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LAST UPDATED: April 29th, 2021

Clear Solar was established in 2014 and provides residential and commercial solar services in six states, including Arizona, California, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, and Utah. The company was created by Clear Satellite, which is the largest retailer for DIRECTV. With over 15 years of combined experience in the solar industry, the Clear Solar team offers customers free project quotes and flexible financing options.

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The Good

  • High Efficiency Panels
  • Equipment Warranties
  • Financing Available

High Efficiency Panels

Clear Solar uses monocrystalline silicon panels. These all black, 60 cell panels have an efficiency rating of 15 to 20 percent, are space efficient, and are designed to last for many years. These panels also feature anti-reflective coatings in order to eliminate glare.

Equipment Warranties

Each solar energy system offered through Clear Solar comes with a 20-year warranty. The warranty includes the inverter, mounting system, performance monitoring, and the module product.

Financing Available

Clear Solar provides several ownership and leasing options for its solar energy systems. State and federal tax credits are available for qualifying individuals who purchase a system. Consumers may also be eligible to receive incentives from certain utility providers, depending on location.


The Bad

  • No Customer Testimonials
  • No Service Details
  • Potential Installation Restrictions

No Customer Testimonials

There are no customer testimonials provided on the corporate website and no reviews could be found concerning Clear Solar elsewhere online. Additionally, there is no information on how well the company handles any potential customer complaints. The company has only been in business for a year and has not yet proved its long-term feasibility in the renewable energy industry.

No Service Details

Clear Solar does not provide specifics in regards to maintenance plans, panel cleaning services, pricing, or workmanship warranties on its website. More information regarding these details would be of great benefit to interested consumers.

Potential Installation Restrictions

Certain qualifications must be met in order for a residential home to be eligible for a Clear Solar panel installation. Excessive shading from surrounding trees will greatly minimize overall solar energy production and reduce the amount of savings a consumer can expect to receive. Some rooftop items, such as chimneys or ventilation piping, may need to be moved prior to the start of the installation process. Regulations from homeowner associations may also restrict the use of rooftop solar panels.


The Bottom Line

Clear Solar offers its customers free project quotes, high efficiency panels, flexible financing options, and equipment warranties. However, Clear Solar has only been in business for a few years and doesn't have much of a track record thus far. The company still needs to prove itself as a solar provider.

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Chris Trinnaman

I have been very happy with my experience with Clear Solar. Clear Solar was one of three quotes I received before I decided to have solar panels installed. Their quote was a couple hundred dollars less than one company and $3800 less than the other but my main reason I had Clear Solar install my panels was the salesman who was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. One issue I raised with him was how long the process would take. He told me that there was an application process and laid out a very clear time table on when I would be operational. He told me that the city would need to inspect the system after it was installed and then Rocky Mountain would need to hook up the net meter which was out of Clear Solar's control. That part did take longer than I wanted but I chalk that up to dealing with all the different entities involved and I was told to expect this. The installation only took a day but the installer did make a decision without consulting me which I didn't agree with. I called the company the next day and left a message which was returned shortly after by a supervisor. They came back out in about a week and fixed the problem which I recognize was not an easy fix. (I have vaulted ceilings and the crawl space to run the wire is very small - the original installer that came out could not have physically done what I wanted done!) I am sure every install is unique and has different problems but in my opinion it is how a company solves the problems that arise that makes a good company. My system is now up and running and I could not be happier.

6 years ago

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Sally Stout Park City, UT

ClearSolar is a Awesome company. Alex got us set up with the best plan for us. Power company, and the city city issued the permits.The permits and and everything can take a few months due to having to wait for the city and power company, bigger cities have a longer weight due to more people wanting permits also. I happen to live in a small city, and got them out in a few weeks. They were here to put the panels in quick quick. When they got here we found out that we needed a new roof, Clear Solar helped us Bundle a new roof with our Panels at a great price. there are many billing options to choose from. If you have any question customer service is right there for you any time for as long as you have the panels. There is a great friend referral program. Warranty is a 20 year. I really enjoy our solar panels. There is a huge difference in our power bill, yes you have to stay connected to the power company. That is the same with any solar hook up, the bill with the power company is like $5-$20 depends on your usage ours is $7--10. we have the AC hiked up, your solar bill stays the same if you have one. If you want me to hook you up email me [email protected]

6 years ago

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Brittney smith Ogden, UT

I've been trying to go solar for a while now. I've met with a bunch of companies to go solar but I wasn't able to get qualified. I gave it one last shot with Clear solar. They were able to get me a better price and I didn't have to pay any upfront costs. I wish I would of met this company sooner. I would recommend this company to anyone wanting solar for a good price.

