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LAST UPDATED: August 10th, 2022

BSW, short for Bakersfield Shingles Wholesale Roofing Contractors, was founded in 1942 by Ernest and Alyce Montoya in Bakersfield, California. Ernest asked his brothers to join the business with him while Alyce worked as the bookkeeper. The company was responsible for building army barracks during the war and was instrumental in helping surrounding areas rebuild following devastating earthquakes.

The company expanded business operations to offer residential products and services, helping the average consumer access roofing materials at an affordable rate. Since then, BSW has continued to grow, adding solar installation and AC work to its repertoire. 

BSW will combine roofing and solar services, or simply install a solar system on a residential or commercial property. BSW is trained to install traditional PV solar systems equipped with inverters and network meters that attach to the utility grid. 

BSW has earned a number of awards and received recognition for its work in the solar industry. Most notably, BSW has received the Super Service Award from Angie’s List since 2010. BSW is part of the LG Pro Solar partner program and was named an authorized installer by SolarWorld in 2015. BSW has also received dozens of awards for the company’s roofing repairs and replacement work. 

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The Good

  • Solar Equipment Installed
  • Solar Powered Ventilation
  • Flexible Financing Options

Solar Equipment Installed

Solar installation companies often partner with tier-1 solar manufacturers in order to provide the most competitive and efficient solar products on the market to their clients. BSW has done this by partnering with LG to offer its LG Pro panels and inverters. BSW Solar clients who have solar systems installed can expect the following with the LG equipment installed on their roof:

  • 25-year product warranty
  • Choice between NeON series
  • Quiet panels and inverters
  • Reduces pollution
  • Reduce or eliminates power bill entirely

Equipment partnerships are critical in the solar installation industry and BSW has ensured that clients have access to highly efficient solar equipment. 

Solar Powered Ventilation

The most unique service BSW provides in the solar space is the installation of solar powered ventilation fans in residential properties. These solar powered attic fans are designed to boost airflow throughout the home. Fans will ultimately decrease dependency on expensive air conditioning and create a cooling draft which draws hot air up and then pushes it out of the home. These solar powered fans also reduce damages caused by moisture found in the air as it dries everything out through energy efficient means. Not many solar installation companies offer this service or product to their clients, but BSW does. 

Flexible Financing Options

BSW Solar has partnered with GoGreen Financing to provide flexible financing options to solar and roofing clients. Financing options for solar clients specifically include the following cost and structure details:

  • No upfront payment
  • Fix terms up to 20 years
  • Low minimum monthly payments
  • Low interest rates
  • No balloon payments
  • Easy payment options

Clients can partially pay for a project and then finance the remainder of it at a lower rate and monthly cost. Clients can also pay more than the monthly minimum payment without penalty. 


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Focus on Roofing Services
  • No Battery/Storage System Offered

Limited Service Area

While BSW offers a larger service area for roofing services, the solar installation service is restricted to Bakersfield, California only. This is not necessarily uncommon in the solar installation industry. Most companies only service one state or several populated areas within a state, but limiting services to just one city does drastically reduce the number of prospective solar clients the company can take on. Some solar installation companies have found successful ways to expand into multiple states or regions, but BSW remains a local operation at this time. 

Focus on Roofing Services

BSW was founded as a roofing company offering repairs and replacements before transitioning into offering wholesale roofing supplies. While BSW eventually started to offer air and solar installation services, the company is primarily focused on its roofing department and most of its business stems from this service.

Not only does BSW offer professional roofing services and sales, it also offers educational services to residents in need of assistance. With all of this time and attention going into the roofing portion of the service, solar is somewhat of an afterthought. This is different from most solar installation companies that focus heavily on solar and may offer some limited roofing services on the side. 

No Battery/Storage System Offered

Many solar installation companies are starting to offer battery and solar storage solutions to clients looking to be more “off the grid” or to those in areas where inclement weather regularly causes power disruptions. By installing batteries or solar storage solutions, clients can take advantage of uninterrupted energy. Unfortunately, BSW does not offer these solutions and only hooks up solar systems to the utility grid. 


The Bottom Line

BSW provides roofing, solar, and air services to clients in the greater Bakersfield, California area. The company has partnered with LG, a tier-1 solar manufacturer, to provide solar panel installation on residential and commercial properties. In addition to providing traditional solar installation services, BSW offers solar powered ventilation solutions to clients looking to make their homes more energy efficient. Depending on the client's financial situations, flexible loan options are available through BSW and its financing partnership. 

While there are a number of reasons a prospective client may want to consider BSW for solar installation services, there are some things to be aware of. First, the service area for solar installation is restricted to Bakersfield alone. The company also definitely focuses on its various roofing services; solar is more of an additional service. Lastly, clients interested in off-grid or solar storage solutions will have to look elsewhere as BSW does not install batteries and only connects systems to the utility grid. 

Taking into consideration all service offerings, prospective solar clients who also need roofing repairs or replacements may want to consider BSW. Otherwise, typical solar customers may want to look for a more solar-focused company to provide customized design and installation services. 

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Sadie Mallory Bakersfield, CA

They were very good workers they cleaned up everyday after working. They covered my bushes before starting work each day and my roof was done in a few days and it looks great.

2 years ago Edited January 31, 2022