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LAST UPDATED: February 1st, 2024

Climax Solar is a family-owned solar company, headquartered in Portage, Michigan. The company has four offices in each of its servicing states: Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Florida. 

Climax Solar offers customers quality installations and top-industry solar products (LG and Enphase). The company is also recognized by and a member of several solar organizations and Michigan renewable energy associations.

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The Good

  • Solar Panel Brands
  • Multiple Offices in Multiple States
  • Multiple Financing Options
  • Transparent Information
  • Industry Expertise

Solar Panel Brands

Climax Solar sells both LG and Enphase products. LG is considered one of the highest quality solar panels on the market. LG products are thoroughly tested, extremely efficient, well designed, and reputable within the industry. Climax Solar’s LG solar products also come with a triple 25-year warranty (labor, performance, and product). These warranties meet and exceed industry standards. LG has been in business for so long and has no plans of closing––ensuring the company will fulfill its warranty promise. 

Enphase is also a top brand in the solar industry, specializing in inverters, microinverters, and solar batteries. One of the major benefits of Enphase products is the mobile solar monitoring application. This solar tracking app enables homeowners to prevent problems and monitor energy generation. Enphase app users gain full visibility of their energy efficiency. 

Multiple Offices in Multiple States

While the solar company is a Michigan family-owned company, Climax Solar has expanded to serving four states: Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, and Florida. Each state has its own office. This means homeowners have increased access to installations and post-installation maintenance. If a solar system has an issue post-installation, clients can call their local Climax Solar office for immediate assistance. 

Multiple Financing Options

Climax Solar offers several financing options: cash-back guarantees, loans, and purchases. The company’s website gives a transparent explanation of the requirements and details of each option. Of course, talking with a representative about financing information is a must.

However, unlike some other solar companies, Climax Solar explains the financing options. Climax Solar wants each homeowner, no matter the financial circumstance, to accomplish their renewable energy goals. 

Transparent Information

Overall, Climax Solar’s website thoroughly explained several aspects of a solar installation: products, warranties, brands, financing options, etc. Many other solar companies do not give such explicit details. This makes Climax Solar appear more honest and transparent about warranties, product details, and financing options than other solar companies.

Industry Expertise 

Climax Solar opened towards the end of 2010. The company has well-seasoned technicians and administrative staff. Compared to other solar companies, Climax Solar is seen as a well-established solar business. The company’s longevity alludes to quality partnerships, diverse experience, and extensive industry knowledge. 


The Bad

  • Needs More Client Reviews

Needs More Client Reviews

Climax Solar's website displays a few reviews from past clients. But the company's reputation with its clients could be more convincing. 

Positive client reviews are evidence of a solar power company's attention to detail, reliability, and customer service. Without a substantial number of positive reviews, future clients remain unsure about the company they're researching. Climax Solar seems to be in this situation.


The Bottom Line

Climax Solar serves the residential solar needs in four states: Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Florida. The company owns an office in each state, ensuring immediate help and assistance with the entire process from start to finish. 

Climax Solar has been opened for an impressive 12+ years, exceeding many companies within the industry. The company offers top-quality solar brands and industry-standard warranties. Climax Solar is extremely transparent, compared to other solar companies, in explaining financing options and product details. 

While the company seems to be top-notch, more Climax Solar reviews are needed to assess this company's reputation. If you've worked with this company for a solar installation project, please leave a review below. 

The bottom line is that the company seems to provide top-industry warranties, products, and financing options. However, we need to hear from more customers about their experiences for a true comparison with competitors. 

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Jason DiFonzo Howell, MI

I have been trying to get Climax Solar to finish a proper installation since the beginning of June. It turns out the panels were never mapped out correctly despite a trip out to my home to gather serial numbers right off the panels and correct it. I do have a failed panel and due to improper installation when Climax came out to replace it, they replaced a working panel. Unfortunately, they replaced a working panel with a panel that was the incorrect size. Then when they corrected their mistake a second panel failed. Now I have two failed panels and a system that cannot be monitored or serviced correctly because of an improper installation. After begging for help for months the owner claimed they are not an LG installer anymore and cannot help. I explained the brand of panels does not determine how they are laid on my roof. There has been no response from the owner, customer service reps or management. I reached out again to inquire how my LG battery would be installed when available. There has been no response on this. I inquired about a mediation meeting with Climax Solar because this is what was directed in my contract. There has been no response. Now I am concerned if I will never get the $12,000 battery I have purchased. I even offered to have it installed myself. No response. At this point all I want is a properly installed and working system and a refund for the battery I had purchased. Even if this ends up being a warranty issue, LG has continued it's 25 year product, performance and labor warranty. I remined them of this and even gave access to forms and contacts on filing a claim to get paid. I really do not want to go to the news, court or mediation. I just want what was paid for.