5 years ago

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Wayne Schwierjohann La Mirada, CA

It also took over 4 months to get my panels installed and I am still waiting for the inspection and the power company to do their thing with the meters. Oh yeah and I am being billed for both my normal electric bills AND I am having to pay for the financing of the panels??? Sales led me to believe 4 to 6 weeks. I had to write multiple emails and make many calls before I was ever contacted with an install schedule. Once scheduled, the install team showed up on time were very professional and courteous. However, they only installed 12 of my 16 panels on my upper roof. they put 4 of the panels on my lower roof, saying that Protrusions on the upper roof, limited the number of panels that could be mounted. So another strike, since the lower roof spends a portion of the morning shaded by the upper roof, my output will surely be reduced. I requested from sales that they change out my 100 amp panel with a 200 amp panel. Sales said OK but when it came down to it, sales said they said only if needed. I was willing to pay the extra costs for the panel change out. Now my 100 amp panel is full and in another year or two, I will have to have it changed and go through the inspection process all over again..... Now that the panels are installed, I have been waiting for more than a week, and still no communications from Clear Solar of when to expect the inspection or even if they have called for the inspection. And what about the power company? Still no communication from Clear Solar with what to expect???? And what about once the inspection passes and the power company installs the new meters? My proposal said this solar system included monitoring. There has yet been any mention about how, when? While Clear Solar's pricing was lower than others, they clearly need to overhaul their customer service department. I've been in customer service for many years and have learned that an informed customer is a happy customer. I'm not very happy right now. So now, panels installed, no idea when the system can be turned on, and oh yeah I did not mention that in addition to paying my normal high electric bills, I'm also have been paying on the financed monies for 3 months

6 years ago

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Gus Quiroz

They did a fantastic job installing the solar system. The quality of the workmenship was A-1. The do need to improve on returning calls from customers. It is difficult to get an answer from them when needing assistance.

4 years ago

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Jason Mesa, AZ

On 1/3/2018 I met with one of their representatives. The representative was to be going over a proposal with me for solar panels. I was very much into getting solar with the information that was provided and the program that was mentioned to me. The representative had a partner with him who stated he was the financial guy who helps explain the cost and benefits of the program. The first representative (Steve) had asked to use the bathroom. I showed him to the bathroom and returned to my kitchen. After I electronically signed a document to get things moving so I can be (grandfathered) in the program before it changes rates. They both exited my home and I closed my door. At that time, my mother whom lives with me went to the medicine cabinet to take her afternoon pain medication only to notice the bottle (which was just filled the day prior) to be half gone. I went out and approached the representative (Steve) who was the only one in the bathroom where the medication was located at. I had kindly asked him to empty his pockets. Steve pulled out his wallet, keys, and Chapstick. I asked if he can kindly appease me and turn out his pockets which he refused. I asked why he was unwilling to empty his pockets and he replied that he was uncomfortable and didn’t feel he should be judged. I answered if he did nothing wrong I rather him prove to me that I was wrong, but if he didn’t I would be calling the cops. He said to go ahead and call the cops. I walked over to my brother who was at my front door cell phone ready and told him to call the police. My brother notice the representative Steve was getting in his car to leave. I marched his direction and told him to stay put until the cops arrive. He gave a smug look and drove off. His partner was still there and I told him to stay put as well. He asked why and I told him his partner stole my mother’s medication. He said he didn’t have anything to do with it and had to leave for a meeting. He texted me his number and first name and took off despite my request he stay put until the police arrive. After speaking with the police officer, I decided to look how to contact corporate. I could not get a hold of anyone via the phone on their website. I then went to their facebook page and posted about the incident. My family told me I shouldn’t as this was just one bad egg within their company. So, I deleted my post. I was then contacted by their social media manager who stated the president of the company was made aware and would like to call me. I provided the social media manager my contact info so the president of the company could reach out to me. I spoke with the president of the company (Jesse) who apologized for the incident and promised to follow up with me the next day. The next day (1/4/18) came and I had not heard from the president of the company. So, on 1/5/2018 I text the president back stating that the other rep. (Ben) stated he filed an incident report and would provide me a copy as it was sent via email. The president said he would get me a copy and also informed me that he fired the representative (Steve). He asked if there was anything else. I decided to give the company another chance and inquired what will happen with my desire to have solar given the program they spoke of. He said he will have another representative reach out. I inquired if the rep he would send would be someone he would trust in his own home and if he could provide me the reps name and contact information. The president (Jesse) said he would get me the representatives information. After my request, I have reached out to Jesse again on 1/11/2018 but got no reply. So thus far it has been the worst experience ever from any company I have ever dealt with. You would think that after a representative stole from my home and I give them a second chance they would take that opportunity to do things right. However, it seems the company from the President on down does not care how their customers are treated. I would highly recommend you spend your time with a much more reputable company for your solar needs.

