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LAST UPDATED: April 21st, 2023

Blue Sky Solar is both a solar sales and installation company that specializes in helping clients reduce their energy costs and environmental footprint. Since 2015, Blue Sky Solar has sold and installed tier-1 solar systems on both residential and commercial properties. The company also offers off-grid solutions to RV or mobile entities. 

A main focus of Blue Sky Solar is providing and installing the latest solar technology on the market. The company has partnerships with and installs a number of leading solar brands’ products, including EV chargers, smart home technology, and solar energy solutions. These partnerships allow for Blue Sky Solar to offer the highest quality of products at a competitive rate. 

Currently, Blue Sky Solar services four states: Utah, Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. The Blue Sky Solar technicians are certified and trained to install systems on both residential and commercial properties. 

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The Good

  • Manufacture-Direct Relationships
  • Solar Solutions
  • Purchasing Options
  • Service Area

Manufacture-Direct Relationships

Solar installation companies will oftentimes become an “authorized dealer” of a certain solar manufacturer. This means that the company is licensed and certified to install that brand of solar equipment.

This is where Blue Sky Solar offers a serious advantage to its clients. Instead of just having whatever brand an installation company is authorized to work install, Blue Sky Solar clients have the option of choosing between a number of tier-1 solar equipment manufacturers. Blue Sky has manufacture-direct relationships with the following companies:

  • Solaria
  • Q-Cell
  • Mission
  • Panasonic
  • SolarEdge
  • Enphase
  • SMA

These manufacture-direct relationships benefit Blue Sky Solar customers as they have access to high quality products at a competitive rate. Most solar installation companies cannot provide that to customers.

Solaria, Q-Cell, Mission, and Panasonic solar panels all come with a 25-year warranty and have a high resilience wo wind, fire, hail, and snow. 

Solar Solutions

Blue Sky Solar guides clients as they navigate a multitude of equipment providers to choose the best system for their needs. From there, Blue Sky Solar will handle the design and installation of the solar system.

Like most solar installation companies, Blue Sky Solar offers solar solutions to residential and commercial clients. What sets Blue Sky Solar apart is the fact that the company also offers off-grid solar solutions. This benefits clients who have RV or mobile entities in need of electricity. By offering solar solutions for different energy needs, Blue Sky Solar has the ability to service almost any prospective solar customer.

Purchasing Options

Since the cost of solar installation is high, not everyone has the ability to purchase the system outright. While paying for a solar system and the installation upfront is the most cost-effective way to do solar in the long run, it is simply not feasible for many people.

In order to help people finance a solar system, many solar installation companies will offer a variety of purchasing options. Blue Sky Solar offers the following financing options to its customers:

Low Interest Option

  • 2.99% APR
  • $0 out of pocket
  • Instant approval available
  • Simple interest
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Solar equipment is used as collateral instead of the property

Low Cost Option

  • 5.99% APR
  • $0 down
  • Instant approval available
  • Simple interest
  • No pre-payment penalties
  • Solar equipment is used as collateral instead of the property

Commercial Loan

  • 4.99-6.99% APR
  • $0 out of pocket
  • Streamlined application process with high approval ratings
  • Interest only payments for the first 12 months

Commercial Lease

  • Buyout options available in 7 years
  • Lease designed for those who want to own system
  • Take advantage of tax savings without tax liability
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Lowest cost overall
  • Offers additional tax benefits

While it is not uncommon for solar installation companies to provide a way for clients to purchase solar without having to do so upfront, it is rare to find a solar company that offers multiple financing solutions like Blue Sky Solar does.

In addition to purchasing options, Blue Sky Solar provides guidance to homeowners about setting up net metering, which can not only reduce your utility bill but also earn you credits to use toward grid-supplied electricity when needed. 

Service Area

Solar is a geographically focused industry for the most part. Solar installation companies will typically provide services in one state or a select few cities within a state. There are some companies authorized to provide solar installation services in two or more states.

Blue Sky Solar has the ability to install solar systems in four different states, including Utah, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. This large service area sets Blue Sky Solar apart from the rest of the industry. 


The Bad

  • No Solar Battery 
  • Undisclosed Workmanship Warranty Information
  • NABCEP Certification

No Solar Battery 

Unfortunately, Blue Sky Solar does not currently offer solar energy storage systems, also called batteries. 

Batteries allow you to store solar energy in times of ample sunlight and access it during the night (rather than obtaining power from your power company) and also during a power outage, while grid-dependent solar systems will stop functioning in an outage. Granted, batteries are expensive, increasing the cost of an already-large investment like solar. However, they are invaluable in emergency situations and considered a necessity for some prospective customers. Those customers will need to look elsewhere. 

Undisclosed Workmanship Warranty Information

The cost to install a solar system ranges from $15,000–$25,000. While state incentives and other programs can help offset the cost of the equipment, the costs for installation still remain. In order to provide a level of protection to clients making such a large investment, many solar installation companies will offer a workmanship warranty.

The workmanship warranty protects against any errors or misjudgements made during the installation process. The industry standard for workmanship warranties hovers around 10 years. Unfortunately, Blue Sky Solar does not publicize information about whether or not the company offers a workmanship warranty or the details surrounding this type of warranty.

NABCEP Certification

The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners, or NABCEP, is a nonprofit professional certification and accreditation organization that offers both individual and company accreditation programs for photovoltaic system installers, solar heat installers, technical sales, and other renewable energy professionals.

Many solar companies try to employ at least one NABCEP-certified professional, typically an installer, to ensure that all solar sales and installation processes go as planned. While it is not required that solar installers are NABCEP certified, it is a standard in the industry. Blue Sky Solar does not have NABCEP certified installers on staff. 


The Bottom Line

Blue Sky Solar is a comprehensive solar company assisting its clients from the initial sale all the way through the installation of a solar system. Blue Sky Solar has a number of manufacture-direct relationships allowing customers to select the equipment that works best for the property at a competitive rate.

Federal and state incentives and funding plans are available to help clients of all financial backgrounds get access to clean, renewable energy. Blue Sky Solar is equipped to help residential, commercial, and off-grid clients with their solar needs. 

Keep in mind that Blue Sky Solar reviews are the most important indication of the company's online reputation and evidence of its commitment to customer service. If you've worked with Blue Sky Solar, please consider leaving a review below to share your experience. 

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Dan McCleery oregon

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Russell Smith Eugene, OR

Blue Sky did not submit the Rebate requirements to the State of Oregon and we missed out on about $4000. All our friends/contacts who went with other companies, received a rebate (incentive). Also, the Enphase monitor system was half installed. Production side works, but the electrician couldn't get the usage side to work, so he disconnected it.

1 year ago