4 months ago

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Tom Graham Kalamazoo, MI

In the end everything turned out great!!! We had a ground array installed, the salesman said it would work great, the installation guys said it wouldn't produce what was promised, I called the office the Sales Director came out and said if it didn't produce what was promised they would fix it. A year went by, it only produced 70% of what was promised so they extended the array and installed 45% more panels for free. These guys are the real deal.

1 year ago

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Josephine Washington Lansing, MI

We had a very good experience with Climax Solar. They were honest about the company's past and explained the changes. The work was done on time, done well, and they took care of everything. We are very happy with this company.

2 years ago

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Nancy Kakarian Three Rivers, MI

We have been wanting to go solar for a long time. Climax Solar made it happen. Other companies just let us fall through the cracks. Climax made sure it was done. They were friendly, knowledgeable and affordable. Absolutely amazing.

2 years ago

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Lou Ann McClain Jones, MI

Horrible experience. Puchased system March promised to be up and running within 30 days. Sales pitch stated we would get a large tax refund that we could apply to loan. You do not get a refund it is only a credit. Climax does not disclose all information regarding financing. A payment of 26% of original loan is due after the 16th payment. If that is not paid your monthly payment amount increases dramatically. Wanted to charge us an additional $2531 to upgrade electrical. Said the wiring needed to be cleaned up, two ground rods added, ground wire run from barn to H frame at house and a trenching fee and they had to do it because they applied for the permit. We did the work ourselves, cost $276 for materials, a couple of hours fixing wiring, and 45 minutes to dig trench to house. Had to be hand dig because our drain field is where wire had to be run. Climax does not return phone calls or provide us any information. Contacted finance company and are disputing the loan. Finance company gave Climax full payment without ever checking to see if equipment and install was complete. Climax does not even return calls to finance company. Loan payments have started, we refuse to pay for something that does not work. Stay away from Climax Solar. It has been one lie after another, headache upon headache and they are way over priced. Only gave them One star because you cant do NEGATIVE.

10 months ago


Review Source

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Melonie Usher Mount Pleasant, MI

Joel was here promptly. He greeted me with a smile and was very friendly and easy to work with. He went above and beyond to do whatever we had to do to make things right and sold us totally on solar.

2 years ago

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Todd Cory Avoca, MI

Horrible company. Sold us a $67,000 system and promised a 26% rebate. Can't get the rebate being self employed (disclosed that and still told not a problem). The sales boy promised us 95% energy independence. 1 yr into and at 26% Told the sales boy that we had extra electric usage and told would be more than enough plus we could switch our range and water heater to electric and still be good. All a huge lie and now they won't own up to any. Absolute crooks that deserve nothing but the worse. Their contracts are wrote so they are not to be held liable even if in writing.

11 months ago

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SANDRA L Rothwell Battle Creek, MI

Would not recommend Climax Solar. Panels were put on in July and still not hooked up. Everytime I call I get a different answer on the hold up. The biggest being they could not get in touch with electrician to do inspection. We actually had to go to our city and ask what the problem was. Finds out Climax had the wrong electrician information and did not contact city to find out why. This went on for 3 months. We finally gave them the correct information and it still took a couple of weeks for office staff to contact correct electrician. I finally contacted him myself. Now they have put off installing the switch. Gave more excuses. Just not impressed with them and wish we never had signed a contract.

1 year ago

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David Lindsay Saginaw, MI

My panels were installed in August 2022. Installation went good. Later the salesman called and said the financing didn’t go through. But they had already installed the panels. They got new financing but the rate and costs were more than originally quoted. The crew that installed the panels said there would be another crew out in about a week. He said my fuse box would have to be updated. The wires are run into the house and connected to a breaker switch laying on the floor. Later a coordinator called and said someone would be out in October to finish up the job. I called them to ask what day that would be on October 2 . Because I haven’t heard from them. I was only able to leave a message. They eventually called back and said it would be November. I don’t know why my project is on the back burner. They don’t seem to care when it is finished. They also promised that the payment would not be due until the system was connected to the grid. The first payment was due October 1 and I still don’t have a working solar panel system. Not sure how this will be resolved yet.

1 year ago

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zakthompson62 Kalamazoo, MI

Climax Solar was punctual and had great communication.

2 years ago