5 years ago

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Scott Jackman Ogden, UT

I signed up for the installation of a solar system. I was sent 6 contracts that were all incorrect to sign. After a lot of time it got cleared up and we had the system installed. They forgot to send in the papers to Rocky Mt Power and my installation was complete but it was over a month before they could turn it on. This summer we went to turn on the AC and found it was not working. After $200+ in service calls we found that the solar installers disconnected the power to the AC. It was a couple of additional months before the promised thermostats and light bulbs were sent and now 9 months later I need service and have been waiting 2 weeks for an appointment and they won't even pick up the phone to talk to me. I am concerned that my 25yr warranty is worth nothing. They got paid and now I can't provide service.

5 years ago

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Xander Figins American Fork, UT

Horrible experience from start to .... well not even finished yet (4+ months). Sales rep mislead us on the financing/loan/tax breaks. Installers did a terrible job and made choices without my consult. Had to install new meter in new location, left old one hanging on house and wanted to charge me to take it down. Wattage is way under what they promised, so I still pay on the panels AND electrical bill. Customer service is the worst I have ever experienced, the office never knew what the status was on-site. I have talked to several other customers that used Clear Solar and they are all 100% unhappy as I am. DO NOT fall for the song and dance from this company, you can get the same panels/warranty/price from other companies that actually care about their customers, not how many project they can accomplish in a given month. 10 thumbs down .... PLEASE do your research on these guys before you use them!!!

6 years ago

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JJ Riverton, UT

I have worked for this company and ended up leaving after a few months. As an employee they didnt treat me well, but im leaving this review for their current and possibly new customers. THIS IS A DISLOYAL COMPANY. As apart of the sales team we offered a competitive product and i was excited about getting started. We were doing good at first but then the installations started and customers weren't getting what the company promised. Worst of all as an employee I was being lied to about our service and product, so in turn I was lying to our customers. We were completely overpromising installation times, warranties, systems capabilities, billing, and customer service.... it turned into a nightmare. Please do not go with this company as an employee or customer. Im sorry to all of the customers that I sold with this company. I didnt know...

6 years ago

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Jim Hewitt Salt Lake City, UT

It took over 4 months get solar system installed and operational. Contract was for a 5.7KW 20 panel system, thus 285W panels. They installed 20 265W panels yielding 5.3KW system but did not notify me, nor did they change the total price - throughout the process we were in a constant state of flux on precise system size and panels, etc. - I expected final contract amount to reflect actual - WRONG. Salesman made numerous promises that never made it onto paper and have yet to be fulfilled. I am STILL waiting for the (contractually-promised) LED lights for the house to reduce energy consumption. I'm trying to get this resolved but they haven't answered my email, and when I call all I get is voicemail. I feel I have made a grave mistake in going with ClearSolar. I advise EVERYONE to stay clear of Clear!

6 years ago

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allen larsen Herriman, UT

I'm in my 4th month since moving forward with solar. Clear Solar from the start has been very non responsive to my calls. After I had signed an agreement they attempted to change costs on me. I asked for battery back up and they fail to answer questions or return calls so I cold make the right choice on a solution. My system has been installed and approved by the,city and power company. It''s been a month and Clear Solar has yet to turn the system on. Again, they failed to return my calls. If you are considering Solar, I would look elsewhere. Find a company that views you as a valued customer and respects you. Alex was the only courteous person I worked with at the Company. He supported the sales process. Additionally, do your homework, there are lower cost systems that meet or surpass the quite of the systems provided by clear solar. Proceed with caution if you decide to move forward with clear solar.

6 years ago

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margaret phillips Mesa, AZ

I signed up for the service it started off well then it hallted and I have been having to pay for the fiencing and the 571.00 electric bill to. The salesman wrote the wrong date of instleation and the stupid payments begain right away. I call him and he sent a ck for 116.00 dollars and have sent him copys and no money has yet come to me. His name is Benson and he is not answering any of my calls

6 years ago

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Harvey Liston

They came to my home uninvited just two different men and evaluated my home and took mesurments. Called their office to get price quote. Through this process I received credit from a company I have never heard of before and from one that refused my credit. I had excellent credit ratting before they came into my life. They have really damaged my credit rateing frame excellent to good buy their business practices. Stay away from them

6 years ago

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Daniel Callister Draper, UT

Fast and well planned service. Installers were quick and the only hang ups was waiting on the city to approve the project

6 years ago

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Eileen Nagle Salt Lake City, UT

I am very disappointed with the non service I received. I signed up in the spring with assurances of a quick set up. It is September, I am now paying my loan AND my electrical bill. Jeremy just gives me the runaround when I call. I wouldn't recommend them at all.

6 years ago

star star star star star

Jody Heber City, UT

Great from start to finish went out of the way to masks me feel comfortable

6 years ago

star star star star star

Michelle moir San Jose, CA

Great job and good service. So happy to have solar

6 years ago