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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

ECS Energy provides commercial clients with alternative energy solutions through solar system installation. Regardless of size, ECS Energy is well-equipped to handle and manage the entire solar installation consultation, installation, operation, and maintenance of the project. Each project will be approached with the goal of cutting overall costs at an efficient rate transforming the facility into a renewable energy powerhouse. 

In an effort to edge against utility rates continuously increasing, many commercial property owners are turning to solar solutions. However, finding a provider that can manage the project from start-to-finish in the commercial realm is difficult. That is where ECS Energy steps in and takes a “total energy approach” maximizing the ROI on these energy investments. Electricity is an operating expense many commercial properties could benefit from seeing a significant decrease in. 

The ECS Energy team is certified with the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). This is the most universally recognized and impressive form of certification within the renewable energy space. Additionally, ECS Energy is a certified commercial dealer of SunPower technology. Since its founding in 2007, ECS Energy has established a reputation as a trusted solar installation provider. 

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The Good

  • Solar Technology
  • Consultation
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Mounting Solutions

Solar Technology

ECS Energy's aims to provide clients with customized solar solutions that reduce overall energy costs and provide the greatest return on investment. The company partners with some of the best tier-1 solar manufacturers in the industry, including the following:

Solar Panels

  • SunPower
  • REC
  • LG
  • Q Cells
  • Fronius 


  • SolarEdge
  • SMA
  • Enphase
  • AP Systems 


  • SunPower

Not many companies are both certified dealers of a solar manufacturer and maintain partnerships with other top producing solar companies. ECS Energy is able to do both, operating as both a SunPower certified dealer and providing customized solutions through other providers. 


Many solar installation companies offer consultations. However, these consultations are semi-sales pitches, and some providers even charge a fee to come out and offer these services. With ECS Energy, clients can take advantage of the no-obligation consultation including a preliminary system design package and detailed economic cash flow analysis. The analysis includes the following key data points:

  • Comprehensive energy review
  • Eye for overall energy usage
  • Identify additional opportunities and services that can impact its energy future
  • Evaluate ways to be more efficient

Not many companies will provide this level of data to interested clients without some sort of prior commitment. By providing this information, ECS Energy allows prospective clients to make the most informed decision possible. 

Operations and Maintenance

The lifespan of solar systems hovers around thirty years. While that is great from a financial investment standpoint, it is also important to recognize that three decades is a long time for a system to provide a high level of service. Most solar installation companies, once the system has been installed and turned on, conclude all contact and client interaction at that point.

That is not the case with ECS Energy as the company offers comprehensive operations and maintenance services throughout the duration of the system’s operation. The operation and maintenance services offered through ECS Energy will ensure optimal performance of its installed solar systems. Other services include:

  • System monitoring
  • Emergency response and repairs
  • Visual inspections
  • System testing and maintenance

Commercial clients will be hard pressed to find an installation company that is willing to provide this level of coverage throughout the system’s lifespan. 

Mounting Solutions

Some solar installation companies solely offer roof mounted solutions. However, not all systems will perform their best if mounted on a roof. ECS Energy knows this and offers varying types of mounting, including roof, ground, and carport. The company also offers solutions for pitched, ballasted, and flat roofs.


The Bad

  • Vague Service Area
  • Only Discloses SunPower Warranty Information

Vague Service Area

ECS Energy headquarters are located in Oakland, New Jersey with other locations established in Wyckoff and Freehold. The company claims to offer its management and installation services to commercial clients through the Northeast, but fails to specify specifically what states are included in that general service area.

Most solar management and installation providers only service one state or specific cities within a state. Generally, these providers also specifically disclose the service area making it clear to prospective clients whether the service is available in their area. ECS Energy only gives a broad idea of a geographic service area, so interested parties will have to contact the company directly to determine if the company services a specific location.

Only Discloses SunPower Warranty Information

Dealers of SunPower solar equipment generally provide clients with access to the SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty. While this warranty is one of the best in the entire solar industry, it is the only warranty publicly disclosed by ECS Energy. This is only useful for clients who choose to use SunPower technology in their project, but it is of no use to those that decide to go with a different manufacturer partner of ECS Energy.

While 25-year warranties are available to ECS Energy clients, that warranty only applies to projects where SunPower technology is installed. Most solar companies will disclose warranty specifics as it is of utmost importance to many solar clients, but ECS Energy only provides limited warranty information to prospective customers. 


The Bottom Line

For commercial clients interested in solar technology, ECS Energy has a number of top-tier relationships with the biggest contributors in the solar technology manufacturing space. Commercial clients will receive a customized solution to address specific energy needs. All interested parties can take advantage of the no-obligation solar consultation which includes an in-depth energy analysis allowing for data driven decisions.

Through ECS Energy, clients will receive operations and maintenance services without any work being contracted out to third-party providers. Lastly, ECS Energy utilizes a wide range of mounting solutions and equipment types to ensure the best possible set-up and installation for each structure.

While there are a number of reasons a commercial client would want to utilize ECS Energy for solar installation and management services, there are some key elements of missing information prospective customers may find valuable. First, it is unclear what states ECS Energy services and if a company will geographically qualify. There is also only information on the SunPower Complete Confidence Warranty; it remains unclear what warranties are available to clients that utilize other equipment options.

Commercial property owners looking to cut utility costs and hedge against consistently rising rates will benefit from the solar solutions offered through the ECS Energy platform. The company is capable of handling any size project. 

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