produce electricity, an increase in the interest surrounding energy storage has also increased over time. That being said, not all solar contractors have jumped on board which means not every provider has the ability or equipment partnerships to offer solar battery storage installation.

Clients that decide to utilize eEquals Solar can access solar battery storage solutions as the company has teamed up with Tesla Powerwall and other solar providers to offer battery storage systems that are compatible with installed solar systems. 


The Bad

  • Unknown Financing Options
  • Undisclosed Equipment Partnerships
  • No Warranties Listed

Unknown Financing Options

Financing is a common practice within the solar industry. Since the upfront costs of having a solar system purchased and installed can be incredibly expensive, many homeowners turn to alternative forms of financing to help ease the initial burden. A majority of solar providers will offer one or all of the following alternative forms of financing: loans, leases, power purchase agreements.

eEquals Solar does state that it offers $0 down financing to its clients, but it is unclear exactly what types of financing are available to its customers. This makes it difficult for those in need of alternative financing to determine whether or not the company provides the form of financing needed to make solar a reality. 

Undisclosed Equipment Partnerships

With the lockdown restrictions implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic, suppliers saw a disruption in what could be provided to its partners. The solar industry, like most others, was adversely impacted. Because manufacturers had interruptions in the creation of equipment, solar providers were fighting for what equipment was available. 

As a result, eEquals Solar had to turn to a number of tier-1 manufacturers just to access the equipment needed to install complete solar systems. As a result, the company does not have specific equipment partnerships and has not publicly named what manufacturers it buys from.

While some of this is out of the hands of eEquals Solar, other providers have been able to continue to publicly provide equipment information but eEquals Solar has chosen not to. This makes it difficult for those researching potential equipment options to determine whether or not the company will be a good fit for installation. 

No Warranties Listed

Since having a solar system installed is a financial investment, many prospective clients are interested in the protections available to them to ensure that all equipment and connections function properly throughout the lifetime of the system. To provide peace of mind, most solar contractors in one form or another offer some or all of the following warranties:

  • Workmanship warranty
  • Equipment warranty
  • Production warranty

Unfortunately, eEquals Solar makes no public mention of any sort of warranties offered to its clients. While that does not mean that no warranties are available, this information is not disclosed to potential customers via the company's website. Most providers are forthcoming with warranties specifications and details. 


The Bottom Line

With eEquals Solar, prospective clients can expect to receive complete end-to-end solar installation services. For homeowners concerned about the limitations of a roof mounted system, eEquals Solar has expanded its installation practices to also offer ground mounted solutions in situations where more energy will be generated through this particular set-up.

The company also offers solar battery storage installation to increase overall energy independence and protect clients from the dangers and annoyances associated with unexpected power outages. 

While eEquals Solar offers full range solar installation services, there is little known about service particulars that heavily influence those still in the purchasing decision making stage of solar research.

There is no concrete information on what financing options are offered to clients, what tier-1 manufacturing partners the company has teamed up with, and what forms of protections through warranties are available to clients. 

Considering all the public information available on the services provided by eEquals Solar, it is difficult to provide a backed recommendation. The limited and omitted service specifications makes it hard to state emphatically whether or not the eEquals Solar operation is a quality solar provider. 

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