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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Bright Planet Consulting was founded in 2015 to help homeowners, commercial clients, and farmers take advantage of clean renewable energy throughout the state of California. The company is owned and led by Paul Chojnacky who has worked as an authorized solar advisor for several years helping hundreds of people reduce utility costs by switching to solar energy. During his time in the solar industry, Chojnacky has worked and trained with some of the top industry professionals working in the solar energy marketplace. 

Bright Planet Consulting conducts in-person site surveys and hand delivers an energy analysis report. This report will provide potential clients with all of the data needed to make an informed choice. Each project is customized to fit the needs of the property and ensure maximum savings and energy production. 

Bright Planet Consulting is aLso a member of the following organizations and groups: The US Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative, the California Contractors State License Board, Go Solar California, EnergySage, and PowerScout. 

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The Good

  • Solar Subscriptions Program Offered
  • 20 Years of Maintenance
  • Install Types
  • Solar Equipment and Financing Partnerships

Solar Subscriptions Program Offered

Most solar installation companies will work with solar financing groups to help clients obtain solar leases, loans, and PPA arrangements. Bright Planet Consulting goes one step further offering a subscriptions based solar payment plan to qualifying clients. This solar subscriptions program can help reduce utility costs by 50 percent in some cases.

Depending on the system needs, clients can switch to solar for as low as $79 per month. This flat rate will be paid throughout the duration of the system operation. That means clients know exactly how much utilities will cost each month without having to worry about increasing rates. Very few solar installation companies offer this type of solar subscription model. 

20 Years of Maintenance

Each solar system installed by Bright Planet Consulting is backed by a 20-year maintenance and repair program. This means that for the two decades following installation, Bright Planet Consulting will conduct cleanings, small maintenance work, and general repairs when needed.

All clients need to do is contact Bright Planet Consulting to have this work scheduled free of charge. After a system is installed, that is the last time many clients interact with the solar installation company they choose to do business with. That is not the case for Bright Planet Consulting clients. 

Install Types

When most people think of solar, they envision a system being mounted to the roof of a property or structure. However, rooftop mounting, while popular, is not the only form of solar system mounting nor is it always the best option. A number of factors will determine the best placement for a solar system. To ensure maximum energy production, Bright Planet Consulting offers a wide range of install types including:

  • Ground mount solar installations
  • Solar PV gazebos
  • Solar-powered carports and parking lots
  • Solar-enabled horse barns and stables
  • Rooftop installations 

Most solar installation companies strictly offer rooftop solar installation. Bright Planet Consulting identifies the best solution for mounting for each client’s property and then moves forward from there. 

Solar Equipment and Financing Partnerships

Solar installation companies are not the companies actually producing solar products. They simply orchestrate the sale and installation of solar systems. That means that partnerships with equipment manufacturers are vital. Bright Planet Consulting has done a solid job in this area, developing and maintaining equipment partnerships with the following providers:

  • SolarEdge
  • Canadian Solar
  • Aptos Solar Technology
  • Tesla
  • PowerScourt
  • Panasonic HIT
  • Q Cells

In addition to providing a subscription model, Bright Planet Consulting has partnered with a number of solar financing organizations to offer solar loans to clients. Partnerships include the following:

  • Sunrun
  • Sunlight Financial
  • Dividend Solar
  • Nest Labs
  • Renew Financial (PACE Financing)

Most solar installation companies will have one or two equipment partnerships and a couple of financial partners. Bright Planet Consulting goes above and beyond to offer clients multiple choices when it comes to equipment and financing options. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Warranty Information
  • Limited Service Area

Undisclosed Warranty Information

Warranties are standard offerings in the solar industry. Because solar is a financial investment, clients want that investment backed by some sort of protection. Most solar installation companies offer two different kinds of warranties: equipment and workmanship.

Typically, the equipment warranty is protected through the actual manufacturer and covers the solar products for an average of 25 years. The workmanship warranty is then offered through the solar installation company and covers any issues that result because of poor installation practices. These warranties last an average of 10 years.

Bright Planet Consulting makes no mention of offering either type of warranty. While the company does include a maintenance and repair package, that does not include instances where equipment replacement is needed. 

Limited Service Area

Solar is typically a local service, meaning most solar installation companies have a geographically restricted service area. For the most part, solar installation companies will service one state or multiple cities within a state. On rare occasions, companies have found ways to expand to service multiple states or regions across the country.

Bright Planet Consulting sticks to the more traditional model with a limited service area. Currently, the company services the state of California with an emphasis on the Bay Area and surrounding areas. 


The Bottom Line

Bright Planet Consulting offers multiple solar project types in order to service as many clients as possible. The company also understands the financial burden solar can have upfront, so Bright Planet Consulting offers a subscriptions service to those that qualify. With each system installed by Bright Planet Consulting, clients will receive 20 years of free maintenance and repairs ensuring that the system continues to produce energy efficiently.

Bright Planet Consulting is capable of different types of mounting including ground, structure, and rooftop installs. The company has developed partnerships with a number of tier-1 equipment manufacturers and solar financing providers giving clients a host of options.

While there are a number of reasons a client may want to use Bright Planet Consulting for solar installation services, there are some drawbacks to the service to be aware of. First, there is no mention of any warranties for equipment or workmanship despite being a standard industry practice. The service area for Bright Planet Consulting will service the state of California but is mostly focused on clients in the Bay Area and surrounding areas. 

Taking into consideration all aspects of business, Bright Planet Consulting would be a beneficial option for those looking for flexible financial terms and unique mounting solutions. The company offers loan and subscription models and will mount systems where it makes the most sense for the property. 

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