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LAST UPDATED: April 6th, 2022

Ecotech Solar was founded in 2004 during a time when most people still could not wrap their brains around solar energy to power residential and commercial buildings. As a locally owned and operated solar contract, Ecotech Solar has installed hundreds of solar systems across the state of Washington. Ecotech Solar has worked to educate the community about solar and how it can benefit home and business owners, even in the traditionally overcast Pacific Northwest.

The founder of Ecotech, Dan Brandt, is an electrical engineer with a Master of Science degree in Renewable Energy. He has been featured in the Home Power and Solar Pro magazines discussing AC microgrid technology. 

Ecotech Solar is affiliated with several solar-related groups including: Sustainable Connections, Solar Installers of Washington (SIW), Generations Credit Union ,Community Energy Challenge, The Bellingham/Whatcom Chamber of Commerce, KulshanCLT, Puget Sound Credit Union, Solar Washington, Resources for Sustainable Communities, Tesla, and the Puget Sound Energy Contractor Alliance Network.

Ecotech provides custom solar system design and installation services in the following counties: Bellingham, Whatcom, and Skagit counties. 

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The Good

  • Customizable Process
  • Decades of Experience
  • Tesla Powerwall
  • Financing Options

Customizable Process

The Ecotech Solar process allows for clients to receive a customized and tailored design to maximize solar energy and create the most efficient solar set up possible. Many solar installation companies will conduct standard installations, but Ecotech Solar goes above and beyond to ensure a sufficient, high-producing product. The Ecotech Solar process flows as follows:

  • Site Visit and Assessment — Ecotech Solar trained technicians will provide expert guidance and education on systems and incentives.
  • Design — Each client received a customized design built by experts from the ground up for maximum efficiency.
  • Review and Discussion — These experienced designers will deliver a proposal in a timely manner, answer all questions, and provide guidance where necessary. If the client is in need of financing, the Ecotech Solar team will work with regional lenders to obtain the best loan deal. 
  • Agreement — Each and every quote is accurate and complete with no unexpected fees or change orders. 
  • Installation — Ecotech Solar will collaborate with the client to determine the optimal location of conduit and solar equipment. The team will also take care of all permitting, inspections, incentive paperwork, and the net metering agreements. 
  • Tour and Wrap Up — Ecotech Solar will provide each client with an owner’s packet with documentation about the system and answer any remaining questions. There is always an open invitation to contact Ecotech Solar if there are concerns or questions regarding the system. 

Decades of Experience

Not all installations are the same. Some companies will affix solar panels onto a roof and consider it a job well done.

However, Ecotech invests copious amounts of time into developing a customized design resulting in maximum power generation. Ecotech Solar has been installing solar systems since 2004 and has hundreds of installation projects in its portfolio.

Most solar installation companies are new ventures and federal and state incentives have made solar a more popular option for home and business owners. Ecotech Solar has been doing this long before these tax incentives kicked in. 

Tesla Powerwall

The only confirmed equipment partner with Ecotech Solar is Tesla. The company is certified to install the Tesla Powerwall and EV charging stations. On the solar side, the Powerwall offers a cutting edge battery backup solution to clients. The Powerwall automatically detects grid outages and will provide seamless backup power for lights, appliances, electronics, and critical loads.

EcoTech Solar is the first and only certified Tesla Powerwall installer north of Seattle. Benefits of the Tesla Powerwall include:

  • Backup — Offers reliable backup power to a home or business without noise, maintenance or pollution of a standard generator.
  • Control — Users can manage solar PV generation, storage, and usage wherever you are.
  • Solar PV — Enoy seamless integration with new or existing solar PV systems. It can store solar energy to be used on demand during a grid outage or for normal nighttime electricity consumption needs. 

Financing Options

On average, solar systems and installation will cost $15,000–$25,000 depending on the property’s needs. While some solar customers are able to finance their solar system and installation upfront, that is not the case for everyone looking to utilize clean, renewable energy. Ecotech Solar recognizes that every customer has their own unique financial situation, and to offer flexibility in these circumstances, the company has partnered with credit unions to create a loan program. 

Ecotech Solar is the preferred solar installer for Puget Sound Cooperative Credit Union’s (PSCCU) Sustainable Solar loan program. Customers who qualify will receive:

  • $0 down payment
  • Up to 20 year term loan
  • 4.49% interest loans
  • No prepayment penalty

The loan is backed by the value of the solar equipment on the roof so no equity is coming out of the home. While many solar companies offer financing programs, not many installation providers partner with a credit union with a specified loan for the exact service. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Equipment
  • Warranty Questions

Undisclosed Equipment

Ecotech Solar is quick to point out that it uses top-of-the-line equipment infused with the latest solar technology. However, there is no mention of what brand or solar manufacturer the company works with or what specific equipment is installed on roofs.

Equipment partnerships are generally public information. Most solar installation companies want prospective clients to know exactly what equipment is being installed, so it is concerning that Ecotech Solar makes no mention of solar panel or inverter equipment partners. 

Warranty Questions

Warranties are standard in the solar industry. Because a system and the subsequent installation costs thousands of dollars, warranties have been instituted to protect the consumer. Most solar companies provide customers with two different warranties: the equipment warranty and the workmanship warranty.

The equipment warranty is typically provided by the product manufacturer and usually lasts a period of 25 years. The workmanship warranty is generally available through the solar installation company and the industry standard is usually 10 years. Most companies use warranties as a selling point, reassuring customers of their solar investment.

However, Ecotech Solar makes no mention of warranties being offered to its clients. That does not mean the company does not offer them, but it is concerning that Ecotech Solar has not disclosed any warranty information. 


The Bottom Line

Ecotech Solar is one of the most experienced companies in the state of Washington and has cultivated a solar process that allows for customized, efficient solar installation. The company has partnered with Tesla to install the Tesla Powerwall as well as EV charging stations. Ecotech Solar has partnered with credit unions in order to create a financing option for those clients unable to pay upfront for the system and installation.

However, there are some concerns surrounding the Ecotech Solar service. While the company claims to install the latest solar technology, there is no mention of an equipment partnership to provide the latest and greatest solar panels and inverters. There is also no mention of equipment and workmanship warranties.

With the limited information on the solar panel equipment and warranty concerns, it is recommended that prospective clients conduct further research prior to hiring Ecotech Solar for installation services. 

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