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LAST UPDATED: October 6th, 2023

Carolina Energy Conservation is a home improvement company that specializes in energy efficiency and serves the Myrtle Beach, Charleston, and Bluffton regions. 

The company uses high-quality, eco-friendly products for home insulation and solar attic fans. 

Carolina Energy Conservation has been in business since 2009 and has an impressive resume of accreditations, certifications, and awards. The company boasts experienced and certified home energy specialists who conduct thorough evaluations and offer tailored solutions. This expertise ensures that customers receive accurate assessments and effective recommendations for energy improvements.

Prospective customers should note that Carolina Energy Conservation does not do full solar installations; rather, the company does energy consultations and other energy-related home improvement projects. 

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The Good

  • Energy Products and Services 
  • Carolina Energy Conservation Reviews 
  • Awards and Certifications
  • Use of High-Quality Products 

Energy Products and Services

Carolina Energy Conservation provides many products and services that impact the energy efficiency of homes including the following: 

  • Solatube lighting systems
  • Solar Star attic fans
  • Garage fans
  • Attic insulation
  • Crawl space insulation
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Blown-in insulation

This comprehensive approach addresses various aspects of a home's energy efficiency, making it a one-stop shop for homeowners looking to reduce energy costs and improve comfort.

Carolina Energy Conservation Reviews

The company’s website includes testimonials, reviews, before and after photos, case studies, a photo gallery, and videos that highlight past projects. This builds a strong portfolio of work samples and shows credibility. 

Carolina Energy Conservation also has reviews on Google and on the company’s Facebook page. This combination of company and customer-provided reviews offer potential customers confidence in working with Carolina Energy Conservation. 

That being said, verified customer reviews on would further enhance the company’s reputation. 

Awards and Certifications 

In July 2021, Carolina Energy Conservation was placed on the list of Top U.S. Solar Installation Contractors. The Carolina Forest Chronicle also awarded the company First Place Best Solar Company in early 2021. Carolina Energy Conservation has a history of all the awards that the company has won over the years on its website.

Most importantly, Carolina Energy Conservation employs contractors that are NABCEP-certified. Carolina Energy Conservation is also affiliated with the Building Performance Institute.

Use of High-Quality Products

Carolina Energy Conservation emphasizes the use of renewable, sustainable, and eco-friendly products. This commitment to quality materials aligns with industry standards for providing long-lasting and environmentally responsible solutions.


The Bad

  • No Home Solar Installation 
  • Small Service Area 

No Home Solar Installation

While Carolina Energy Conservation offers Solar Star attic fans, the company no longer provides full solar panel installation services. This limitation may restrict their ability to meet the needs of customers seeking comprehensive solar energy solutions for their homes.

Small Service Area

Carolina Energy Conservation is based in South Carolina. The service area listed on the website includes parts of North Carolina and Georgia — however, the company only does projects in South Carolina.


The Bottom Line

While the service area of Carolina Energy Conservation may limit its reach, prospective customers within South Carolina can benefit from an abundance of resources and information about the company's portfolio, thus facilitating well-informed decisions.

Although the company no longer offers full solar installations, it remains a compelling choice for smaller home energy projects such as insulation. With years of experience and a substantial project portfolio, Carolina Energy Conservation merits consideration for homeowners seeking to enhance their energy efficiency and comfort.

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