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LAST UPDATED: February 3rd, 2022

No solar provider has installed more solar systems in the East Bay Area than Diablo Solar Services. From its inception in 1984, Diablo Solar Services has provided Bay Area residents with flexible options in order to obtain solar options on commercial and residential properties. 

Diablo Solar Services was founded by Phil Deatsch and Tim Kruse, two of the earliest solar installers in Northern California. The duo installed their first solar system in the 1970’s before creating their own company in the mid ‘80’s. Together they were personally responsible for installing and managing 21,000 systems across the greater San Francisco area. Their knowledge and expertise has been used to build Diablo Solar Services into what it is today.

As local solar providers, Diablo has assisted thousands of people with financing and reaping the tax benefits as well as energy cost savings of solar systems. In addition to providing traditional solar systems, Diablo Solar Services also offers solar pool heating systems which is the most cost-effective way to heat up a swimming pool. 

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The Good

  • Financing Options
  • Offers Maintenance and Repair Services
  • Combo Solar PV and Pool Systems

Financing Options

One of the most beneficial financing perks Diablo Solar Services offers its clientele is the $0 down and $0 upfront out-of-pocket costs. Typically, solar providers will help consumers secure financing but clients will need to somewhat financially contribute to the installation or solar process before moving forward. That is not the case with Diablo Solar Services. 

A vast majority of systems can be installed for free. Diablo Solar Services works with clients to find affordable, fixed monthly payments that traditionally cost less than monthly PG&E services.

Some Diablo Solar Services clients are able to pay for their solar system outright and upfront. That is not the case for everyone, and Diablo Solar Services recognizes that. That is why the company helps consumers obtain loans rather than leasing the solar system. Typically loans allow for lower monthly payments, allow homeowners to keep tax credits/incentives, provide consumers with options to outright own the system once loan is paid off.

While Diablo Solar Services does not provide the financing themselves, they are partners with several groups that help consumers get the funding they need to get their solar system installed. These financing options include the following:

  • Hero — Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) loans that are paid back through your property taxes.
  • California First — Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), which is similar to HERO but available in more communities.
  • Provident Credit Union — Offers the Solar Advantage Loan which is an unsecured, fixed rate loan for financing solar-electric systems or pool/PV combo systems.
  • EnerBank USA — Short-term “free” bridge loans with no payments and no interest, same as cash.

Requiring no upfront down payment, installing the system for free, assisting in loan approval, and partnering directly with financing partners are all ways that Diablo Solar Services sets itself apart from traditional solar providers. With flexible financing options available, more homeowners will be able to take advantage of what solar power has to offer.

Offers Maintenance and Repair Services

While Diablo Solar Services installs systems that are backed by a warranty, wear and tear can still occur. When that happens, Diablo offers maintenance and repair services. While other solar providers offer warranties or service guarantees to consumers, this is what sets the maintenance and repair services by Diablo apart from the industry:

  • Shutdown and startup service — Each fall and spring, Diablo Solar Service experts will come out to make sure the solar system is performing at the highest and most efficient level. 
  • Reroofing — Diablo Solar Services will coordinate with a roofing contractor to remove or reinstall any pool, hot water, or solar electric system to its manufacturer’s specifications. 
  • Repair and maintenance — Diablo Solar Services is also equipped to handle repair services for all makes and models of varying solar products/systems. Diablo Solar Services is one of the few providers with their very own full-service repair department. In most instances, same-day service for these repairs is available. 

Combo Solar PV and Pool Systems

One unique aspect of Diablo Solar Services is the fact that the company offers solar systems for swimming pools. Typically solar providers are geared towards cutting costs for residential and commercial buildings and properties. However, heating a swimming pool is expensive and Diablo Solar Services provides an alternative. Homeowners can take advantage of cutting energy costs on both their home and their pool. Diablo Solar Services will install a separate solar panel system specifically engineered to heat the pool while simultaneously reducing energy costs. 


The Bad

  • Strictly Services Bay Area
  • No Workmanship Warranty

Strictly Services Bay Area

The service area in which Diablo Solar Services operates is a major drawback. Only residents and business owners within the Bay Area will be able to use Diablo Solar Services for their solar panel and service needs. Anyone residing or working outside of these specific city limits will have to go elsewhere to have a solar system installed.

No Workmanship Warranty

While the company offers repair and maintenance services, there is no warranty on systems that are initially installed by Diablo Solar Services. Even though that does not necessarily mean a client will not receive help if their solar system needs work, it is concerning that the installation and workmanship process do not come with some sort of guarantee. Most solar providers offer at least a 10-year workmanship warranty to their clients.


The Bottom Line

Diablo Solar Services is a great option for those residing or working in the Bay Area. Diablo Solar Services is also an excellent option for homeowners with swimming pools looking to reduce the cost of heating the pool through traditional gas and electric heating systems. That being said, prospective consumers who live or work outside of the greater San Francisco Area will not be able to take advantage of Diablo Solar Services and should look elsewhere for their solar needs.

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