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LAST UPDATED: April 25th, 2022

Core Solar appeals to both tier-1 solar manufacturers and rural land owners by building solar projects which essentially operate like an energy plant. The company does not offer traditional solar installation to residential and commercial property owners. Core Solar also does not produce or manufacture its own solar equipment.  

Core Solar brings together solar manufacturers that produce tier-1 solar technology and helps these companies meet their renewable generation portfolio and compliance goals. This is done by working directly with rural landowners. Landowners are compensated for leasing out their land and solar developers meet regulations. 

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The Good

  • Breadth of Services
  • Low Impact on Surrounding Environment
  • Landowner Benefits
  • Helpful Website

Breadth of Services

Core Solar handles the entire project from start to finish. Tier-1 manufacturers and landowners can expect professional and highly trained individuals to handle every aspect of the solar project. Core Solar capabilities include the following:

  • Real Estate, Title, and Minerals — The company specializes in meeting the requirements to obtain title insurance, namely by acquiring necessary financeable site control and mineral agreements. 
  • Transmission and Interconnection — Core Solar pushes and controls the interconnection process which connects projects to the grid. 
  • Tax Agreement Negotiation — Core Solar will work with state, county, ISD, and other concerned bodies to obtain the required tax agreements prior to construction. 
  • Greenfield Sitting — The company uses cutting-edge technology and tools to identify sites that will allow for the most efficient solar development. 
  • Environmental Studies and Permitting — Core Solar has a strategic partnership with ERP, an environmental consulting agency. This agency helps Core Solar secure and complete necessary environmental studies and permitting. 
  • GIS and Mapping — With access to the latest and most efficient technology, the team is able to conduct a thorough mapping and spatial analysis report in order to guide future communication and decision making. 
  • Module Supply and EPC — Core Solar has relationships with Tier-1 equipment suppliers. These relationships allow the company to identify and negotiate the best contracts directly with equipment suppliers. 
  • Origination and PPA Execution — Core Solar understands the PPA process and knows how to obtain a financeable PPA.

Low Impact on Surrounding Environment

Traditional energy plants are often associated with increased noise, odor, and traffic, all of which can negatively impact property values. To date, Core Solar projects have not negatively impacted property values as the negative aspects that stem from energy plants do not apply to solar energy plants.

Additionally, Core Solar works to mitigate impact on the wildlife when building a solar farm. During the developmental stage of the process, trained experts conduct wildlife studies. These extensive studies examine what Core Solar needs to consider prior to construction.

Core Solar works directly with federal and state wildlife agencies to ensure that the best methods are utilized during the construction and maintenance of the project. 

Landowner Benefits

Core Solar offers landowners an easy way to make clean energy more accessible while also making passive income on unused land. Landowners can expect the following benefits when a Core Solar project is installed:

  • Clean, Local Energy — Solar energy is a clean and renewable option. When in operation, solar projects do not produce air or water emissions, do not produce hazardous waste, and do not negatively impact surrounding natural resources.
  • Stronger Local Economy — Solar projects create job for local citizens and generate tax revenue that is poured back into the community. 
  • Passive Income — Leased land allows for predictable, long-term passive income. On average, landowners generate more profit when their land is leased for solar purposes over agricultural work. Solar projects typically last anywhere from 35 to 40 years. Landowners will not have to worry about the turnover associated with tenant farmers. 

Helpful Website

Core Solar's website offers a detailed, step-by-step explanation of the solar project process, which includes the following:

  • Pre-construction
  • Construction
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Decomissioning

The company estimates that pre-constrution and construction can take anywhere from four to seven years and the plant can be operational for decades. Core Solar will require full use of leased land during the construction phase. This is a lengthy process that requires a long-term commitment. Landowners who are interested in using Core Solar's services will appreciate the website's detailed explanation of the process so they can ask specific questions, make an informed decision, and know what to expect.


The Bad

  • Does Not Install Residential/Commercial Solar Systems
  • Undisclosed Equipment Information

Does Not Install Residential/Commercial Solar Systems

Residential and commercial solar systems are a main focus of the solar industry. However, companies like Core Solar offer an entirely different product and do not offer any sort of residential or commercial property solar installation. 

Undisclosed Equipment Information

It appears that Core Solar has worked with SunPower in the past, creating a solar project on behalf of the manufacturer. However, other than SunPower, it is unclear what other equipment Core Solar installs or uses in these solar projects. Presumably, Core Solar would be able to create a solar project for any manufacturer looking to meet renewable generation goals, but it cannot be confirmed. Most solar companies disclose what manufacturers they have worked with in the past, but that is not the case with Core Solar. 


The Bottom Line

Core Solar brings Tier-1 manufacturers and landowners together to more effectively produce and meet renewable energy objectives. The company’s attention to detail and research process ensures minimal impact on the surrounding environment and provides countless benefits to rural landowners across the country. The process to get a project off the ground, while time consuming, allows for up to 40 years of benefits for all parties involved. 

Since Core Solar is not a traditional solar company, it does not provide traditional solar services like residential and commercial solar installation. Instead, the company’s sole purpose is to bring together solar manufacturers and landowners to install solar projects. While there is information regarding a solar project involving the solar manufacturer SunPower, there is no information about what equipment is used in these projects. 

The Core Solar service is ideal for solar manufacturers and rural landowners looking to profit from generally unused land. The Core Solar service is not for the traditional prospective property-owning client. 

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