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LAST UPDATED: August 10th, 2023

Back in 1977, then high school student Dieter Folk first started working as a part-time roofer for his father’s company. That summer job turned into a career and eventually in 1991, Folk founded his own roofing company. By 1999, Folk was introduced to solar energy, and the company installed its very first system. Since then, Citadel Roofing and Solar has provided comprehensive roofing and solar equipment installation services for property owners up and down the state of California. 

The roofing and solar professionals for Citadel Roofing and Solar include licensed and qualified individuals. The staff includes a licensed general building contractor, electrician, roofing expert, and insulation and acoustical professional. No Citadel projects are outsourced and all work is conducted by the in-house labor team from start to finish. 

The Citadel Roofing and Solar clientele includes homeowners, commercial property owners, and even homebuilders. In addition to providing new build and solar installation services, Citadel Roofing and Solar provides routine maintenance and repairs on roofs and solar systems that need it. 

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The Good

  • Equipment Partnerships
  • Financing Options
  • Roofing Services Offered 
  • Battery Backup Systems
  • Positive Review Profile

Equipment Partnerships

Many solar installation companies will become certified dealers or installers for one or two solar manufacturing companies. Citadel Roofing and Solar has gone above and beyond to provide a wide range of equipment options to clients, including solar modules from Longi, LG, Q Cells, and REC Solar, solar inverters from Enphase, Fronius, SMA, and SolarEdge, and mounting equipment from Eaton, SnapNrack, Square D, and Quick Bolt.

The broad variety of solar panel brands that Citadel Roofing and Solar offers homeowners means the solar provider can tailor solutions and customize solar energy systems to fit nearly any roof, budget, and home energy needs. 

Financing Options

Solar is an investment and while it can pay off throughout the lifetime of the system’s production, there are still hefty upfront costs to consider. Citadel Roofing and Solar understands that everyone has different budget restrictions, and as such, has partnered with a number of programs to offer the following financing options:


  • Provides the highest ROI
  • Own system upfront and outright


  • Pay as little as $0 down
  • Own the system and electricity savings
  • Use tax credits
  • Pay as you go

Lease and PPA

  • Install solar system with $0 in upfront costs
  • Third party owns the system
  • User gets access to energy produced 

Interested parties in utilizing financing to have solar installed can rest assured that Citadel Roofing and Solar has partnered with SunRun, Sungage Financial, and Dividend to provide financing options. While many solar installation companies offer some sort of financing option, rarely does a company offer all available financing options. 

Roofing Services Offered

Solar systems are designed to last 25+ years from the time of installation. Roofs do not last as long as solar systems. To combat this issue, Citadel Roofing and Solar offers a roof and solar package to interested parties. Many solar companies will offer basic repairs or limited replacements prior to installing a solar system, but Citadel Roofing and Solar has worked to maximize savings in the long run with this package.

Clients with roofs that have 10 years or less of life left can have it replaced. This ultimately eliminates the headache many solar customers experience when they have to pay to have the roof replaced and the system re-installed. Citadel Roofing and Solar has it set up so that the solar savings can ultimately offset the cost of the new roof. 

Battery Backup Systems

Installing a battery backup system is the latest offering many solar installation companies are providing to clients. Citadel Roofing and Solar has offered this service for years and provides four different battery backup system options to clients (including storage solutions from Enphase, Generac, LG, and the Tesla Powerwall, one of the most popular and reliable solar energy storage options available), something not many solar installation companies can claim to do. With these battery backup systems, clients protect themselves against power outages due to inclement weather or other factors out of their control. Many clients also see a more reduced utility bill as the solar system itself offsets high time of use rates.

Positive Review Profile

Although fewer than five verified Citadel Roofing and Solar reviews have been posted to Best Company, the solar provider has earned a number of positive reviews across various reputable review platforms, including Google. Additionally, Citadel Roofing and Solar appears to be active in responding to and addressing the issues highlighted in negative reviews, such as communication errors and problems reaching customer support.

If you are a current or former Citadel Roofing and Solar customer, we encourage you to leave a review below.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Equipment Warranty Information
  • Limited Service Area
  • Not NABCEP Certified

Undisclosed Equipment Warranty Information

While it is beneficial to have so many equipment options for clients to choose from, it does make the warranty information a little hazy. Most equipment warranties are provided through the actual manufacturer. Industry standard equipment warranties are 25 years in length and cover the replacement or repair costs in qualified situations. Most solar installation companies disclose this information as it plays a role in consumers' purchasing decisions.

Because there are so many equipment offerings to choose from, Citadel Roofing and Solar has not disclosed specific warranty information as it pertains to the equipment itself. Clients will need to obtain that information when the design of the system has been presented. 

Limited Service Area

Typically, a solar installation company will provide services within one state or several of the more populated cities within a particular state. Some solar companies have found ways to expand and service more clients by offering services in multiple states or regions across the country. Citadel Roofing and Solar has decided to remain a local operation, limiting access to the company’s services. Citadel Roofing and Solar services the following cities in California:

  • Vacaville
  • Sacramento
  • Davis
  • Santa Rosa
  • Fresno
  • Santa Clarita

Not NABCEP Certified

Citadel Roofing and Solar does not appear to hold a certification with the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP). The NABCEP is a nationally recognized training and certification organization specializing in renewable energy, and represents the gold standard in solar technician education. While the absence of this industry certification should not disqualify Citadel Roofing and Solar from consideration, it may make the difference for California homeowners considering multiple solar providers in their area.


The Bottom Line

Citadel Roofing and Solar offers comprehensive roofing and solar services to property owners and homebuilders throughout the state of California. The company has a wide range of equipment partnerships as it pertains to solar with the ability to install varying panels, inverters, mounting equipment, and backup solutions. Clients in need of financing to install a solar system will likely find a feasible option through Citadel Roofing and Solar. In addition to providing solar installation and maintenance work, Citadel Roofing and Solar offers a number of roofing services to its clients. There are also options to have a battery backup system installed for uninterrupted energy usage.

While there are a number of reasons prospective clients should consider Citadel Roofing and Solar for services, there are some things to point out. First, the company has not disclosed specific warranty information as each equipment manufacturer has its own warranty.

Secondly, Citadel Roofing and Solar only offers services in select cities throughout the state of California, limiting who can use the company for services. 

If you live in California, and have been asking yourself, “are roof solar panels worth it?”, we encourage you to read our verified Citadel Roofing and Solar reviews, and reach out to the company directly for a free consultation to see if solar is right for you. 

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Paul Linville Dixon, CA

We started with one company because they were advertising in COSTCO. The gentleman there was very helpful and the sales person who came out was knowledgeable and gave us several options. Unfortunately we started checking reviews & found many negative comments and ratings especially from residents in Dixon (where we had just moved to). So after more research we had sales reps from the two local companies that installed SUNPOWER panels (which we had found were the highest rated). We settled on Citadel. We had a couple of bumps in the beginning which Citadel took full responsibility for and gave us a $1000.00 rebate. Then they offered to pay our PG&E bill for June 2019 because the work got delayed. When it came time for installation the trades persons that came out were courteous and informed us of every step in the process. We have a very high pitched roof on part of the house which forced the workers to secure themselves with ropes and harnesses to do the work. They did excellent work. The work was done all in 3 days for 34 panels that were installed (we have a very big system). Now all we have to do is wait for PG&E to finish their work and we are on the grid. I highly recommend Citadel for solar installation and service.

5 years ago

star star star star star

Starling Santa Cruz Hayward, CA

We purchased ours through the builder and 1 .5 years later all running well.

4 years ago