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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Blu Solar is a solar panel and solutions installation company based out of the state of Georgia. The mission behind the Blu Solar service is to help clients achieve energy independence while reducing utility costs and helping the environment. In addition to offering traditional solar PV installation services, Blu Solar also has solutions for pool heating, solar thermal, and solar powered water heaters. 

For commercial and residential property owners, Blu Solar offers both roof and ground mounted system options. Each system is specifically designed to meet the needs of the property. This customized approach is designed to eliminate the monthly electric bill in almost every circumstance. 

Blu Solar is a member of Alternate Energy, an organization focusing on using renewable energy as a way to power the future. The company is also accredited with the BBB and has maintained an A+ rating since its founding in 2014. 

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The Good

  • Variety of Solar Services
  • Maintenance Offered
  • Warranty Details

Variety of Solar Services

Blu Solar offers the following solar installation solutions to its clients:

  • Traditional solar electricity and hotovoltaic
  • Solar swimming pool heating
  • Solar water heaters and solar thermal

While most solar installation companies offer the usual PV solar system installation, it is not common to find a provider like Blu Solar that has solutions in pool heating, water heaters, and thermal utilities. 

Maintenance Offered

While all solar solutions offered by Blu Solar can be classified as low maintenance, problems or issues can arise during the lifetime of a solar system. When this happens, Blu Solar is available to help. Most solar installation companies will install the system and then leave clients to manage any future incidents, but that is not the case with Blu Solar. The team will conduct cleanings and troubleshoot issues when they arise.

Inclement weather can impact a solar system and its ability to produce efficiently, and Blue Solar can remedy any of these issues as well. 

Warranty Details

Warranties are critical in the solar industry. Since investing in a solar system is costly, having warranties to back up production allow clients some peace of mind. While there is not much known about a workmanship warranty though Blu Solar, the company does offer its own warranty to clients. The Blu Solar 25-year warranty guarantees that clients can expect a 90 percent rated power output for the first 10 years and an 80 percent electrical production output for another 25 years. 


The Bad

  • Service Area
  • Undisclosed Equipment Information
  • No Financing Options

Service Area

Solar installation services are generally localized with a vast majority of companies only offering services in one state or a select few cities. Some solar installation companies have started to expand, however, and are working to offer solar solutions to as many property owners as possible.

   Unfortunately, Blu Solar only offers its services within the state of Georgia. Prospective clients outside of the state of Georgia will need to look elsewhere for solar installation assistance as Blu Solar has not expanded into surrounding states or regions. 

Undisclosed Equipment Information

A solar system is only as good as the equipment used to produce energy. Most solar installation companies will become an authorized dealer or or partner directly with solar manufacturers to provide tier-1 solar equipment to clients. The equipment used in an installation is typically made public as many prospective clients are interested in what will be used on their property. Blu Solar has not disclosed any equipment information making it difficult to determine if tier-1 solar products are used. This is concerning for prospective buys as there is no way to know what equipment they will have access to through Blu Solar.

No Financing Options

On average, it costs anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 to install a PV solar system. Tax incentives and government programs can reduce that cost, but that financial assistance will not eliminate the costs entirely. To combat this issue, most solar installation companies offer or partner with financing providers to give clients the option of loan, lease, or PPA programs. Since not everyone can pay for a solar system upfront and outright, these financing options allow more property owners access to the power of solar. Unfortunately, Blu Solar does not appear to offer any of these financing options to its clients. 


The Bottom Line

Blu Solar offers a wide range of solar solutions to residential and commercial property. In addition to providing traditional solar services, Blu Solar also has the ability to install other money-saving solar solutions to power other aspects of the property. The company offers maintenance services and an electrical production warranty separate from manufacturers to its clients, essentially guaranteeing a highly efficient product. 

While Blu Solar offers a variety of solar services to its clients, prospective solar clients should be aware of some limitations. First, Blu Solar only offers its services in the state of Georgia. Outside of this state, prospective customers will have to look elsewhere. The company has also failed to disclose any equipment information or partnerships with manufacturers. Lastly, Blu Solar does not appear to offer financing options to its clients to purchase the system. 

Considering all information available for prospective solar clients, it would be wise to consider other solar installation companies prior to making a final decision or signing a contract with Blu Solar. While Blu Solar may be able to effectively install a PV solar system, there may be better financial options on the market. 

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Erik Lewis Atlanta, GA

What I like about the system is the service. We had a branch strike one of our panels. On the plus side it protected the roof but a few panels and the frame broke. Blu fixed it within a week and they worked with our home insurance. The system is good but the service is stellar.

1 year ago

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Aaron A Alpharetta, GA

This company failed code enforcement / permits twice

1 year ago